The headlines of your life so we know a little bit more about you before we start sure so obviously I have a disability I think the technical term for it is being very handsome Where would you like to be? Do you want to see yourself as the Turing Act TV or Vedas when I was growing up there was nobody that look like me On television, so I kind of want to be the first one that’s doing all that I want people to be able to look at what I’m doing Right well, good luck. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you So I love being a stand-up comedian this is what I always wanted to do I have had other jobs in the past though I used to juggle chainsaws It went well for a while I had to get out couldn’t take the politics is what it was The other thing I wanted to be was a pro wrestler That’s the absolute truth. I had a name picked out and everything. I was gonna be the cripple threat That was Well, that was clever, but people will ask me dumb questions all the time. I’ll get this one a lot They’ll be like hey Ryan, is that genetic? Yes, because you see my mom was Irish and my dad was a lobster Kids are the worst though. All kids are the absolute worst though because kids don’t have that filter, you know If the kid says you’re ugly. You’re ugly. All right deal with that buy a hat I don’t know what to tell you I had this 8 year old girl recently come up to me And if you ever feeling pretty good about yourself, but an eight-year-old girl verbally kicked you in the nuts. That’ll fix that for you But this little girl after she saw me and after she screamed that screamed it was big scream Which sidenote has led me to a new game that I play? Now when I’m out in public and I see a child staring at my arms I like to pretend that I’m discovering them for the first time, too And that’s why I’m not a lot of Toys R Us anymore Thank you so much I Think you are amazing I’m just curious why have you not had to break you’re looking for yet? I think part of it is having a disability like this It’s really hard to kind of break through without people thinking you’re a novelty act. I’ve had the Booker tell me Oh, I don’t think this is what we like this isn’t what the people want here. So he’s the one with the disability. No you You are real you are authentic you are funny you are a star there is a room that you should not be allowed to play And I believe that you should be in the finals here. I love you You’re freaking funny and I just want more Your brilliance Literally everything about you just screams. I am awesome. I am funny Yes I actually know how many people are in this theater. So you have 4104 yeses How are you good to see you again you blew us away on champions who’s gonna be performing We are a dance group from Ukraine. We all saw a light bounce on America’s Got Talent For me it was magic and I was like, I wanna do that I’m Makita and two years ago. I was here on America’s Got Talent as a part of life balance That changed our lives But to life in Ukraine is still hard there is a lot of work and a lot of conflict and Our children are suffering Many have lost their homes and have been separated from their families But even in the darkest moments you can find life And so I decided to create life balance kids. I want to give the next generation of dancers Hope we’re so excited that we’ve got this chance winning America’s Got Talent would mean to us that Any dream can really come true Hello Who are you we are like bounce kids wait a second the like balance that we know from America’s Got Talent Yeah I love like balance if you remember I mean so like balance is one of my favorite acts of all time on America’s Got Talent I can’t wait to see with the light balance kids are about to do light up our stage Was she adorable there’s nothing cute Ready for takeoff What are you gonna do today? We are going to perform a very dangerous soul in coconuts this I did see coconuts I see a lot of things on the stage is your your act is very dangerous. Yes This act requires faith focus and calm mind This is the world’s number one show so we are very much excited to get this chance My goodness you are enormous now, look I have a size 14 put This is a size 20 foot. Look at that. Wow. I’m just a baby Look at that I’ve never seen a man She taller you I’m seven six Wow seven six great to meet you. What’s your name? My name is Kenji and this is My name is Cole get Married to people we are from India Heal cancer group, okay Okay, how did you meet He came to me and asked that he need a manager for his group. I said why not? Oh He wears the pants in this group He’s a policeman the tallest policeman in the world He met him on the road we mean on a road on the road So what were you doing one day he was walking on the road. He met him while he was performing his duty Okay, that’s trying to find out Okay, well I don’t think we should ask any more questions I can see coconuts and melons That’s enough for me thank you he said I don’t know what they’re about to do But please do not try whatever you see at home What is that So he can’t even try to please it will burn And a bag I’m now terrified The moment you knew you belong right here on America’s Got Tung I Think the moment I started talking. Yeah. Yeah Man, I guess no pressure My name is Joseph Allen, I’m 21 years old from Texas and I’m a singer/songwriter Okay, yeah, yeah like I’m about to look like a punk in front of 15 million people When I was two my parents they divorced My mom remarried my dad remarried I grew up in a blended family. That was the youngest out of 12 of us my mom my dad my stepmom my stepdad every single one of them played a serious role and in my upbringing When I told my dad I was gonna be on America’s Got Talent my dad cried He’s always known that I’ve had this thing of just like Saying something and then accomplishing it when I was younger when I said I’m gonna be a motocross racer I just started training watching YouTube videos and like breaking bones. And before I knew it I was winning races and beating guys who have been racing forever And it’s the same with the music I wrote a song for my mom and I recorded a video of me singing the song and then I posted it on Facebook and then people started sharing it like crazy Still gonna be your baby boy. I Taught myself how to produce how to mix music how to engineer now I’m here I Love you guys, man And we love you back. And when I’m done on the stage, I want to be able to look at them and say yeah I made them proud Go out there Joseph and make a make a deal with you really quick. Yes, I get to go to buzzer You gotta come out there and pick me up. Oh, I got it. I promise you there. All right Well, I will throw you across the state Welcome what’s your name? My name is Joseph Allen. Tell us about yourself I go to school out in Phoenix, Arizona And how old are you I’m 21, what are you gonna do here for us tonight? I’m gonna I’m gonna perform a song I wrote for you guys Oh an original original. Yeah. Yeah an original song. Yes And why did you decide to enter the show this year I see myself as being someone who can make a major impact in the world And I just want to see how much of a footprint I could leave on earth before I leave Yeah, you gotta let us see it now good luck thank you this is serious I don’t know I don’t know In life, it’s common though. Take your shot But tell you when it’s time to move ask yourself what you got to lose When it storms It falls on dogs, but was this same? Laughter today. Hey the world’s gonna know my me Everybody backstage, please don’t be scared. Coz up close Simon looks just like the teddy bear a couple steps up off the stage I’m trying to birthday with JJ and now This stage here at AGT dreams do come true. You can take it Test drive determination in my eyes. If they don’t say that our tarp. It is trust me. They like make the cross say Oh Pushing the limits not about pushing papers. Do you fill me America can’t you hear me this young man’s out here chasing dreams I hope you see that clear Make it now before I’m out of time We’ll tell you when it’s time to move But after today the world’s gonna know Right now I just feel blessed man, I feel blessed. This is crazy than I thought Is your family here tonight. Yeah. Yeah, they’re right That’s a big family I grew up in a blended family But they all played a major part in me growing up and I just want to thank all you guys you guys raised the dreamer Man, and we’re doing it Dreams come true on this date, and I’m I think we’re seeing your dream come true There’s a new generation with Millennials and like putting out there what is good in this world and I believe you are so good You know, you’ve got best reaction for doing nothing We’ve ever had on the show like you’ve got a standing ovation before we even perform I’m thinking am I like one step behind here and I sit really serious or not and I tell you what the whole world should go to your school right now, seriously You’ve got amazing energy. I’ve got to tell you. Thank you, sir And I like your voice as well If you’ve got a great tone, I might not be the best singer in the world, but man I love to prepare I love you. I love you. Hello, Joseph first impressions Tamir everything but watch an erection you got before you even started Like I said was astonishing that was an amazing audition. I love you. Thank you. Thank you From the moment you walked out your smile is electric You know and you walked up with such exuberance and such and and that’s what life is You know life is a series of moments people at home are talking about this moment You’re wonderful, this is a great moment. I’m so happy to be a small part of it. Yes, sir Can be happier for you man up to some planet I can fuck her. I gotta tell you know you happy I’m Nicolas Wallace and tonight I will be attempting to contact the other side Now do you believe in ghosts? So when was the first time you knew you had this talent People have stories in history But also things have a story in history even as a kid Being an old house or an antique shop. I would feel a connection to these things and and the stories behind them Where someone might just see a fork? I might see someone’s last meal Why is there an creepy chair with the sheet on it? Oh my god That is that okay Today, I’ve brought an item. That’s very special to me and Tonight I’m going to bring the judges into close contact with the other side Good evening. Hello. All right. What is your name? My name is nicholas wallace and what do you do? I dabble in the strange and unusual So are we about to be frightened perhaps All right. Well dabble for us I will thank you Most people believe that the Quinte hotel was haunted but they were wrong it wasn’t the hotel. It was an inconspicuous piece of furniture Was an old rocking chair No one paid any attention to it until an elderly guest was found dead in the chair It was soon after that the happenings began guests reported hearing whispers the pitter-patter of feet running across the floor and more death Now the death was always ordinary their heart attacks or strokes or car crashes But they always happen to those who stayed in the room with the chair The Quinte Hotel burnt to the ground a few years ago And this chair is one of the few things salvaged from the fire and now belongs to me so Who wants to have a seat? Gabrielle, would you like to join me? Hi Gabrielle, hey Nick pleasure to meet you have a seat Right the way backs it right back there perfect sit right back on the tray like that Hold your arms up like this take a deep breath in and out. Just your arms. They’re perfect. Just listen to my instructions You’ll be fine So these strange happenings were always reported in the dark So I’m going to create a little darkness for you. We’re gonna blindfold you Okay Take your head forward a little bit I’ve also brought with me tonight an old doll found in a different part of the hotel and this doll and this chair seemed to have some sort of connection So Gabrielle just leave your hands where they are for a moment to be still right now I just want you to be aware of this sensation right here. I want you to remember this feeling The next time you have this feeling you’re going to very slowly raise your right arm into the air And when you feel the sensation return very slowly let your arms sink back down Be very very honest to raise your hand if you can feel this hand back down Raise your hand if you can feel this And back down I’m gonna do this one last time this time Gabrielle. I want you to raise your hand the instant you feel something touch you I’m not gonna speak now until it happens Hand back down Every I’m gonna let you stand up turn right up I Literally do not know how that happened Before you even came out and I saw the setup as like there is gonna be some ghost stuff Happening and then she sat in the chair and I got nervous for you and then the doll came out I Don’t know what that was those magic that was death. I don’t know what it was, but it Happened obviously I’m not making any sense right now. No, it’s just confusion. Whoa a Ghoul If I was to say you’re creepy that is the best compliment I could give you Really creepy really weird. You’ve got possessed by a doll Let me hear your comments I got touch Thanks That’s that I mean I don’t I can put the blindfold on and it felt like I got touch I don’t know You are amazing. I love your presentation. It was hunting and we should vote because I’m scared too I kind of want you to get out of here and take the chair with you So I’m gonna vote yes because I want you to be happy with it Yes, I loved it so it’s three yeses. Congratulations Oh guys how you doing and what is it do we are gonna do a high kick routine? Oh wait. Now you do understand that Gabrielle Union from bring it on I’m Abbi, I’m Molly. I’m Jezza and I’m makenzie and we are a part of the Emerald Belles drill team We’re all high school students and we are ages 14 to 18. I’m so nervous that my eyelashes are gonna fall off tonight No, see we perform high-kicking. It’s a dying art form We used to record America’s Got Talent and watch on Saturday mornings. Me and my sister. It’s unreal to actually be here So, who are you please we are the Emerald those dance team we’re actually from South Lake, Texas, which is a small town We’ll be doing a high kick routine for you, do you really believe that you can win? I think we for sure I’ve got what it takes really Okay, great, good luck It already looks interpretive and I guess Okay, I’m sure I’m not the only one that is thinking that this kind of is reminiscent of a movie I was in one You know, I would have told you guys you better bring it but you brought it The fact that you were completely in sync you were cohesive and collectively beautiful When you said that you were gonna do high-kicking in my mind It’s like what the Rockettes do I’m gonna be totally honest with you I didn’t feel like it was even close to the level of what I have watched there You’re saying Howie but you know thinking about what you did say, which is that there is one reference point right now Which is the Rockettes Roush tells me Someone new needs to take their place How are you still no, I think they need to work harder I know they have potential I’m gonna start with a No – booing loud enough The answer me, yeah It’s 3 s’s What is g-force me so G stands for girl and force is what happens when we come together Listen, I feel the power. I feel the power. It’s like oh my god you guys We all grew up like taking dance lessons and music class and One day we all met each other became like super best friends. So this is ng CIL calming it down and we’ll show them what we do. Okay, Waterfall It works so well You guys ready to do Americans Here comes trouble Am I right Yeah Okay, what’s the name of the group I need your names and ages starting with you, please I’m Sienna and I’m 12 years old Okay, I’m Michaela and I’m 12 years old. I’m Eva and I’m 11 years old. I’m Sarah and I’m 12 years old I’m Holly in r10. I’m Howie and I’m 63 Trust me every group or panel has a diva What are you gonna sing we’re gonna sing an original song what’s this all about? Isabel going to the top together and not letting anyone push you down We just go You are all female empowerment divas Message that you’re giving to young girls young boys out. There is that you’re never too young to dream big exactly What do you think I’ve got an 11 year old in our house and I have a very Strong suspicion that we will be hearing this songs in the carpool lane You guys are absolutely like rock stars I can definitely hear this song on Radio Disney, okay You’re so emotional what are you thinking like you have a whole crowd cheering for you? And it just feel so speechless? So have you not worked in front of an audience like this before Well, you know you entertained us you made me feel like a little girl again The only thing I would say is this is all about being authentic You know, you’re very cute Very ambitious audience like you the group your age should be having fun and telling us we should be learning from you Not the other way around Okay, we’re gonna vote shall we yes You’ve got four yeses How are you I’m great. Thank you. Nice to see you. Nice to be seen it is What is your name? My name is Adeline Bates. I’m from Arizona What is your job in Arizona For a number of years. I was a vocal coach and now I’m a writer So let me ask you something. Why now? Are you coming back – singing what was going on? When I was a teenager I was in a group with my sister and a couple of other young ladies and after that group broke up I never had the confidence to be on stage by myself And then I had children and they had to come first Wow priority Burner and it’s about me well break a leg That is unbelievable, I actually have to go and get ready Oh So I shall return. Thank you Yes, you did yes you did It’s going on now hello, it’s taking a while come on That’s My Like us all of love That clings to me all the owner To you People So long then Gonna burn in every way Oh Wow Simon is standing ovations. I love being surprised and Julie answered Its it am I supposed to laugh or is it good nice? It is both it’s funny, but This so fun entertaining and what we’re looking for in this day and age is to to feel good And that’s what it’s meant to do your rad Gabrielle At 63 she came out here on this stage and did not one but two performances I Love that this is what your me time looks like Way to go This was so unexpected in such a surprise, and you do have great range you’re unique. So, thank you Adorable the most amazing energy as much as you had a good time. We had a good time. I Want to say to both of you as a yes Are unforgettable, it’s a yes. Thank you And you know what I hope you two stay together for years and years the comments afford yet Hey, we can see who you gonna be back Last name is the Miss OD and it’s the name of our act also as the Mesabi brothers Did you guys just get out of the shower Were you guys probably we were all three born in Australia Ladies like these guys So how did you guys get into performing without father? He taught us? We all have been a part of it’s like a family Thank you Already into it As a child you would wait and watch for fire But you are with new that you be born the work while they all play you We’ll be I mean we look for the wow factor you delivered the whole So talented so so so talented The minute you walked on you have this star presence about you and You tick every single box. I am so excited that you came on this show I actually work with my siblings a lot and there’s something really special when you can do what you love with the people that you Love it was unbelievable. You guys nailed it First of all Amazing strength this show is about variety. I’m always excited when I see something that I haven’t seen before you did an amazing job Thank you I would love to be the first person to say yes You say there’s also like a dream quest come true because we love teddy I want to know what the dad looks like right? You haven’t seen enough I Don’t hi. Hi, welcome to America’s Got Talent. What is your name? I’m Jonathan burns. And where are you from? I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I saw how you arrived. You’re are you considered carrion? It is it is cheaper that way yes, yeah What’s the dream for you to do this and to travel around and and crawl out a luggage? Okay, so be believe this is worth a million dollars. I would say so yeah, I’d love it. All right Well, I cannot wait to see it best of luck young man. Okay? I’m Benny company shiver I’m Benicio Bryant. I’m 14 years old and I’m a singer Literally no one in my family has any a musical background or ability? So I never in a million years, you know thought that I would be here on America’s Got Talent Are you excited to be performing for the huge crowd in the jetty my gosh? I’m like kind of nervous, you know, like he just get that like jitters. I’m just like oh, I can’t believe I’m doing this My issue is that was safe Particularly singer today, you’ve got to do something. We haven’t normally heard before I’ve heard this a million times I’m nervous about Simon just because I know that you know, he will say anything When he decided he wanted to do America’s Got Talent, I was like, oh my god, can I handle Simon if he’s gonna be mean? Still think you’re singing in the wrong key Simon’s like responsible for a lot of famous people’s careers. He’s a big deal and what if he doesn’t like me My biggest dream is to just make my parents proud and perform for the world Do you get to perform a lot? Yeah. Oh, yeah, just like around, you know coffee shop specific. Well, this is way bigger, so You are about to go out there right now. Go do your best Benny. I’m with you man. Thank you Hi, hey, what’s your name? My name’s Benicio Brian How old are you? I’m 14. Are you singing for us? Yeah, I’ll be singing and what got you into music? My dad, I guess when he was like he turned 40 he was like, you know what? I think I’m gonna be a rock star. We were all like looking at him like okay. Yeah sure. So then I’ve just been you know singing ever since I was like two amazing. Well, why did you come on a GT? I’ve been watching this show for so long and I wanted to come here so that I could share my music with the world and I just I’m so excited. Oh We’re excited too. Are you ready? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Let’s do it You feeling nervous aren’t you boy – five votes Little boy rooster Don’t never let them steal your charm Can your gentle way to keep it running why They can kick down your face dress it down and tell you that your places Behave They care Little scary I’ve been to the moon Yeah You

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