I’m Daniel Dunphy, Assistant Producer at Big Ant Studios and one thing we are very excited about is the Narrative-driven story in Career Mode. So in AO Tennis 2 we’ve really drilled down and added the experience in Career Mode. We’ve got some new characters that you’ll get to meet along the way. We’ve got press conferences. We’ve got the reputation system that is completely built into every action that you perform on and off the court. And that will really dictate how that career plays out. For the first time ever that tennis fans will be able to be involved in a career that has a reputation system. How you behave is how you get treated. Depending on how you react on the court, whether or not you apologize for a net cords or whether or not you cheer for the opponent making an error. These things will effect whether or not you have a good or bad reputation. This means you’ll get invitations to certain events, sponsors will drop off or accept you based on your reputation. It also effects the way that the story-narrative works. Maybe you’ll have a good ending, maybe you’ll have a bad ending. One of the most fun things in the game is actually the press conferences. With a win, with a defeat, you’re going to have to face the press and your answers will directly impact what happens within the story mode. We’ve come up with questions and answers with all varying levels of good, bad, positive, negative, neutral. We really want the player to build the personality that they want: If they want to be super sarcastic in these press conferences, you’ve got all those answers there to provide. If you want to be super happy and positive and play along with all the media, that’s what you can do as well. You can be really narky or very professional. Adding a narrative to the Career Mode has really allowed our artists to shine. Our animators to do some stuff that they’ve never done before. We added the cinematics and story-driven mode to really add that realism to you being a tennis player. So it actually feels like you’re going through a career and experiencing everything that a real tennis player would have. We have some characters that you actually will meet and will help you along the way in your career. Depending again on how you actually behave within the game this will effect how they behave with you. We’ve added those characters to add depth to the game, to make sure it’s again as immersive as possible. Adding the Story Mode is obviously a fair amount of work in terms of what you have to put into the game. There’s environments that are seperate to a normal tennis court. You’ve got lip-syncing that is involved in actually the player and the coach as they are talking. You’ve got additional animations that are outside a standard tennis player’s animations. We had to do some mocap, voice-acting. We’ve recorded all new sounds, all new voice work. All new mocap portal. By adding a deeper career mode this time, it’s ensuring that the player can stay immersed in the world of a tennis player. Something we’ve actually added in AO Tennis 2 is a much more elaborate Career Hub. When you go into career, you’ll spent most of your time looking at doubles partners, your rankings. You can now actually go through and setup an entire seasons worth of tournaments as you go through and play the game. Having a much deeper narrative in the Career Mode attaches the player and makes you feel for your player, you feel every up, every down, every injury, every win, every loss. From the reputation system, the press conferences, the narrative-driven story you’re really getting not only everything that Big Ant always provides in terms of creation aspects you know, creating players, stadiums, logos But now you’ve got the career elements to complement all that, it all helps to create this massive package that everyone will love.

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Dennis Veasley

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