Hi, my name is Roy. Today I’m going to draw my life. Psych! I’m going to animate my life. Let’s get started. So when my mom and
dad got married, they– wait, wait,
that’s way too far. Let’s fast forward
just a little bit. It was August 21, 1991,
and a new baby was born. His name was Roy. That’s me. I was born in the Kupang city
Pangasinan in the Philippines. I was a dark, big-headed
baby, and I was cute, too. At least, my parents said I was. When I was two years
old, my parents and I moved across the world to
America to a small town called Durham, North Carolina. My mom found a job there, and it
was basically where I grew up. When I was four, my parents
brought home a little baby. I was like, yo Ma! Yo Pa! Who dis? Why is he in my space? And they were like, this is
your baby brother, Raymond. I was like, wha? How’d you do that? And they’re just
like, it’s a secret. When I first went to
school I was super shy, and I always hated it. I always wanted to
be around my parents, because they made
me feel so happy. One time in kindergarten,
I had to pee so bad, but the teacher was
teaching at the time so I couldn’t, and I was
so shy to tell anyone. So I just eventually
peed my pants. I eventually took ESL, or
English as a second language, because my English
was not too good. It took me a while
to get rid of it, but I think I fixed my
accent, which was really cool. And then I remember
playing LEGOs with Raymond, and my parents came
in with another baby. We were both like, ew! Who is that disgusting thing? They were like, this is
your baby brother, Russell. I was just like freaked out. I was like, how do
you keep doing that? And I remember
Raymond was like, yo! I thought that was a girl. Eventually my brothers and I
moved back to the Philippines when I was eight. My parents left us there
while they got really situated financially in America. I remember I was horrified
the first time I got there. Like, being eight
and knowing I’m going to be living there for
a while, that was a huge deal. It took a really long time, but
I grew to love the Philippines. Just basking in my culture
and being around my relatives was just an awesome experience. It really taught me how
to open up to others and appreciate things in life. And just as I became comfortable
living in the Philippines, my dad came back and
brought us back to America. I was like, what? I’m never going to be
comfortable in my life. Which is a good thing,
because being uncomfortable is the best way to grow. When we got back to America,
we saw this little baby hanging around. My mom was like, this is
your baby sister, Ariel. I was like, how do you
guys keep doing this? P.S. I was only 10
years old, so I really didn’t know how they
kept doing that. Anyways, I was in fifth
grade at the time, and I remember going to
school, and I just remember being extremely, extremely shy. Mainly because I got so used
to the Filipino culture, and also I had a slight
Filipino accent, which I thought everyone would judge me. It also sucked because
everyone knew each other because they’d been together
all of elementary school. And there’s just me, the new
boy from the other country. I guess that really explains why
I get quiet and shy sometimes. But it took me a while
to break out of my shell. It wasn’t until the
eighth grade where I met some friends I could
be comfortable around. Turns out, they weren’t
the best of friends, but they really broke
me out of my shell, which I am thankful for. That was also around
the time my parents bought a video camera
they would never use, so I would always use it and
I would post it on YouTube. This was also the same time
YouTube was created– 2005. That was also when I
created Wassabi productions. I didn’t think much
of it back then, but I’m so glad I made it. Then high school came
along, and that’s really when I started
figuring out who I was. I remember my friend invited me
to this Catholic retreat called Couples for Christ
Youth, so I went. And to be honest, hands down
one of the best decisions I have ever made. I made a lot of
lifelong friends there who are like brothers
and sisters to me now. And being in that
community, it really truly helped me figure out my faith,
myself, and it fixed me up. With old friends gone
and new friends made, I’ve never been
happier in my life. I’ve gotten closer with
my siblings, my parents, and it was just so awesome. After I graduated high
school, I honestly did not know what
I wanted to do. So I went to community
college and tried taking nursing classes. It turns out nursing
is not my thing, so I transferred to North
Carolina State University to pursue computer engineering. College was hard. I remember sleeping in
libraries multiple times, because I was up
all night studying for some electrical
circuit exam or whatever. It wasn’t until I posted
a video on YouTube called “Call Me Maybe Parody,”
when that video went viral, I saw a change in
perspective in my future. I figured I would just
focus on YouTube, because I was already good at it. So I changed my major
to film studies. And guess what? I graduated. I don’t know how, but I did. Plus, I did it for my mom,
because her dream is for all her kids to graduate college. So I did it, Mom. I don’t know how. I moved straight to Los
Angeles right after college to see what I could do
with this YouTube career. And Los Angeles really
taught me a lot. Remember when I said
being uncomfortable is what helps people grow? That’s what L.A. did to me. It really solidified what
I truly wanted in life. Well, honestly, I still
don’t know what I want, which is the greatest part. I left Wassabi productions
to create my own project called Guava Juice. Not sure where it’s going to go. But I know with
constant hard work it’ll go somewhere eventually. Being successful doesn’t
mean having the most money or owning a nice car or house. I just believe it means being
truly happy with yourself and doing your best to
inspire those around you. Honestly, if it wasn’t
for everyone watching, I wouldn’t even
be here right now. So I really want to thank
everyone for supporting me through my journey. If you’re new to my
journey, welcome. I can’t wait to share what
I have in store for you. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed
this Animate My Life. Stay humble. Remember you are amazing,
and I’ll see you guys later. Bye

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