[Music] what everybody’s joking conflict we’re in Miami at Shoe gallery with Latin chop artist unwell ee-yup we work indoors see whether it’s similar to I’m gonna do some sneaker shopping today gonna see what he’s feeling what he’s not and then hopefully sort of buy some sneakers let’s go I knew well si tú quieres you rap about the Jordans he had in 93 and you represented a lot the Jordan 8 is that one of your favorite models see it don’t come over the hologram like your diaphragm was awesome you were really one of the first Latin travelers to rap about sneakers a lot yeah how was sneaker culture growing up for you but for me it wasn’t I’m I’m very rare I wanted to buy your Tercel when I started again learning I started I spent a lot of money just buying Doris I don’t even used to buy bullshit oh yeah I enjoy this and also in that song you rap about buying your girl the Carolina 11 is that do you do that yeah we working doing they see where I should not go to I knew well obviously you love Jordans but do you like air maxes and other shoes as well I won’t and now spending time in Miami it’s a big Miami shoe do you buy a lot of them still yeah type of car I want to talk about sneaker culture in Puerto Rico do you remember how tough it was back then and you know you said you didn’t have a lot of money do you remember your first good pair and when you really fell in love with sneakers like 1750 something in fact as part of the game and for I’ll time to comment so Air Force one really Ireland do it yeah before your turn you went away there’s a picture though that’s nineties how strict was it to wear sneakers when you were in jail I wasn’t even supposed to have those really yeah so they were strict because you know we had Fat Joe on the show and he went away and he said that they are super strict like he had Jordans sandals and they he almost got in trouble for them yeah the sound of filling their token really is Honda and now when you went away did someone keep track of all your shoes that you had did they remain for winners I just gonna stored away yeah so when you got out you had the new releases or you had to catch up a little bit now was just to hit on my manager no my name is Bonnie back so he was holding you down okay any well how bigger you into high-fashion sneakers we have Rast Simmons for Adidas but we talked about Balenciaga and Gucci do you like those as well yeah I like these yes and I just seen this like this week I just got out of prison so I assumed when I saw you on Idol on rojo you rap about the easies with the red letters but you also say that you get easy sometimes first before Kanye and before mozart is on clothes on do you get Easy’s a lot are between my some type of deal with communicating with them they’d be selling me Cole okay so adidas is taking note of your popularity yeah awesome you know you said being 16 years old and you got Air Force Ones for the first time could you ever imagine big brands like that reaching out and talk to deals how crazy is that – you have – a little thought about that not even when I got famous you talked about you liking Easy’s and the RAF Simmons for Adidas what other adidas models are you into like I like that Harden James Harden’s yeah when I came out of prison I used to be halfway out I used to go to the gym and play bang bang that was all red and white but I was trying to get them when I was wrong maybe now with the adidas plug you show up you know one thing is when you went away I was watching a billboard interview you said the toughest part was not seeing your son and now you get to see him more your son is five now how important is it for you to have him in good sneakers every telling my sneakers are mine – okay yeah lighter fare with me so you’re raising a little sneaker head yeah and what are some of his favorites does he like does he know your daughters are like I always say why is there one pair that you really hold close to your heart more than any of them like a very special pair the common lionesses yeah yeah my best one used to have he he got killed I always remember because I was thinking how it happened Wow so it’s like a sentimental thing yeah and then how did you learn all the numbers because everyone I talk to you about doing this interview they’re always like he knows all the numbers man could I’ll be buying all on him for real like well like the prices run from everybody be just hustling since little kids just about Jordan wearing them yeah well we’ve talked about everything get the browser shows now see what you’re gonna go home [Music] [Music] see here time I don’t want to sink oh no Tommy yeah are you there sunbae I got it in time it’s always 2795 [Music] so I mean well came through bought a bunch of stuff thanks so much for taking the time make sure you check out the new album Riau hasta la muerte now now [Music] [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Anuel AA Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex”

  1. Soooo everybodys just gonna ignore whats going on with his neck tattoo & just obsess over his English?? 丹領儭丹領儭

  2. this dude is exactly how a pig would sound if it could speak oh yeah a pig with a haircut of a donkey


  4. Ya no promocionen al basuranuel porquer穩a de cantante parece que tiene un GARGAJO ATORADO en la garganta

  5. Dang… Seeing them not care about how much money they waste makes me feel poor cuz when i wanna buy shoes my momma ve like "they to expensive" and its like $80 唐

  6. Pinche pendejo anuel, en lugar de andarte poniendo anillos a lo pendejo en cada dedo deberias con ese dinero injertarte cabello, pinche calvo, xq con ese corte de cabello te vez como imbecil y de todos modos se te nota lo calvo

  7. You guys need too bring in some Female Latin artists too plz!!!!
    Karol G (Anuel AAs female)
    Becky G
    Natti Natasha
    Those 4 would be perfect BC they are fluent in English and Spanish (Anitta also fluent in Portuguese Karol's English isn't the best but u can understand and communicate with her perfectly)

  8. I don't know what the fuck people are talking about he speaks English but he does but like he's mumbling words like a real Nigga but he has the Puertorican accent when he's speaking english only a real Fucking puertorican knows he got it
    Still not a fan tho he sucks ass literally Karol g's

  9. At the end I glanced at all those lines on the top part of the vid and I thought my phone was cracked, I almost had a heart attack

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