do you think americans should embrace
cricket as a sport no why not well what’s there to embrace its like I don’t understand what
they what they’re doing they wear white and it’s a very clean sport but why
does it take days to play one game I must have been invented by the
breweries because it’s the only game that you can consumer as much alcohol over
five days and then at the end it’s a draw and everyone leaves happy it’s a
fun game a lot of our guys are familiar with baseball which is a bat the ball
and hitting so there are some familiarities with cricket but not a lot
because the bat is totally different the ball is totally different there is no bases but there’s a
wicket and there is throwing and catching so it’s a lot of fun have you watched any of the ashes the what I’m not joking I just learned what the ashes mean oh what does it mean it’s some competition and do you know why it’s called the ashes no I have
no idea have you ever played cricket your self I did and then I stopped immediately and a reason why is I didn’t
realize the ball whatever you call it was as hard it was almost broke my fingers
I stopped yeah Iactually randomly played when I was in junior high school our physical education teacher took an interest
in cricket and that it would be a fun thing for us to learn and so we played
against each other and got to know kind of the basic rules I loved it but then I recently went to a
cricket match in London and I didn’t quite remember all the rules and I didn’t remember
it being so complicated when I played in junior high school then you run for
innings and it’s really really long game when American start seeing a very heavy
ball flying at high speed down a you call it the wicket right and there you see a bouncing
off when you see the slow mo of a you don’t call it a bat you call it uhhh what do you call that thing we call it a bat you call it a bat as well ok so you see a slow mo that thing bouncing off
the bat then you see the slow mo the guy diving down dressed up in that nice
outfit to try and catch that ball in their bare hands something like that attracts us because while on the
surface level cricket doesn’t seem like much to Americans when we start seeing on
that very up close ground level you realize okay this is a serious sport this is

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Americans on Cricket”

  1. The one looking like a nerd seemed to be the stupidest, but others gave good competition to her. Golf takes hours & days as well but they're good at it so they like it & that's why they don't realise it, 80 mins of nfl takes hours & they wear weird paddings, compare it to rugby which is also 80 mins of play & ends in 2 hrs & they don't wear weird pads, americans would still not notice the weirdness of nfl as they enjoy it. There's also all whites in 'Wimbledon' as well (as a tradition just like Test Cricket, both being English, though Test Cricket isn't just English anymore), but they clearly haven't noticed it. They only notice the all whites in Cricket (which on international level is only in Test Cricket, but they obviously haven't even seen a glimpse of limited overs Cricket where they wear colourful uniforms like any sport), but they don't see americans or anyone else for that matter playing in 'Wimbledon' which they enjoy watching just not careful enough. Tour de France, just days of cycling & americans love that too, just because they can win in these sports. They hated Football & now with regular World Cup appearances they love it, even if they still don't know the name of the game. This is classic american ignorance, despite in a Cricketing nation they have absolutely no clue what it is, they even payed for a Cricket stadium in Kabul (may be the ones in Afghanistan are not as stupid as most in this video are & have an awareness/knowledge about the culture of the country they're working in).
    But I've to concede one thing, some americans do get it & that's why even grow to like it (like the last one in this video who may not be a fan, but at least has seen enough to notice the bare handed Fielding), some even love it almost as much as a regular fan lamenting the absence of their country from top tournaments (in a recent icc americas tournament at indy sports park, several americans traveled from far away to watch a regional icc tournament that may be even icc doesn't care about). Many of them first encountered Cricket on their stay in Europe (for either to study, business trip or just a vacation, not necessarily in England always, some even saw Ashes in Paris, France or the Netherlands, etc. or some other Cricketing nation elsewhere. I read once an american who played Cricket for yrs went to The Oval for Ashes to watch his icon Alec Stewart bat whom he used to watch on repeats of Test matches on bbc & video tape them to pass around, on that day he'd just flown in from Italy where he was apparently stationed in the usaf & immediately went to The Oval, but reached a few mins after his favourite Batsman got out which got him upset). So these people actually work in London, England, but know nothing about Cricket, may be they never go outside as people there speak a foreign language called English.

  2. these idiots all know about 5 day cricket but how come they had not even heard about one day international match or 20-20 when it is the MORE POPULAR AND GETS MORE PUBLICITY , they must be faking to make fun about it .

  3. americans think there are the only country in the world i can name teams in baseball and nfl even though I dont like or what them they coudnt even name a state in australia probably so stupid

  4. Stupid americans don't even understand Cricket,so how they dare to talk about terrorism or to criticize the religion of Islam ?

  5. Americans' perception of the game is a 5 day test match…Hell, there's T20, and ODIs…Learn about cricket before even talking about it

  6. Shouldn't have people like that in England especially supposed diplomats. Americans should fuck off and isolate themselves or just accept superior cultures.

  7. I am wondering how the first stupid girl is working in embassy. Whats there to embrace? what a dumb ignorant girl.

  8. It is bit like baseball; the wicket are the bases, you don't have to run, if you score the equivalent of a home run, you stay on the pitch as long as you are not out; to the lady, who played cricket at junior school, the teacher would had simplify the rules; my P.E. teacher did in my high school/ comprehensive school in Wales, Britain.

  9. that lady must be stupid because she dont what cricket is it cannot be be played in the US who u think u r

  10. Why are these dickheads being asked about cricket anyways ? C'mon we all know Americans won't be even able to hold a bat properly in forever.

  11. it is not necessary to know all the sports…like average Indians don't know much about baseball or sumo or any sports not played in the subcontinent.

  12. it's simple they don't know cricket and we don't care about their is no sign of slavery as people say but is a just enjoy which ever game ones like.

  13. Americans do not have the interlect to play cricket or drive in formula one . best you stay with baseball, indie cars, Donald Trump. and stay in your stupid religions like scientology

  14. Really i have no idea about baseball, I thing cricket is so easy as compared to with baseball. That baseball ground and that running system is no idea and how do they produced runs..! .Cricket is very excitement game compared to any other games even football is just they did just defend the ball and kick that inside the net but in cricket each an every ball is gave excitements because the batsman & audience don't know about that next ball bowler going to be where he is pitched the ball and the batsman decide to thing to hit the ball on right directions and the arrogant fieldings lot of stuffs amazing stunt catchings, runnings, sledgings etc..

  15. These Americans who cannot get their simple mind around cricket, how can they be held responsible with world politics? If it wasn't for their overlords, America would have been a shit place!

  16. dear American cricket has 3 diff formats 5 days game that is called Test match One day game with 50 over for each team over have 6 balls that one day game and third format is 20/20 20 over game

  17. that blonde with glasses can't get anymore ignorant than that. she is a disgrace to the others commenting about the game on behalf of the US .. seriously…

  18. I have one question… Why do you have gloves in baseball? Its very soft and you can catch it with your bare hand…

  19. first of all stop showing them test cricket watch t20 instead. second american call football although they play with hand.

  20. "It's a clean game." Not really. They have no idea how hard a cricket ball is and how fast it can travel. As for keeping the whites clean, that's an impossible task unless you are hopeless at fielding and you just stand there chewing hay.

  21. I think these ppl are working with indian ppl. in free time their take this to show indian to blv their sport also famous in usa.

  22. Cricket would have been played by the founding fathers. because they came from the British gentry and probably would have maintained cultural tradditions.

  23. baseball is derived from cricket and it was a sport played in the usa in the 1800's which the US bastardized and has a format which depends on the format of the match and it is 3 1/2 hrs to longer depending on format

  24. Cricket is easy but boring game not alot of skill involved how could anyone miss hitting a ball swinging a plank that might explain why females are playing it these days & showing up the boys lol

  25. I am American and I play cricket I usually Field and bat sometimes I want to be a wicket keeper I don't have the skill to be one though, I would also like to get better at bowling but wouldn't want to be a bowler as a position. I believe most Americans have a very short attention span I don't think they could even handle T20 I think the only form of Cricket Americans could handle is a shortened form that I call T10 which they actually play and it is only 10 overs so 60 bowls for each team and 120 bowls in the whole game so half the time of T20 maybe just a little over a 1 maybe 1:30–1:45 of game time they actually have a community cricket league where they play T10 in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 in the Caribbean I think that is the only form of cricket Americans could ever enjoy. The way you spread the sport is teaching youth how to play create a media and social media presence get news and hype about it and then start to get leagues and make people know about it. T10 is the only chance Cricket has in America.

  26. Cricket is an amazing game and I think that all countries and whatnot should play cricket and make it more competitive on the world scale.  Not saying Baseball is a bad game, as I've played baseball in Australia, it's not my favourite, not by a long shot but it is ok.  I really don't like it when people are trolling about how baseball sucks or how cricket sucks, it's stupid and childish.  If you don't like it fine, no one is putting a gun to your head or anything, everyone is free to have an opinion.  I've seen some Americans have a look at cricket and how it works, and sometimes they don't understand what's happening but they find out about the game and they understand it a little as they go and I would to see America embrace cricket as the game brings everyone together and have a great game, so instead bad mouthing something, look it up, understand it and if you like it cool, it not then that's ok too.

  27. International cricket or a "test series", matches are played over days .
    Cricket nations include

  28. Obviously these Americans have not updated themselves re. the other 2 versions of cricket – ODI i.e. 50 overs limited – played in 7 hrs. And there is the T20 version game done in 3 hrs.

  29. The stupidest thing Americans do is, have baseball teams from the states in America, organize a tournament and call it "world cup" lol stupidity at its best!

  30. Americans shouldn't embrace Cricket because they… don't understand it.

    And they wonder why we think they're stupid?

  31. They should showcase some t20 cricket rather than test cricket to any newbies to cricket because any body watching test for first time feels really slow and wont admire the beaty of it

  32. things americans good at
    1. invading oil countries
    2. giving birth to terrorism.
    things americans bad at
    insert text here

  33. Cricket was the most popular sport in the USA until the civil war. It was only after the war that the juvenile game of rounders was re-cast as baseball. The first EVER international cricket match anywhere was USA vs Canada in 1844, played between 24-26 September at the St George's Cricket Club's ground in Manhattan.  It was intended to be a 2-day game, but the second day was washed out, so play continued on 26th September.  Canada won by 23 runs in what looks to modern eyes like a very low-scoring game.  There were estimated to be 20,000 spectators.  

    The greatest strength of cricket in the USA at the time was in Philadelphia, where there were many teams.  The Philadelphians were recognised as a first class side (that means the level at which they competed) between 1878 and 1913.  They played against touring teams from both England and Australia.  Though not all those matches had first class status, most did.


  34. Cricket is not for everyone,they like football where few dumbfuckery will keep running after a big ball,you don't need any knowledge for it,just keep kicking the fucking ball.

  35. There are 3 formats in cricket….
    In this video people only know about test match format(lasts about 5days)…..
    Pls check on one-day (ODI) format & (T20) 20-20 format too

  36. The guy who said the ball if that's what you call it no we usually call it a square, and the other guy who didn't know if was called a bat. How fucking thick are those two, America's finest there

  37. First mistake is to interview women about men's sports. Second mistake is to interview over educated embassy staffers about sports. The first lady would probably be similarly clueless about hockey or football (American, rugby, or footie). This video only illustrates their incompetence as embassy staff; failure to learn local culture.
    (I'm American and a former army officer, & was posted in Germany.)

  38. The interesting thing about cricket is we can have three different types of result as two for baseball and these result play significant role in long 5 match series

  39. The really frightening thing about this is that these people are supposed to be America’s brightest, staffing the US embassy – says it all.

  40. Cricket and Rugby are Real men's versions of baseball and American Football.

    Infact baseball in the UK is basicly a child's gane called rounders that many of us stop playing around aged 12 lol 😂

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