– I don’t know anything about cricket. – There’s no real crickets in it. (“Four Seasons – Spring”) – The bat is called a wicket. – The wicket’s the ball I believe. – When I think about cricket I think about the outfits that they’re wearing. Shorts and like a jacket or
something. It seems very proper. – So I guess there’s a lot of different accessories for your cricket outfit. The entire time that we have
been talking about cricket I’ve been envisioning croquet. – It’s like squash had
a baby with baseball. – So green is Pakistan, blue is India. – There’s someone wearing blue,
there’s someone wearing red and there’s someone wearing black and I think only two teams playing. – There’s a cowboy on the field. – Is that a Mountie? – That must be the ref. – He looks like a Canadian Mountie. – He’s definitely not called
an umpire, I know that. – Home run! I think. – What are the bars in the middle? – That’s a sign. That’s a sign. This means something. – I’m not really sure where the bases are. Still have no clue how
they acquire points. – It’s like there are no outfielders. So maybe the goal is
not to catch the ball. – He’s trying to hit the
ball along the ground. Well then, why were they so excited before when they went far away? – I have no idea what’s going on here. This is very confusing. – Where are they trying to get the ball? It feels like it can go anywhere. – He said that was a lovely shot. It rolled towards a line that looked like a
warning track in baseball. – I know less now about cricket than I knew before we watched it. – I think it looks dope. – I don’t even know how
many rounds there are. Like how many points you need to win. – We didn’t even know
what they were doing. – I’m definitely not going
to look out for it on ESPN. – Any sport with cowboys
could probably easily become second nature to me eventually.

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Dennis Veasley

22 thoughts on “Americans Watch Cricket For The First Time”

  1. A cricket viewer can talk one look at the score and tell you whether the team is winning or losing, and what would be the % likeliness of a win. There are many many variables and it requires experience to do that. A person who doesn't know cricket would have no idea.

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