the yellow cones represent baseline
position / netplay position the red cones represent the midpoint between these two positions if the oncoming ball requires the player
to move forwards into the baseline area at the completion of the stroke the
player will recover to the baseline if however the oncoming ball is short enough to require the player to move through the midpoint standard ground stroke is played this becomes an approach shot and the player will continue to move forwards to the net play position of course the cones won’t normally be on the court the player must therefore develop an ability to know that at the completion of the stroke they will move either backwards to the
baseline area or continue to move forwards to the net play area depending
on which is closer when playing approach shots we advise
players as much as possible to move forwards take up position play the
standard stroke and then continue on to the net on occasions the shot may be
shorter but higher and an offensive option may be possible on other occasions the ball may be short enough and low enough that the player is forced
to slice the basic target area is down the line
but maybe cross-court depending on a number of factors for example ball position, position of opponent and relative strengths and weaknesses

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