Let it rain! So I did a lot of thinking last night,
and there’s something
I’m pretty excited about. What’s up? Nice. Let it rain!
I feel like I might be ready to move on. You know, get my life back on track. So, I am going to ask
Polly Prince on a date. Oh, that’s a mistake!
She’s not right for you, dude. Rain dance! Hey, you guys
want to play some twos? Actually, we’re kind of
in the middle of a conversation, so…
You douche bags bring your “A” game? What was that? I’m just messing with you,
sasquatch. Let’s get it on. Pick and roll! Pick and roll!
Outlet! Outlet! Rain dance!
Sandy, come on. Sandy! Sandy! Sandy! [Yells]
Sandy! Sandy!
White chocolate! Raindrop! Old school! “T.” “T.” Time-out. I’m burning.
My lungs are burning. Time-out. Time-out.
So why do you think
Polly’s so wrong for me? [Panting] You don’t even know
this girl, Reuben. You haven’t seen her
since seventh grade. How different could she be?
I mean, she was a senior delegate
at the Model U.N. She was in the chess club.
She was a “mathlete.” Her yearbook stats are really impressive.
Did you see the tattoo on her back? Yeah. So what? Mathletes don’t wear body art
like that. ‘Nuff said. Ball in! I really feel like
I ran into Polly for a reason. Really. I mean, I’m sorry
if you don’t agree, Sandy, but I happen to believe
in a little thing called destiny. You guys ready? You know what? You think maybe
you could put your shirt back on? You guys ready to play? Good shot. Good shot. Could I have the ball for a second?
Could I have the ball? Hey, you know what?
Could we switch? I’d rather not, dude. I just found out
how to cover this man right here, okay? Come on, let’s play. [Groans] Ohh!

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Dennis Veasley

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