Hi I’m Chris Edwards with Tennis Warehouse and I’m outside the Asics world headquarters here in Kobe Japan. Come with me we’re going to head inside and take an in-depth look at the Court FF 2 I’m Ochi, General Manager of Product Management of Asics tennis footwear. Usually we have a basic timeline to develop a tennis shoe but some top models which we are working with top players sometimes we spend more time. I think in terms of someone who challenges us specifically really really hard I’d have to say Novak. I think even he admits it himself, which is great so it’s kind of become a bit of a joke in the office. It’s great though that he does push us He ultimately wants to make sure that he has the best product on his feet The same likewise on our side is that we do put out to market the best product After launching the first model of Court FF we got a lot of feedback from users like, grip or fitting of MONO-SOCK®. But the biggest insight came from the top player and that was about mid-foot rigidity. Specifically for my kind of tennis really keen on having a good TWISTRUSS™ to be able to have the right rotation so the balance between that was definitely a big challenge but Asics has the best shoe technology so it seems like it has been achieved. To meet the needs of aggressive movers like Djokovic Asics designed a shoe that was both flexible and stable the Court FF2 flexes into a quick stop or slide, it is laterally stable to prevent any kind of rollover. Generally, there is a trade-off between flexibility and stability in a tennis shoe. However, the Court FF 2 achieved both. TWISTRUSS™ on the outer sole/mid-foot area allows the shoe to twist, yet block in the opposite direction. This means players are able to take advantage of both the flexibility and stability of the shoe. In addition, the Court FF 2 has a superb grip due to the newly designed outsole. The outsole of the Court FF 2 also received a special design to complement the shoe’s flex. When a player slides the edges of the outsole come into play so the designers look to see if a better outsole profile could be developed We used the research from ISS to design the most effective pattern on the outsole to get the best grip possible. We also looked at Novak’s playing style, and how he uses his foot when he moves on court. We found that the shoe needed to be more flexible. Watching the movement of the shoe when he played reminded us of the rounded tires on a motorbike, versus a wide and stable sole like the Gel Resolution. From the design and inspiration back at the Asics world headquarters in Kobe Japan through the testing that Novak Djokovic brought and the improvements in speed and stability to the new Court FF 2 and even our own court testing here back in California. One thing we’ve learned is the Court FF 2 is a shoe you’ve got to try.

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Dennis Veasley

20 thoughts on “Asics Tennis & Novak collaborate to create the Asics Court FF 2”

  1. Great Video!! New Style!! Keeping Tennis at a all time High!!! But did you ask Asics; Why no Warranty on the court ff 2? are they making any limted colorways?

  2. I have been wearing Asics for the past several years but $170 for a shoe? Guess I will have to go back to whatever is on the $100 clearance rack.

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