Hey, what’s up ya’ll? Coach Rock here, the official trainer for
I Love Basketball TV. And today we’re gonna get into a great move
that’s gonna help you score a lot more points in real games. But, before I get into that I want to let
you know I created a brand new free gift, free training for you. I’m gonna put that link in the description. The first link in the description. It’s called our GSS Accelerator, it’s our
Game Specific Scoring Accelerator. I’ll tell you more about that after I show
you this move today. So stay tuned for that. But, without further ado, let’s get straight
into this move. All right, so we’re gonna break today’s video
down into basically three parts. First I’m gonna show you the move. Gonna break it down for you, show you how
you can do it, so you you can start training it the right way so you can start adding it
in real game situations. Then, I’m gonna show you some counters so
when the defense tries to predict what you’re gonna do, you’ll be able to counter, and I’ll
show you some set ups so you can set the move up better. And then, last but not least, we’re gonna
drill it. I’m gonna show you how you can add this to
drills and your training so you can master this move. So, let’s get it. So, this move is like a combination of a turn
and a Tim Hardaway crossover. So,if you don’t know the Tim Hardaway crossover,
it’s basically between the legs, quick here. That’s the Tim Hardaway crossover. That quick move right there. So, what we’re doing today, is we’re having
this half turn here. And this is great because a lot of players,
you can do this to kind of set up your offense. You can still see the whole floor, but you
can also set up your man here. You keep him on your hip, you keep yourself
in between the ball and your man, and then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna turn,
and attack like you’re going this way, and then you’re gonna hit that quick crossover
into your jump shot. So again, you’re here. Here. When you see the chance to go, you’re hitting
with that quick move. Now, you wanna be able to se this move up
by simply going here, and then going here. That’ll really help you set up the move, cause
you can really change the speeds here. Change the levels. You could be high. You could be low. And you can go. You should stay tight and beat ’em tight. Now, once you set ’em up for that move, now
we’re in it, and you can get into the shot. Now let’s look at some counters that you can
add to that move. So you got the move down, you got this. And you get them, and you hit the shot. Or you miss, either way. Now you’re here, you’re going here, same thing. Boom, boom. You’re coming here like you’re getting ready
for your shot, but it’s more like a head fake. So it’s boom, you’re here, and it’s boom,
boom. Kinda little play with the footwork. Kinda play with your hand here. Let me do it fast so it’s easy for you to
see. So it’s here, here, and that quick head up,
hand like you’re going to catch it, and like you’re gonna shoot. Then that leaves you the ability, you can
come here, boom, boom, head fake, pull back, that’s if you can’t beat ’em. If you can beat ’em, you can go here, here,
Isaiah Thomas, pull back or go to the rim. A lot of things you can do. Mix it up, defenders won’t be able to stay
in front of you. Another counter you can do is you can come
here, here, and bring the ball over your defender’s head. So, here, you’re going here, when I’m crossing
over I’m bouncing the opposite direction so you can get that footwork down by just going,
here. So that’s what I’m doing with this move. Boom. Over his head. Hitting that shot. Or, I’m giving you a lot of options here. Start basic, or you can go here, over his
head, pump fake, pass, there’s a lot of different things you can do. But, in terms of scoring, use them. Get your shot. Scoring isn’t about being the best shooter. Which, shooting’s important. But you gotta be able to get your shot to
score. It’s not about having the coolest handle,
you gotta be able to create space to get room for your shot. So, mastering moves like this will help you
become an elite scorer. All right, now let’s talk about drilling it
so that you can use it in games. The best way is to put it where you’ll be
at. If you’re a wing player, do this move from
the wing. You can catch the ball here. Say you gotta set up the O here. Main thing is to keep yourself in between
the ball and your man. To keep the ball protected. Keep your head up. So somebody’s open here, you can pass. You don’t wanna be like this. You don’t wanna be looking like this. Always have your head at the basket so you
can see the floor. And then you get into your move. Practice the top of the key. Whatever you do, practice like real games. Don’t just come here and go. I want you to really get into it like you’re
facing a man and attack hard. Do the drill, focus on makes, do three sets
of like five makes, at the top and the wings, you’ll be good to go. I hope you enjoyed today’s video, and like
I mentioned in the beginning of the video, I have a brand new, free training gift for
you called the GSS Accelerator that’s gonna help you take your scoring to the next level. Just click that first link in the description. That’s gonna take you to a page, you put in
your e-mail, and I’ll instantly email you over that GSS Accelerator. And look pretty much the main reason players
aren’t seeing results in their training is because they’re doing the wrong type of training. And that training is actually hindering their
game. They’re doing thousands of random drills,
stationary shooting, thousands of combo ball handling drills that aren’t working. They’re wasting their time playing hours and
hours of pick up games that don’t mean anything. They’re picking up bad habits instead of training
their game in the game specific manner. Now the best way to affect the game is to
become a better scorer. And the best way to become a better scorer
is to train you game in a game specific scoring type of way. That’s why I created this GSS Accelerator
which stands for Game Specific Scoring training method. The accelerator that’s gonna help you improve
your game so you don’t have the bad results from the training. You’re not wasting your time doing bad training. Instead you’re doing training that works. Training that matters. Again, click that first link in the description,
it’ll take you there. You can get your copy absolutely free. As always, if you enjoyed the video, please
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