Women’s Volleyball Championship Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming yeah that guy is way too excited yelling
those girls numbers number 18 hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re back playing women’s volleyball championship having a blast playing
through this game you guys didn’t see the last episode hit that link in the
description check that one out before this one axe episode one this is episode
two we’re having a blast let’s get to it okay guys we’re here in the season mode
we’re up against Brazil next Brazil’s pretty good check out the team name kill
it banger big unit butter pancake nuff said
dimes we also got Cuddy who’s coming off the bench if you guys don’t like those
names hit me up in the comments below with some of your ideas for good names
for these teams there’s only a certain amount of characters I think I think big
unit my own enough said obviously you see that’s that’s as long as I could
have made it so try to keep it under 8 characters but I’d love to hear that
anyways we lost the last game if you haven’t checked that out check it out
was close it’s a fun game but now we’re into it I’m learning we’re gonna get
better we’re gonna win this game come on let’s go the original team that says
these two announcers are hilarious we can’t look at it because they’re not
jumping right now it forget warm-up alright let’s go
should we start off with a careful on her hand I think we should should I just not block and try to make
digs then they’ll pound it ah Brazil is pretty good so to kill it number 24 let’s run an option us that
quick they had a triple block on the back
quick what gosh that’ll teach me to run combos free ball yes I’m tempted to run another
combo let’s do it see outside shoot yes
free ball again gosh I can’t put it away all right kill it put the ball away
shoot yes banger weak I’m not gonna take some risk if I want
to score her that was weak get out going back pipe to Barbara get out yes
come on first point of the game wow that was great yes it was great all right
maybe we got to bring something other than the careful underhand
let’s try whatever this does careful weak floats yes kill it
gosh what the heck was I late timing is so
key in this game gosh come on I gotta take some more risks cuz the last time I
just boomed it out a bunch this time I’ve gotten Doug banger with the
Sidewinder come on like why does that happen I’ve still got
a lot to learn in this game like don’t block if it’s not worth it
I don’t know we got tool twice I did get one blocker though shit that was weak
go get it libero you gave up on it these guys are
running combos and shit damn they’re good what a dig I’m trying to do it I tried to dig that
I just couldn’t free ball yeah I don’t know how that happened well I’ll take it
oh I think it’s time for the careful underhand gosh I gotta make a dig that’s
Sally to shit I totally could have dug that Jesus that guy is way too excited
yelling those girls numbers number 18 gosh dog it easy yes out of it but see
news break huge break that’s what I got old for I guess just stay in the rally Sidewinder oh it was go get it come on gosh thanks with that inspiration now I
know I could do it yes tough sir stack up the triple get out that’s a great
start where’s that Sally can we get that maybe
the hands in know fine great sir pass great dig come on
kill it yes
nice cover stack up the triple get out going a bball no come on gosh just so you guys know I’m but like
the team my team is not that good yes kill it is good though these are a
bunch of created players and there’s some weird stuff you could like he just
anyway this is not a big unit great serve they got to go back
come on what’s the point of blocking if we’re not that good at it shit backs against the wall chill it
answers it’s a weird name kill it but she killed it alright one chance to get
back in you know what it’s time for careful underhand shit god no Oh unfortunately the original team has
been defeated it would be so one-sided Nancy what are you thinking about
today’s match I think they would need to be matched it comes out to whichever
team mix for the least mistakes let’s see how things turn in an X match no I
see thank you very much I’m John Sagar I’d like to thank Nancy Williams for her
participation today in our matches from all of us sitting GTV we’ll see you next
time thank you all right guys well that’ll do
it for this episode of women’s volleyball championship I gotta make
some digs my team is terrible blockers how much as obvious you guys have some
names to rename this team I’m about ready hit me up in the comments cuz
honestly I don’t think I deserve the names they have right now so hit me up
with that but thank you guys again so much for watching if you haven’t already
hit that subscribe button I would really really appreciate it
leave a like as well if you enjoyed this video and please watch some more we got
tons of videos on on yes guy gaming but thank you guys so much for watching and
we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Women’s Volleyball Championship Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming

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