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Dennis Veasley

8 thoughts on “Are You Making This Mistake On Your Service Toss?”

  1. Very good important tip, thanks.
    Is that the wrist widget you are wearing? I am wearing that for my TFCC tear now too, does it work better with tape under it? Are you experiencing any pain in the wrist on certain shots? I hope that it heals quickly for you.

  2. hold your horses! steffi graff had a sky high toss and won a calendar year grand slam with an olympic gold medal..ivan lendl had a sky high
    toss and won almost 90 titles…booming federer and sampras overheads off of high lobs…so high is mistake? how?

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  4. Toss height sounds good but where should we toss it? I can't hit any more vertical than 10:00 to 10:30 with power without great pain. If I go kick path, it can get moderate power with minimal but still perceptible pain.

  5. A lot of my mistakes on serves are the toss so this was very helpful thank you!!! Love the sport 🎾🎾🎾

  6. A good drill my coach has taught me to do is get my body and racket as shown at 1:32 and to toss the ball until it hits the top of the frame! This is a good drill for when it comes to finding your height for the toss!

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