– What’s up guys? We’re going to Peter Piper Pizza
for pizza and arcade games. There’s been lot of requests
for an arcade vlog/video. And Tiffany didn’t
go to the grocery store so we don’t really
have anything for dinner. – I could’ve put
together something but– – We got a lot
of stuff from CostCo but we can get that later. So we’re gonna go to Peter Piper
Pizza for some pizza and some arcade games and
bring you along with us. – One more pizza coming up. – [Tiffany] Aw, look
at this cute, little pizza. – This is the
new sweet and spicy. It’s got a mango
habanero sauce, pepperoni, jalepeños, bell peppers,
and pineapple. And this our (mumbles) of the
veggie which we always get. – [Tiffany] Always.
– [Clintus] So good. – [Tiffany] Oh yeah,
it’s loaded. Somebody’s excited. – Bet you guys all
know where that’s from. – [Tiffany] I don’t. – No, them.
All the boys. – [Tiffany] What is it? Oh, no idea.
– It’s a dance. Comment below the
actual name of that dance. – They gave me more plates.
– [Tiffany] More plates. And Sierra’s. You guys hungry?
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] Starving. Don’t take a bite. So what’s your
thoughts on the new pizza? – It’s good but it’s
exactly what it says, well, it’s not really spicy.
It’s sweet and spicy. The pineapple and
the mango make it sweet. The jalepeño, it really
don’t taste habanero though. I was disappointed. I was hoping for more
habanero flavor but it was good. – [Tiffany] Stick with our–
– This is still better. – [Tiffany] our love.
– Yeah. Alright, let the
arcade games begin. – [Tiffany] We saw
this one at Tennessee. – [Bryce and Clintus] Yeah. (game sound explosion)
– [Bryce and Clintus] Oh! – [Clintus] Down with the clown. Nice job. Top ones, top ones, top ones. Three, two, one. Oh, good job, Bryce.
– It didn’t hit it down. – [Clintus] It didn’t?
It looked like it did. The light went out.
– [Bryce] Has to go down. – [Tiffany] Oh.
– [Clintus] Wow. Aim for his face. – You do it. – [Clintus] Oh, almost. See? There you go. Four, three, two, one. Oh, better that time. 310. Beeooo! Oh yeah! Oh, another one! She’s on fire. (Tiffany groans)
I jinxed it. Alright, little
basketball shootout. Little rematch. She’s beating you, Bryce! She’s beating you. (laughs) Come on, Sierra, keep the lead,
keep the lead. Oh no, he’s pulling away. Oh, she’s not
getting points, is she? The last one didn’t count. There you go,
there you go, Sierra. There you go.
There you go. 10 seconds, 10 seconds. Eight, seven, six, five, three, two, one.
(game buzzer sounds) Aw, 59 to 44. You had the lead
for a while, Sierra. Alright, now me versus Mommy. – [Bryce] Go Mommy! – [Sierra] Watch
the bonus round. Be ready for the bonus round. – [Bryce] They didn’t get bonus.
You guys didn’t get bonus. 38-22. – [Tiffany] Okay, the boys
made it to the championship. Who’s gonna win? Look at that concentration. Don’t mess up,
don’t mess up, don’t mess up. (laughs)
– I just air balled that. – [Tiffany] And the
winner is Bryce. (laughs) They got the bonus round. Bryce, good job. (air hockey table plinking) – [Bryce] No! What? – [Tiffany] And the winner is? – Seven to four. – [Tiffany] Look at that stance.
(laughs) Get it, get it, get it.
Faster, faster. – This hurts! Where’s my joystick at?
Where’s my controller? – [Bryce] I have 13 seconds. Trying for that green one. – [Tiffany] Nope. (mimics buzzer) – [Clintus] Tick, tock, tick,
tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. Two more, Bryce. Yeah! You dropped all the balls. – [Bryce] 48 out of 50.
– [Clintus] Oh you missed two? – [Bryce] Yeah, I think. – [Clintus] Great job,
dude. Let’s see. 47. Good job, dude. – So 10 tickets. – [Clintus] Alright,
Sierra’s turn. Got to get all the balls. Oh! 46, I think you got 46. Yep. – I’m throwing snowballs at you. You throw it directly at the
person in front of you. (groans) – [Clintus] Alright, last one.
The kids are goin’ fishin’. – [Bryce] Dang it. – [Clintus] Come on Bryce. Oh, there you go. – I won that.
Beat you again! It turned out not
to be a basketball, air hockey game but
I’m good at fishing. – [Clintus] And snowmobiles. Hey, what’s up guys? Thanks so much for watching. If you made it this far, drop a
#vlogon in the comments section so I know you made it all the
way to the end of the video. I appreciate it.
Thanks for sticking with us. The channel is evolving,
YouTube’s doing crazy things and we’re trying to make it work. Makin’ changes where I can. Trying to figure this all
out and I appreciate you guys sticking with us.
I’ll see you next time.

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