– [Announcer] And here it is folks. Anthony Anderson is about to set a Guinness Book of World Records Title for the longest usable golf club. (club snaps)
(screams in anger) (dynamic music) – Welcome to Record Breakers, where the biggest names break
the world’s biggest records. I’m your host Jareb Dauplaise. We’re coming to you from Topgolf at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, where today we’re going
to attempt to set a new Guinness World Records Title for the world’s longest usable golf club. I’m here with a very special guest. He is an Emmy and Golden
Globe nominated actor. You know him best as Dre Johnson on ABC’s Black-ish, Anthony Anderson! (cheering) – Yes, in the building with Anthony. Anthony, the accolades
do not stop with you. Actor, writer, producer, comedian. – Soon to be world record breaker? – Now what made you wanna
take on this record? – My son, Nathan Anderson,
is in Guinness World Records for most t-shirts put on in
a certain amount of time. And he holds that over my head and I just gotta call to come down do it, and I was like, I’m there.
(tires screech) – And ou’re still doing your celebrity golf tournaments, right? – Yes, I am. – What other celebrities
have kind of wow’d you with their game? – You know who wow’d me? Michael Bolton.
(rock scream) Kenny G.
(sax music) President Obama. – [Jarbe] And I’m sure you hustled Obama with your great golf game, right?. How much did you take from him? – Obama, sorry, President
Obama, took all of our monies. And I’m like, yo, Barry, are
you allowed to take our money? He was like, I’m no longer President, I can take whatever I want. He only took 300 from me, though. (screeching) – Let’s keep this moving along because I want you to understand
how we made this golf club. We got the YouTube
sensation What’s Inside, – What better place than a putting green to cut open a golf driver.
(saws club) It’s hollow inside. – They’re gonna let us know exactly how this club is put together. (golf ball drops into cup) Oh, look at this. – This is our replica of
what it should look like. When we go outside the golf club is going to be 37 feet and one inch long. So when you’re driving and you see a telephone pole outside?
– Yeah. – It’s about that long.
– Wow! So it should be easy for
me to hit a ball then, if it’s, you know, the
size of telephone pole. – Not really. – There are nine of these
four foot long shafts, and if you put too much
torque on it, it could break. – So there is a chance that the club could break during Anthony’s attempt? – Yes. – You gotta be careful and cautious. – Okay, I’m up for the challenge. – Well, I think we’ve set the stage. Let’s get out there and see what happens. – Let’s set a record.
(screeching) – We are on the field at Topgolf. Let’s go ahead and reveal the
Guinness World’s Record Title for the longest usable golf club. – I’m excited to see this. (dramatic music) – [Jareb] Five people it takes to carry. – How am I supposed to swing this? – To find out exactly what
you’re gonna have to do, we’re gonna bring out Phillip,
the Guinness Adjudicator. (upbeat music) – I can confirm we’ve
pre-measured this golf club, and it’s 37 point one inches, which surpasses the previous
record of 30 feet, six inches. Now we need to see the golf club strike the golf ball 82 point zero five feet. The pressure is now down to Anthony to make the golf ball
travel that distance. – All right, Anthony. Do you think you can do it? – I have no choice but to do it. This doesn’t scare me. – Let’s get you up on this platform and see what happens then.
– Let’s go! – Let’s do it.
– Bring me my stick! (laughter) – Bring me my stick. (upbeat music) – Anthony Anderson has
just taken the podium. Let’s hand him the club. – [Lincoln] Oh, this
is going to be awesome. – Tee me up! – [Jareb] How you guys feeling? You guys feeling good on this? – I think it’s going to
be two tries for him. Lincoln’s thinking like four to six. – I’m gonna go three to be different. – [Dan] This is it. (dramatic music) – [Lincoln] Oh, he’s
comin’, he’s comin’ in. (dramatic music) – Oh! – Nice try. What did it feel like? – The torque is something
else on this club, alright. – You’ve just gotta
twerk it back, I think. – Twerk it back? I’m gonna twerk it back
just for you, baby. (golf ball into cup) (inspirational music) – [Dan] Okay, this is it. – [Lincoln] Oh, that’s fast. – [Group] Oh!
(sad music) – You’re right there.
(golf ball into cup) – [Dan] I mean, the crazy
thing is nine shafts just put together by these steel rods. These broke testing it out.
– [Jareb] Right. – [Dan] It would shatter. Oh, no! (inspirational music) – [Jareb] Oh, the club broke! (dramatic music)
(club snaps) – [Anthony] D’oh!
(dramatic music) – [Dan] That’s what we were worried about. – I hit it too hard! – It did break.
– Too much power. – No blood, no glory. This doesn’t scare me. (slowed down) This doesn’t scare me. (club snapping) – The good thing is, we can
put these back together. – We got extras, we’re
gonna get right back in. But I said attempt three, right? (dramatic music) – [Jared] The pressure mounts as the Topgolf record breaker’s team builds second and final golf club. If Anthony breaks this one,
there are no replacements. (golf ball into cup) (dramatic music) – Anthony, take it for a ride. – All right. – [Dan] Please stay together,
please stay together. He’s got it on this attempt. I’m calling it right now, he’s hittin’ it. (dramatic music) – [Dan] Oh, yeah.
– [Lincoln] Get there! – [Jareb] Oh, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon. – [Lincoln] 40!
(video game sound) – All right. – I could tell that he was
gonna make contact on that one. Like you could see he was confident. – [Anthony] I got it. – [Jareb] We are inching our
way closer at every attempt. – [Dan] The danger’s real. Here we go, here’s the next attempt. (dramatic music) – [Lincoln] Oh! (cheering)
– [Jareb] That looks good! That looks good!
(cheering) Yes! (dynamic music)
(cheering) (fireworks) – That’s gotta be it. – Let’s wait for the official measurement. – Maybe this is the club you needed when you played against Obama? (laughs) Coulda kept that 300. (laughs) Phillip is measuring it out right now. – I have to document this myself, hold on. – We are on the platform
at Topgolf waiting to hear the official results. Phillip, give us the numbers, man. – We needed to see the ball
travel 82 feet and five inches. I’m thrilled to say that ball traveled a hundred and six feet and
that is a new world record! (cheering) – [Jareb] He’s in the book! – Nathan take that! – Officially amazing.
– Officially amazing. (laughter) – Ladies and gentlemen, Guinness
World Records Title holder Anthony Anderson in the house! (marching band music) – We don’t just bring
out the band for anybody. We got the cheer leaders. – Oh, send me it! (marching band music) – Unbelievable night. – I’d like to thank Topgolf. I’d like to thank Calloway. I’d like to thank Fuji Curl. I’d like to thank the golf
club that shined on me today for allowing me to break this record. (cheers) (upbeat music) – Thank you for joining us at Topgolf. For big hits live here. Anthony Anderson’s hit
will forever live here. I wanna give a shout to the guys from What’s Inside, Dan
and Lincoln for joining us. Phillip, thank you so much
for helping us out with this. And again, Anthony Anderson
in the record books. I’m Jareb Dauplaise. Thank you for tuning into Record Breakers. Where remember, records
are made to be broken. You can be next. We’ll see you next time. (cheering) (dynamic music) (golf ball drops into cup)

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