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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Anthony Anderson: Welcome to Pensole – Lace Up (Ep 1)”

  1. They praising this Dwayne dude, but who the fuck where’s Jordan’s over the 14 and no one wears Melos shoe. So Tinker is the goat

  2. Desmonds super cool and a hard worker for finding out and noting all the things they may like. But those girls just brushed it off and they’re a little mean. He’s passionateeee

  3. At the end of the day you gotta ask yourself "would i buy this?" .. and my personal answer, to every shoe put out on this show, is a confident "Fuck, no."

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  5. NuBlack actually had the best shoe. But what is it, with all the groups not having a presentable shoe. They all look they have not been done properly. Maybe they were done the same day so the adhesives or whatever, they used does not look it has even set. They look a bit worn out or they look completely detached. There are a lot of factors we do not know about considering it is a show and there is a lot of editing going on. But to make a sneaker in 5 days out of “brand new materials” sounds incredibly difficult.

  6. You have to be a reincarnate of peter Moore or tinker Hatfield to design something extraordinary, nobody can top their design, nobody, we’re closing in on 2020 and sneaker collectors still go for their designs in different and crazy colorways, but then again it’s Adidas for j harden and I’m not a fan of it.

  7. Funny, no other race on Earth cared about sneakers until black people made them popular for fashion, especially in hiphop!!!

    Black people ARE the salt of the earth, we give the earth and it's inhabitants flava!!!

    Nuff said

  8. I TV show about coloring in some fucking shoes. What an adroitness lacking generation this is. The bar is set so fucking low for this generation that this is considered a admirable skill.

  9. The footwear they make, Is just like the cars and trucks people make, there is no way the money they sell them for not even half or a courter of the cast will go into them, That they charge us for them, that's just sad, we are getting riped.

  10. A miss men in shoes nice shoes like Fluevog nice shoes I will not entertain a man in runners I am 60 miss real leather shoes a man who can wear them…

  11. Where did this guy ever hear that Tupac was from Compton? Not only was Tupac born in Harlem in 1971, but his family also moved to Baltimore after N.Y and didn't move to Cali until '88. When they moved to Cali they moved to Oakland, almost 7 hours from Compton…" Once again it's your friend out of Oakland/ Hopin, I can rock that shit ta git ya open" – Tupac –

  12. the fact that MGK isnt the host is stupid, politics bullshit. we all know they started that shit to start his new emo rap career.

  13. Reality shows are so full of shit, so fake and stupid. All the "awwww nice" "yea I like this" man please folks just saying that for a check. Also, these fucking kids are too damn young to even know about Biggie and Pac lol they was still suckin on baby bottles lol

  14. I clicked on this because of Anthony Anderson. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the show more than I thought I would. New fan! Let's get it! Personally I liked The Hype's shoes the best.

  15. FAT BOY!!!, for blueprint that the shoe was overall crazy, imaginative, and overall the best built but nu blacks presentation like he said it was sold like it was the shiz!!!

  16. what a bad show
    the problem with a brand like Addidas is. they are addidas they always will have the 3 stripes and they will never look different.
    this is their blessing and their curse.
    and All I wear is Addidas cause they fit me properly

    37:50 is that a wife beater under a white tshirt …
    and why are they dancing to compliment the show. its just getting cornier and cringe yer by the second I watch it

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