My name is Mark and I’m a Senior Producer at Tennis Australia and currently working on the version 2 of the AO Tennis game. So we’ve been working with Big Ant on making sure that the venues in the game, Rod Layer Arena, Melbourne Arena, Margaret Court Arena all look exactly like they do in real life. AO 2 brings the full precinct of the Australian Open for the first time. We’ve given Big Ant designs to all the internal rooms and press- and conference rooms that they can use to build more authenticity into the game. We’ve actually added the entire Melbourne Park so you’ve got the Show Courts, you’ve got the Garden Square, everything that is happening during an Australian Open Tournament you get within the game. The access; they give us, you know around Melbourne park. We get to come down on to the court, we get to really scope out what Melbourne Park is Around the Open it helps to create that overall authentic atmosphere to the game. They’re always involved in making sure we make the right uniforms, making sure we get approvals for all the players coming down to the office playing the game, giving us feedback. So, it’s been fantastic. It’s really important that people can play with the guys that are currently Number 1. We’ve got Nadal again, Barty, we’ve added Kachanov, there’s Pliskova, Kerber. So we’ve got a whole bunch of Australian players in the game as well. We’ve got Thanasi Kokkinakis back in the game, Ash Barty is back again and Alex De Minaur has joined as well. We make sure that obviously the players look as authentic as possible. We make sure that the grounds are as authentic as we can get them. From the original game we’ve really added to the different game modes. We’ve improved the career mode, we’ve put much more emphasis on the story elements and cinematics and animations have been improved. The other thing we’ve done with the animations is add to each to the other player’s profiles. So there is many more versions of people’s serves, their backhands, their top spins, right down to their mannerisms. So it took a while to get Khachanov right. The top of the racket is still top of the racket. The racket spins and its almost the reverse of you think what it’s gonna be. We’ve overhauled everything from the gameplay mechanics to the movement. We’ve introduced a new fabric system to, you know, emmulate real cloth physics. It’s all about that authentic atmosphere and realism. Tennis Australia and ourselves collaberate tightly to give fans exactly the realism that is here. AO 2 is our first foray into Tennis games on Switch which means you can play it on the go. It allows everyone to play it wherever they are, whenever they want to. And it has every single feature and function that all the other platforms do. We’ve been collaberating now with Big Ant for two versions of the game. We really like the second version and improvement that has been made and progress that has been made. Some of the game modes of AO 2 include a Online system, career mode for the AO tournament itself, which plays around on all the courts. And also just casual play where you can play against your mate. I really feel that sports fans and Tennis fans are gonna get the most out of this. The key thing that people enjoy in AO is just the added realism that we’ve put into the game. And it’s just like the Grand Slam itself, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed personally mucking around and putting my friends in the game, changing the venues, all that sort of stuff. But there’s nothing quite like walking on to Rod Laver Arena as Rafael Nadal.

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Dennis Veasley

9 thoughts on “AO Tennis 2 | Behind the Scenes Dev Diary”

  1. Your animations are still absolutely no good and all that matter is gameplay and animations. The graphics, stages, and accurate faces doesn't matter if you can't match the character animations to the actually player's mechanics. If you can't animate accurate player mechanics, then just have an in game player animation creation for users. Please learn from Tennis Elbow, there is no shame in that.

  2. The first game was great and Big Ant updated the game continuously to improve it. I'm looking forward to this one, as it seems to improve on the few things missing in the first game.

  3. I'm not sure how many players you plan to add to this, but I'm hoping that you will be adding Andreescu to this, which should be a given as the last Slam winner, but will also get many people from Canada interested in this game as well =)

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