AO International Tennis is international because it has the international
super stars of tennis. AO International Tennis has multiple
locations and stadiums around the world, so we’ve got London, New York, Paris. We’ve got Rod Laver Arena, we have some of the short courts
over there at Melbourne Park. You can also make your own
and play anywhere in the world or use that predefined ones
and play London or Paris. Even Rafael Nadal’s Academy over Mallorca has been recreated as well. AO International Tennis simulates tennis, so if you want to be a baseline player,
you can be a baseline player. If you want to charge to the net,
you can charge to the net. You can play your strengths,
you can set it to your strengths, so you can play the way you want it to play. Tactics needed in AO International Tennis are just like the real world. You’ve got to work out
when you are at the baseline, when to come in for volleys,
flat shots that hit winners… Everything there is just like the real world. When you are playing this game, you will feel like you’re playing tennis. Because we’ve taken motion
from professional tennis players, and we’ve had them mimic
the best in the world. We have got some of the best in the world, but we’ve also mimicked the rest. Within the career mode, we’re trying to replicate
how things work in the real world. So, we will go from those smallest stadiums working your way up to the bigger stage against the bigger players. The customisable competition mode
in the game, allows for you to make the competition
that you want, so you can set the number of sets, you can set the number of points, you can set the number of players. Essentially, this is a Tennis sand box. The great thing about AO International Tennis is that you can play as your favorite players, it’s great fun and it’s global. The Global release of this game, allows for people to truly be international, you can play in Melbourne Vs Sydney, or Melbourne Vs Toronto. So, wherever you are on this planet, you will find someone internationally playing. AO International Tennis is
a fun addictive tennis game. We’re really excited about the release of
AO International Tennis.

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Dennis Veasley

20 thoughts on “AO International Tennis Developer Diary: Overview”

  1. Ive played this game and It makes fun😊😊😊😊!!! After Patch 1.17 it feels more like Real Tennis 😊!!! Im only missing Đoković and Federer and samo Players like Čilić or legends like Sampras, Becker or Agassi 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Is this the same game as AO tennis released earlier this year? The brief gameplay in this video looks a lot better than the trash I've seen from that game. This actually looks good.

  3. This looks like a massive improvement. Good job Big Ant! I don't think gamers quite realize that if you do not have good Tennis IQ you will not be able to make the player look and behave like in real life. When the player is moving correctly around the court, the animations and transitions are looking very clean. I don't see any foot sliding so it looks like this game now has a lot of potential.

  4. Looking really good Big Ant. I stopped hoping after January's launch but my hope has been revived! lol the gameplay sneak peaks in the two videos look solid-animations are smooth and ball physics is much faster which should mean more fun/shorter rallies hopefully

  5. Animations for shots at the net are so far off its untrue. . Players take huge swings at the ball as though theyre playing a baseline groundstroke. I mean seriously guys how can this game be taken seriously when that's happening??

  6. He says its a simulation but the player movement is still so clunky and awkward that to me its a doomed game. Endless patches still haven't addressed this most fundamental and critical of issues.

  7. long hair are stiff they dont move around when players are running like in FIFA 18 and this game doesn't have scanned heads and faces of real players.

  8. Could you please add lively hair make it move when players run and make hair move when wind is blowing – also please add Steffi Graff playing styles – her ground strokes and racket holding are the best in women tennis for ever.

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