Steven (VO): He doesn’t know that. Anyway, it was time for the match. Steven: What Brett didn’t realize is that I actually played varsity tennis in high school. The team used to call me “Gotham”… ’cause of how much I was into Batman. Steven: The more CowChop thought we were bad at tennis, the easier it would be to hustle them… Steven: Huh, “must have been a fluke”. Oh wait! It wasn’t a fluke at all… I was. Just. That. Good. Steven: As if hustling them wasn’t enough, Cib, I guess had his own plans on how to devastate CowChop. Steven: During the second set, I noticed something was a little off. Steven: And that’s when I started to realize… Steven: It was only a matter of time until the melatonin started taking it’s effect. It hit Cib first. And then it hit me. Steven: How were we supposed to win if we couldn’t even keep our eyes open?! Steven: We couldn’t even make it through the third set thanks to the melatonin, which meant that we would have to clean CowChop’s warehouse…

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Annual Cow Chop vs. Sugar Pine 7 Tennis-Off. 2017.”

  1. Any chance you guys could post once everyday? It would be good for your channel too since the youtube algorithem is now based on the viewer and consistency in uploading. Just a suggestion, cause I dont want this channel to fail. I enjoy my daily dose of Sugar Pine 7.

  2. everything about this was PERFECT. covv chop, alfredo and aleks, and the justice track was amazing at that moment
    luv y’all

  3. Retweet #sp7forstreamys on twitter to vote for these guys, I don't normally care but I think these guys deserve an award 🥇

  4. Did you guys actually play tennis or did you just take videos of you all hitting the ball and jump cut it like an autistic YouTube gamer?

  5. actually melatonin has a peak ceiling dose of 1 mg. After you pass that threshold, its efficacy is reduced. Ironically most brands sell them in doses like 5 mg or 10 mg, which are significantly worse than just 0.5-1 mg, which is really stupid. Also who cares this is a fucking meme

  6. I like the sugar pine squad. But not enough to binge their whole channel. So really im just here for cow chop. With sugar pine being the icing on the cake.

  7. Dear, Sugar Pine 7

    Me and many other past fans know you as HwnT I know you've most likely have moved on and your no longer well HwnT because of age but me many of my friends miss HwnT and I know you won't be HwnT anytime soon but we agreed the least you could do is put up your "How to kill a YouTuber" and "How to save a YouTuber" series on YouTube cause we miss it very very much all the laughs all the jokes all the death and all that remains are copies, clips, and remakes and these are just distant copies of the HwnT we miss


    One day I was browsing YouTube vids when I saw a collab you were in and I said omg I remember HwnT I miss that guy I'll watch some vids of his and you may ask what I saw well that's the point I saw nothing so I searched "what happened to HwnT?" And a wiki came up about some guy called Sugar pine 7 I was very confused so I said "who the f#ck is sugar pine 7?!" That's when I read it and I was highly disappointed that you had moved on and left HwnT and his fans behind in the past And now my final wishes are that if you still have them put them back up and if you can make one last vid just like the old ones back in the day when you were loved before you left it all behind and crushed us all just one more…

  8. I Don't know why but Cip's "hold up" and pretends to listen to music thing makes me laugh so damn hard, every God damn time.

  9. Why do I get this feeling that Brett and Jeremy would be good friends? And is it me or they look similar.

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