– Hi. Welcome back to my Ask AW show where I answer all of your
questions about style, grooming, etiquette, dating, and so forth. So if you have any questions, be sure to leave it in the
comments section below, or visit the link in
the video description. It’s definitely been a minute since I last did an Ask AW episode, and I’ve gotten so many great
questions from you guys, so I decided to bring
on a very special guest to help me answer those questions, and, you may recognize him from some of the latest videos I’ve done. He’s also my fiance, Dorian. – Hello. Nice to officially meet everybody. I don’t think a lot of people know really who I am or what I do in
this whole little AW universe that we’ve created, so, what am I exactly? – I’m not sure. He’s so behind the
scenes, he does so much, he wears so many hats. So what exactly do you do? Just remind me. (laughs) – So I’ll tell the audience as well so we’re all on the same page. So I basically help with
all the back end stuff. Ashley obviously does all the writing and all of the outfit details. And then I do all the really boring stuff, like set up the website,
social media stuff, basically just handle the
business end of everything. Ashley makes me model as well. I’m sitting at my desk, she’s like, “hey by the way, try this on.” I’m like, what is this? She’s like, “oh yeah, we’re
gonna do a shoot today,” and I’m like, why am I in this? I don’t want to be in this. – I get to tell him what to
do, so, and he has to listen. – Any opportunity she gets
she’ll take it to boss me around. – First up, Brian asked,
well first he said “I love the site and videos and
have used your advice often, but I get the feeling that
everything you recommend is something you’re paid to promote and is not always your honest opinion. Can you talk about how
you do this for free, and why I should take your
recommendations more seriously.” That is very frustrating,
but a great question. I have always maintained
this in all of my videos, and that is the integrity of my advice and the site always comes number one, so the products that I recommend … I’m not getting paid to recommend them. The beauty of what I do
when I style my clients, when I style projects, is
that I get the opportunity to touch hundreds and hundreds of awesome, and sometimes not so awesome items, so it’s really nice to be
able to have a platform where I get to only recommend
and let you guys know all of the great products
that I’ve touched and that I would love for you guys to own, but I’m not getting a piece of that pie. I’m not getting paid
to promote that brand. – They think people are just used to it on YouTube specifically
because I’ll notice, like I’ll get an email
one week from a sponsor, hoping to do something with
us, and I basically turn down all of them because it’s cheap crap. So it’s interesting to
see those come through, and then watch the wave
happen through YouTube of everybody start
recommending these items, and it just doesn’t feel right
to me and Ashley as well, so we really go out of
our way to make sure that we don’t do things that
aren’t organic to the channel. We do do an affiliate program,
so when someone clicks on links from the website to buy things, we get a small commission of that, and that’s pretty much industry standard. That’s not like some weird witchcraft that we’ve figured out to do. That’s just kind of how a lot
of channels make their living on top of sponsorships
and things like that. So that’s why we’re able to
do this for free for you guys. And as far as, like her
recommendations based on sponsorships, number one,
you have to disclose that by law, so you would know that. The second, we just
pretty much don’t do them because it’s tacky and cheap. If it was organic to
the channel or something that Ashley really liked, then
yeah, we would do something like that, but we pretty
much turn down 99.9% of stuff because it just feels gross. This is not our career. We don’t make our living this way. – So Seth asked, “What’s
the best way to pack a suit or sport coat if I’m
not checking any bags, and only have a weekender and a backpack?” So this is a really great question because a lot of times when we travel, you never want to check a bag. – No. – And I don’t like checking a bag because it just takes
up way too much time. So you usually only have a backpack and a weekender actually
so this is kind of perfect. – Basically when I’m in that situation and I need to bring a
suit or like a sport coat with me, and I don’t
want to get it wrinkled, if my weekender is not completely full, I’ll take my sport coat or
suit and pack it in there kind of lightly, and it should be okay. If it’s full, then I have to
basically get a garment bag, and hang it over, like, you
know, a strap on my weekender or my backpack, and no
one’s ever given me trouble for getting on planes with that because it literally just sits on top of your bag in the overhead bin. I think once someone was
like that’s three items, you can only bring two. I’m like this will go on top
of that in this much space. As far as how to fold it, I think you said you wanted
to like do a demonstration. – All right, I want to
show you guys real quick how to fold it because it’s
actually really simple. Can I have you hold this? – Sure. – All right. One sec. Okay, I’m back. (laughs) So I’ve got a sport coat, but I’m actually gonna turn it around so you guys see the back side of it ’cause it’ll be easier for
me to demonstrate this. So what I do is, it doesn’t
matter what side you start with, I’ll start with my left side,
but I take my left hand, and I’ll push it through the left sleeve, so like this right here,
left side of the sleeve, and I’ll just bring it inside
out, so now, it’s inside out. Then, what I’ll do is take my right hand, and push it through this right sleeve, but I’m not going to take it inside out. So basically what I’m
gonna do is take this hand with this sleeve, and go
through the other sleeve. So now you’ve got basically a folded jacket. So it’s basically folded
lengthwise, like this. And then you just take this
sleeve, you fold it over. Sorry, if you can’t hear me. You fold it over, and
then you fold it in half, and you place it on the
top of your weekender bag. You don’t want to place it in the bottom of your weekender bag because
all of that weight on top will mess up the padding in the shoulders. So you just place it on top, zip up your weekender, ready to go. Eric asked, “My current wardrobe
consists of mainly black, gray, white, navy, olive and
burgundy colored clothes. What can I do to be more
colorful, and what can I do to elevate my style so I
can appear more stylish rather than boring, basic, and simple?” I got a bone to pick because
I think a lot of men think that in order to be
stylish, you need to wear bold colors and be mixing patterns a lot. There is nothing boring or basic about wearing simple essential pieces and keeping your colors neutral. It’s very heartbreaking when
I see guys just mixing a bunch of patterns and colors together, and thinking that they look
amazing because it’s not. You got to keep it
simple, keep it timeless, and don’t you agree with that? – I mean look at James Bond. Does he wear any, like you
know, flashy everything? No. Very understated, very refined. I mean certainly for your
personality, if you want to add color and things like
that, you certainly can. The details are where
you can add little pops of color and personality, so like your pocket
square or like your tie, or your socks, like I know you
talked about the socks a lot. So I think those areas are opportunities to really show your personality while still being a refined
gentleman as opposed to like loud, like a clown basically. It, sometimes you see it
out, and you’re just like, dude, like I don’t think
that’s exactly how you want to portray yourself, but maybe you do. – But, some advice though. If you want to have more of a bold look to your current style, then what I would recommend
doing is I’ve noticed that you already said
that you incorporate, you’ve already been incorporating
burgundy and olive colors, which are really great colors
to inject into your wardrobe, so why not wear a burgundy bomber jacket, or an olive sport coat,
and just team it up with neutral colored items. That way, you will have a bold, stylish, but still timeless look. – Yeah, the biggest
mistake is going, like, I need eight statements
pieces in one outfit. Maybe one is more than enough. Yeah, I think you recommend
that all the time. Just one statement piece. – So the next question is from Michael who asked “Is it okay to
get the same pair of Oxfords in black and brown when
you’re just starting your wardrobe, or is that lazy and tacky?” So that’s a really great question because my brother’s
actually kind of like this. He works in the fashion industry as well, and he always gets,
even if he loves an item and it comes in different colors, he won’t get that item
in the different colors. He just wants to get a brown pair of shoes from this brand, and then
a black pair of shoes from that brand, not brown. What I do with my clients and what I always recommend is that if you find a Oxford shoe
that you absolutely love, and it’s offered in black and a nice chocolately brown color, then get both. There’s no reason to go and
try to find another style of shoe in a color that you’re looking for if it’s right there in
front of you already. So I see there’s nothing wrong with it, and with my clients, I do the same thing. So, and you, with you,
you have multiple pairs of the same shoe. – That goes for clothing too
and not just shoes for me. If I find something that
fits me and looks good, I’m like, please, I’m
going to stock up on it. I’ll have the same thing
for like five years. Once I find something I like,
I just buy a bunch of it because I don’t know why I
would make it harder on myself. – Not lazy or tacky at all. – No. – Very smart thinking. And we’re done. – Oh really? – That’s all the questions. – Nice. Okay. – So that is the Ask AW show. If you do have any
questions, please make sure to leave it in the comments section below, or visit the link in
the video description. I love answering all your
questions about, you know, dating, grooming, style,
etiquette, all of that good stuff, so be sure to, like, let
me know your question. I’ll answer it, we’ll answer it. Dorian, thank you again for being on here. Sorry you had to walk
the ten feet over here. (laughs) All right, thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you on the next one.

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