what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel back with Caleb as oh is that a back joke yeah Wow good pun another word
gonna be a good I’ve done a lot of bullying videos in this channel they’ve
always done really well the weird item bullying challenges and whatnot this is
a bowling shirt yeah this is a both no it’s it’s for juggling but some bowlers
actually wear jerseys like this so uh astute observation thank you very much
we’re back at TCA a home court advantage for Caleb can you call it by his proper
name real quick Trinity nope nope I don’t know what to
say the home that Caleb built okay anyway in a weird item this one’s
gonna be the all sport bowling trickshot battle so a bunch of different kinds of
sports balls equipment are all in the wheel and every single frame we’re gonna
move backwards we’re gonna start on the free-throw line and then move back every
single frame red line half red line opposite three and if you are new here
maybe you haven’t been around in a little while we’ve been doing a little
Olympics of trick shots or sports challenges and the score is I have two
two two one we’ve been doing a different eye different sport every video for the
last couple videos best of five wins it all and the loser
has to go sign up pay and take the SAT and I’m currently losing I think I’ve
got an advantage because I’ve done more of these videos than caleb has and I
really don’t wanna take the SAT so here we go Caleb you’re up first spring out
we are you should just assume I’m waiting for the day that you’re like you
and Caleb first item is a bowling pin I have to hit down pins with a pen yeah
alright here we go but I think anything this close is
pretty easy yeah you know what else is easy why you juggle juggling clubs and not
bowling pins they’re not the same people they’re not the same
let’s see it oh you tricked me out okay stop it
I wasn’t that was not very good you got I’m gonna say four but that’s one you
threw so you just got three oh if this didn’t have a red stripe I would fool
you all nine hey we really have to write down our scores this one yeah we forget
our scores in these videos all of it all the time to go back and watch the
footage it’s a miracle we haven’t messed it up and unless we have recently and
yeah yes it’s in the past don’t call us out on it so I got nine
all right Joshua it’s your turn here we go gotta beat nine let’s see I would
like the basketball or even the volleyball baseball I see it that close
additionally it should be good it is heavy it’s heavy
see ya let’s see that pitch what’d you do you guys do this this is always a bit
I learned to do this my my few years of playing baseball and then I incorporated
it into a little drug line sometimes good get cute sure Josh bring the heat
bowl I got the bullet all right no that’s up to you this is your this is
yours I’m gonna Bowl it because I’m a true gentleman of the sport I’ve got the
jersey on and everything you just dance I wish dad was still cool cuz I would
have hit it hard you know just I’m not gonna I’m not
gonna do it though please no I’m not going I’m gonna don’t we’re going yeah
okay big fan big fan big fan mister that’s
all okay soccer kick nice we are ending this
little challenge with soccer soccer is our last if if I don’t lose I guess yeah
sure if you lose we don’t have to do another that’s true so hopefully we’re
gonna soccer but the funny thing about soccer is that Caleb and I are both
pretty terrible I don’t know if I’ve ever played I mean I probably playing
and I played in middle school I probably played in like elementary school man
third grade Wow oh no I thought I was gonna dominate you in soccer stuff but I
was pretty solid oh you know actually now I do remember they play in the
fourth grade oh yeah I could actually played varsity
high school yeah and I held the league record for most yellow and red cards no
way yeah because the ball kept coming in my face I kept catching it I think you
can’t use your hands I was like you have a ball come with your face and tell me
yeah can you pick up the spare the answer is
that was so bad it looks like I did on purpose alright I got what I said I got
oh you did what oh the comet tail this isn’t really a sport we just found it in
the sports closet here’s I have a baseball on it
yeah it’s half half a baseball okay so that’s what throw it like this uh-huh No
Caleb’s texting right now I’m not texting I’m writing our scores down so
yeah I guess I gotta feel like this you do it however you want to do it Josh wait wait wait hey
we put put the bumpers up on lane three please thank you and if we can get some
slow jams as well that’d be amazing why can I just ask why are you doing it
like that just throw it like a ball what in the world I just couldn’t bear to see
you doing it like that anymore but either you are David and Goliath whoo
it’s close after two rounds did we specify were only doing six six frames
we said to the lines only we said that yeah six six turn that’s now wrong from
the red line so volleyball you have to bump set or spike you can’t just Bowl it
when did we ever make them just like the soccer ball you had to kick it says
soccer kick it doesn’t say volleyball bump set or spike
big difference I’m rolling it that’s true all right all out a little loophole
yeah if I have to do any of those three yeah you’re right you’re right okay go
for it Hey get behind me because I want to see I want y’all see the spin I’m put
on this thing okay a really bad idea I like that spin Kaleb good
old-fashioned American yeah all right seven for Calum
because haven’t yet subscribe we do trickshot challenges like this all the
time but also we do Instagram shadow it’s every single video to someone that
likes and comments on our most recent Instagram posts comment the bowling
emoji on my most recent post and Caleb’s most recent post
he’s Caleb Nash Teamster I’m at juggling Josh and you can win it in scream shout
out like these two people I think I’m gonna win this video Caleb let you know
okay what I guess it’s okay to have false hope cornball bags cornhole bag so
you you’re not gonna get a corn hole as we discovered a couple videos ago so
let’s see if you’re better cornhole bowling is horrible
alright ready when you are alright now feeling the spear right here wait does I
just want to say goodbye thank you it’s right down the middle again I’m just I’m
just so zone you got eight all right guys so the score right now is 24 Bible
ah I’m trying to talk the score is 24 by me and Josh has some other number who
cares it doesn’t really matter cuz I’m gonna win so we’re just gonna do like a
self sting I mean I figured backs I just get started oh you were zoomed in like
crazy was that yep spinners choice I didn’t see but maybe you’re doing some
sort of cheating over here just choose your we’re at half-court now I’ve never
cheat okay never cheat huh whatever name once I’ve cheated this one oh and then she I just I just sort of
clip the blindfolded video oh can he pick up the spare you know what I might
just pass it just show you my AXI of passing ability okay okay you said those
oh I’m gonna self spin here we go you’re right over there still just still
spinning oh no I don’t want to talk about it
kind of yeah I’ll end it on comet tail again and so I kept spinning and then I
landed on tennis which i think is way harder so with this one this means you
have to hit the tennis ball with the tennis racket yep what are you hold on
what is what is happening that is very rude of me I apologize I forgot to get
the ball I don’t see much wrong with it but if you want me to better your
majesty or other sports I heard it got one I
heard it great all right man hey this could be where I jump in the lead room
Atticus not a good time to get it one cuz you just got then you just gonna 9 9
so you need to get at least like a 5 6 7 to stay in the game oh all the way back alright I uh I got got it – all right
here we go hole number 5 white hole you mean frame
that’s yes comment tale here you go and I think according to the rules you
have to do it like this yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna go over here he’s going from
that red line let’s see it okay Oh will you look at me you you slip a little bit here we go come on disc we said disk
it’s not really a frisbee but alright it’s like no – I’m Simon this might be
cool for some trick shot for this watch this is freestyle alright I’m Way down here dan you’re far
away yep one I’m all in the camera what do you want me to do Shane yeah
chain reaction that’s dumb I don’t know slash care just six pins so you know
what that means now opponent sure oh I didn’t oh it doesn’t have a peg there
guys were missing a peg on our thing had there been a peg there would have been
opponents choice I’m also okay with remote control eSports is a sport guys
equality to the gamers out there caleb has to throw the remote control from the
opposite three-point line I don’t know but yeah don’t scratch the floor also I
just kind of realized this is the last frame this is a terrible terrible spin
for you it was on target but too slow not enough energy not enough muscle
first of all don’t ever say I’ll have enough muscle I’ve been here in the gym
everyday everyday for the past two days Caleb whatever you get now determines
whether you win or lose this competition what are you doing oh you’re one of those guys okay you
really showed that one pin whose boss run his mouth hey guys all I need to do
is get two pins on my last pin I hope this is me playing the world’s smallest
violin for Caleb all right I need one point to tie two
points to go to the next video to make it to get the win to go to the soccer
video baseball you gotta strike with the baseball I did go to strike with a
baseball all right let’s see what happens I just I no pressure
there’s a lot of pressure it’s all tied up really a tie I get one from way over
here and I get one so we I’m laughing because every video this is ridiculous
when you one here and there’s one opportunity mom’s sphaghetti here we go yeah so you okay you thought you had me I
just you know what people don’t understand this about me and this is why
I get very overly competitive about everything why I hate losing more than I
like winning yeah and and I I yeah there’s great
great food channel good love all this stuff we’re gonna go to dinner of this
but like I hate with him so now that means we are going into a fifth video
the soccer video so make sure you subscribe and that okay that was gonna
be entertaining because I we’re not gonna stop here yeah um I know I’m not
good I can juggle a soccer ball with my feet I do like soccer dresser you have
probably a head head up on me because maybe your kid was pretty good so it’s
gonna be a close match and whoever loses has to go take the SATs make sure you
subscribe you haven’t yet we love you guys videos every Monday every Wednesday
every Saturday that’s anything else that’s it let’s go to the beach

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