Frank Giannino. I’d like to share
some news with you about Altra footwear for quite a while we’ve been selling
shoes initially like Brooks, Saucony, all different major brands that have usually
an 8 millimeter offset, traditional fit, and a traditional amount of flex in the
forefoot. And they’ve been awesome. What we’ve done is use this to segue into the
hottest brand in the store which has been Hoka. Hoka features a much thicker
sole. They offer more 25% more cushioning than the nearest competitor. And the
thing about Hoka is they don’t bend so for those as they toe off who experience
plantar fascia pain pulling on the arch, even knee pointers,
and hip pointers as they do their walking and their running, that rocker
design and that sole that inability to bend has been a real positive. Because
it’s on the exit of the forefoot toeing off where a lot of the problems kick up.
But we have found an increasing number of people that no matter what we do with
their Saucony and even with their Hoka as they toe off, they still pitch out, they
fall off the side of the shoe. And we can’t seem to stabilize them until we
have lowered the heel of the shoe. And by lowering the heel of shoe and going to
what we call a zero offset ,we watch them magically stabilize. Especially when they
have a good insert or orthotic in the shoe to complete the fit. So it’s really
been amazing to watch the evolution of our fitting system and how Altra is
playing more and more of an increasing role in delivering the solution people
are looking for in their whole body let alone their foot ankle. So Altra, zero
offset, shape of foot shoes, really good stuff. Come on in try a pair

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