– Hey guys, Scott and Nate
from PlayYourCourt.com, and today we’re going to show you a common mistake we see
a lot of players make with their technique. (whooshing sounds) All right guys, today is video
one in a three part series where we’re going to address some really common technique
mistakes that we see. And this if for a slightly
broader range of players, because we see this happen with
a broader range of players. So this video is for players with a PlayYourCourt
rating of 70 and below. If you’re not in our community, or familiar with our rating system, really what are you doing with your life here, guys?
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please check it out. (screaming) It’s too much, I know. We’re just shocked you’re not in there, but if you’re not in there
– That was us getting fast forwarded.
– I know. He was trying to fast forward me. If for whatever reason
you’re not in there, look: a Player Court 70 is the equivalent of USTA 4.0 and below. So today we’re going to address one huge technique
mistake we see which is? – We’re going to talk about spacing, okay? So a lot of us are
letting the ball crowd us and we’re not getting
our contact out in front, so we’re going to give you a little tip that’s going to help fix that. – Cool, shall we dive right in? – Let’s get it. Okay guys, so we’re going to
jump into aspects about spacing, and this is a really important component to successful forehand and backhand. What we often see are players
that have their unit turn and racquet take back
with the racquet head up. They’ve progressed this far,
but they’re still missing this really important piece
of getting the racquet out and away from their body. And what’s happening is they
just keeping the racquet too close to their body, and when this happens, as you can see, my elbow doesn’t have the
ability to clear my hip, and this is where I get these T-Rex arms. Everything starts to crowd, and the spacing gets really tight. Everything gets close to my body. So here’s the tip: when
we go to hit our forehand or backhand, we’re going to pretend like we have our arms around a beach ball. And this is going to get the
joint position correct, all right? My elbows are up, my left
elbow is slightly higher than the right, but now
this is going to ensure that my elbow can clear my hip, and I can get contact
out in front, all right? So from the very beginning, guys if you learn the hand
up on the throat, fantastic. It’s going to make it a
little bit more difficult if you have two-hander
for the grope change. For this specific demo, we’ll
show you a little bit more what we see with intermediates, of having the non-dominant
hand on the grip as well, but I’m taking the unit turn, I’m making it look like I have my arms around the beach ball, my left hand comes off, and
now as I’m swinging, all right, my racquet is able to clear my hip. We’re going to give you a demo now of what it looks like
when we’re too crowded, with the racquet take back
being too close to the body. So guys, you can see here with
my racquet being taken back with my, too close to my body. I’m letting the ball get into my body, and getting these T-Rex arms where I’m really really tucked in, and my contact is almost in
line with my belly button, all right, but it’s a product of my arms being too close to my body, when I go to take the racquet back, and this elbow really getting stuck through the racquet drop. All right, so we’re going to take a look at what the correct, the correction is to this forehand. So guys, now as you can see, I’ve got the beach ball
on the side of my body, ensuring the spacing is adequate, and therefore I can keep contact way out in front. Okay guys, so pretty simple tip today. Just make sure that we’re
getting the arms out and away from our body, all right? So out and away, and
it’s going to resemble like we have our arms around
a beach ball, all right? And this is going to to
– Nate have you uh, Have you seen my beach ball? – No Scott, I haven’t. – So not this big round!? – He’s 15. – Yes
– He’s like every bit of 15 years old.
– Yes All right, so I think they get the point. Get the arms out and away from your body.
– No more T-Rex arms. – And that’s it. You ate all the candy today.
– Sorry. My mom let me have some candy before I came on screen today
– Anyway. All right so, beach ball,
take the racquet back, get the racquet out and
away from your body, stop taking it so close, so if this elbow is out, it’s
tucked in behind your hip, it’s going to impede the stroke, you’re going to get the
ball tucked into your body, and you’re not going to get any real power or any spin, because the contact is going to be way too close to ya. – For sure.
– Mhm. – Guys, I hope this instruction helps. As always, don’t leave, don’t leave! Stop leaving, I know, look, this is where we pitch, you got to stay and we did nice things for you Now you
– They’re running. – You going to do nice things
for us, and listen to us. So look, I know for the three
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– It is pretty incredible. – is inside this community, guys. So we’re obviously biased,
but this thing’s great and we really want you to be a part of it. So click the link or the button bellow, answer some questions, and sign up for us. It would mean a lot. Thanks so much, see you guys soon.

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13 thoughts on “Are You Making These Three Technique Mistakes? [Part 1]”

  1. (First Comment!!!!! ;^D) been watching your guys video since last year….i really love it.. i knew so little and now my game is up 10 fold…thanks so much guys!!!

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  4. I understand you are using these videos to push your membership, which is fine, but honestly, you're going a bit too far with the hard sell.

  5. I think that Nadal tucks his elbow in on his forehand. Sometimes I will develop the bad habit of tucking in the elbow like Nadal because it's a comfortable position and I have to correct myself. Thanks for the video.

  6. I am having trouble with my forehand lately… my trainer says to loosen my wrist but when i do that the contact goes way off and i shank the ball or have trouble putting my shots where i want them. I am not sure if it is just timing or the racket lags too far behind my wrist and arm… dunno what the issue is… if you have any idea what this issue is, some tips would be great. I use a semi western grip but I slightly lean more western as it feels better (I am open to eastern but i tend to hit out with it) and I try to hit in a more closed stance if i can but hit open too. Nice forehands btw Nate.

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