honey don’t start to work in my name is
holy Victoria I’m not eating I’m from Wakefield how many were accepted because
every like good I really sitting properly anywhere but I know the place I
will really fit just on stairs just thinking my passions what I love to do
or not can do it good to me image is really really important
so even if it’s just to answer daughter tick with anything it takes at least few
hours to get me there I think I am definite judges and look for photos no
one out there like me I act like a staff sing like a star I dance like a star I
dressed like a star I’m the recipe for the star
because I don’t want to be a person that lives and dies and they’re not saying I
know I want to know you out even after I’m dead and gone I’m still gonna be
remembered I’m gonna below them to just the way a big time today hello what’s your name
Chloe Victoria and Chloe where are you from from it leads Wakefield okay Chloe
how old are you I’m 19 19 Chloe why are you here today I’m here today because I
just want to blow away okay and Chloe what are your hobbies
too much partying really what kind of partying
anybody I figure and what artists in the world would you like to be as famous as
well I like that Beyonce Shakira and like Tupac vows I can’t leave him who Chloe have you had any experience
singing at all no no right what how have you put me how have you prepared for
this audition how are prepared yeah just sim was always just singing every
chance I get anything I’m doing I’m singing it even when I’m talking half
the time I’m singing okay and are you working at all play at night minute no
but mostly when I’m a pop star then I’ll be all right what’s your cell choice and yeah I
actually want to sing Hampton our summertime yeah but can I sing it
without a backing track please get you one
it’s alright yeah good luck well dust out how whatever you want hush little baby don’t you personal
little baby down you push a little baby don’t you cry don’t you don’t you crash
sorry I want to hear something else what else you got no is there anything else
you like to sing you said you’re always singing and yeah but my sights met me on
thumbs up for that and I don’t know I do well crowd just things you carry one
okay okay she would be a total nightmare my I’ve been practicing about it this is
last minute okay no honestly I’ve let myself down now yep I honestly can’t
sing it’s just not working I was just now working it because you you’re
totally unprepared for the audition I know but honestly I know I’m right I
don’t even want to being upset I would’ve been at Skillshare but I’m
going for a lot of things they have this former boyfriend six years what do you think Zoey I don’t know if
you’ve convinced me that you really care about this so much that you really want
it no yeah I’ll kind of thing yeah and over song about music you know is there
it’s more there’s such know what please that please let me sing another song
brassy or anything I can’t sing Bob Tuschman more times yeah yeah my forums
I’m so nervous that’s what let me say you can’t accuse me of all the things
you know that you are guilty yeah and I see that it is easy for you to blame
everything on me if that’s the case Nicole what do you think Chloe I just
want to say first of all I think you’re a beautiful girl and with your age and
everything I think you know I would like to see just maybe a little bit more you
underneath all of this sorry listen we’re going to blows and I’m
gonna start it off and I am going to say no I can’t sing we shut up a second I just it’s hard because I believe in you okay
and today I just I was not impressed and I just it’s really hard I kind of like
feel just oh come on Nicole please I swear gonna
boil it down I’m gonna give you a shot and I think for whatever reason Chloe and I
don’t think you can blame anyone else I think you’ve absolutely screwed things
up because for whatever reason she’s got to this place she’s come here it season
she’s done this all wrong but I actually think that is something there I believe
it well I do I don’t hear anything I think
there’s something there so Chloe I’m gonna give you a yes – yet we will not run from ruining I thought
fluid was one coming back why don’t get it you got three that’s a
great thing listen you got this is a good thing you got through I know mother
Simon Says he seems so much well I’ve ruined hello who we got here then gem oh yeah
Maria and what’s it called triple shabu guys what’s the message you would like
to spread if you want not all teenagers are the same because nowadays teenagers
are getting drugs and we want to show them that okay with you I’ll always
there because when the sunshine will shine together either that was a racket but that’s time
to renew you need to get off your high horse and stop talking rubbish am
because rude to serve use the seriously telling me how abominable no sleep no sleep and what would it mean
to you to win X Factor so you can put into it the world – that a bit to my swag on me no
attention to them haters because no work mom that we’re doing nothing wrong but
don’t tell me nothing I’m gonna try have a cookie the party jumping so well okay I’m curious to see where to Lisa’s
been okay girls I’m just gonna put it as burnt as possible to you I think all the
energy and all the dance moves is to cover up the fact that none of you can
really sing it’s a bit rich coming from you but that’s right imagine say one name coming
from a female group that always talks about how women should come together and
they shouldn’t be bitchy towards one another I understand that you have an
opinion but at the same time you came here for us to judge you and there was
no reason for you to come back it like that and I can understand I can tell
these two don’t appreciate the fact that you did that because what if you just
messed up their chances for an opportunity I think we should just so
I’m gonna start with Gary no Talese isn’t really announced her being bitchy and you know how I’m
gonna be the same back that’s just one of the things
Sariah just a learning curve we’re still young and maybe next time we just keep
biter tones how are we really really nervous what
your hands a believer or something with a good athlete at least of I’m Abby and
I’m Lisa hammer where are me and Lisa we’re both really loud and bubbly and we
kind of like just like to put our music on and jump around and just go Willy
phoned up the do and is so funny they like majorly world realize it together
every day I sit at her house for the whole of this week how cool is that
where everything I feed my voice is like I think hands are slower than mine in my
entire I mean me and Lisa Wallace I’m really really bad right I don’t want to
mess up for her and she don’t want to mess up for me good luck thank you we
just like one and if the dream which want to get on the stage be on our show
our personalities and then hopefully the judges will like it and we don’t really
want to do it never really because it means everything too hello hi welcome he was saying you were
a fairly anyway sorry Murray yeah yeah Louie and I said you can old man sorry what do you mean you know let’s go back
to these two what are your names Abby Lisa okay and how old you both
eighteen seventy right are you sisters best friends best friends but you either
friends or sisters okay and why did you decide to do this
because I don’t know it’s just like tonight is just about ready stop
laughing at me oh my god yeah yeah basically we kinda just randomly
sing with each other and we just like one and I don’t know prove people that
we can like come back coming back okay so we’ve had our first tantrum
right we’ve got everything worked out yeah what are you going to sing shame or
right you can agree on that can you yeah good yeah where’s the music ready boss go ahead P no where I come from you know my story no more was reaching far sorry finally bought it through I’m not kidding that’s my basically at the end of the day we don’t
care what you guys say we just came up yeah right at the end of the day yeah
obviously we care what you think but she’s just being a bit over the top can
I be honest with you two you have the worst attitude of any
contestants I have ever met on any of these shows seriously Roos like when you’re up here
yeah and now they’re like yeah yep but Lisa you did tell them to shut
up before you even started to say singing was not great girls so with cutting separate can you pass on for me is for nose
thanks for watching

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “ANGRY TEEN AUDITIONS…Don’t Mess With These Kids!”

  1. Is it just me or is it really annoying that Abby isn’t facing the audience and doesn’t notice she’s the wrong way 😖

  2. “I’m Abby”
    “I’m Lisa”
    “And together we’re Abby and Lisa.”

    𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐬𝐚𝐲

  3. Good singer: I can’t sing I think I am not that good.
    Bad singer: I will win this with out even trying to sing i am a star

  4. The first girl had a pretty good singing voice (in my opinion) and she didn't seem to get that angry. Why is she on this video? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. I think that the first girl (Chloe) came off like she had a lot of confidence in all the wrong things, but I also think there is more to her than what we saw. Perhaps she has not matured well enough and would be beautiful without all that makeup. Towards the end of her song when we saw her plead for a chance I saw a bit of humility because she did admit that she messed up and rubbed the judges the wrong way, that takes a lot, especially in front of so many people. She was not bratty, she took in the opinions of what others had to say where others on this very show react badly to it. I don't think she should be in the ANGRY TEEN AUDITIONS because there is nothing in this clip of her showing that emotion. In life I truly do wish that things go well for her. She means well, that is what counts to me.

  6. First act : Her singing was decent but her eyelashes 👀👀👀
    Second act : No energy trio
    Third act : The girl who screws up the whole singing
    Fourth act : Mrs Chattys

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  11. Chloe wasn’t that bad honestly, she just needs to figure out her voice and range. And a little practice with a professional.

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