well today I’m gonna play tennis in the sky and I feel pretty excited I’m pretty much afraid of heights so that’s why I don’t know what will be my reaction when I’m gonna be I don’t know how many meters high away from the from the ground well as various places obviously yeah and I hopefully I’m gonna try not least it are you taking the air or I you see a kill hi I don’t know xperia hot chest when you make me do right now is it’s just it’s cool that’s the clothes mr. 70 ok Louisville I cannot lose me yeah you can’t conjure nothing exists them but the wind nah 1010 at all as to traffic on my toes lusti CC you feel bell we can go now Oh what is that k 12 12 yeah 16 either start a full year I’ve definitely won it and then two minutes later on she’s well to me posted I think she was an active is a bit of an actor and she was perfectly fine as soon as soon as we go up in the sky 13 13 13 wanted it to the for the lady that was scared a min ago yeah me too comedy in tennis we have to serve yes I’m san mateo 2 Sister Sister Oh No fired I thought if I’m afraid I’ve never been that high but have a style is just like okay I could work with this and then when it starts huffing in your life no I can’t it’s already to this all that radius I’m not going round yeah we focused actually on the game and focused on making some jokes and trying to relax no I’ve too easy points thank you you’re funny you’re very funny you’re right now thanks to more 0624 said fine Oh much more there’s only one set I’m back that I’ve never used before you know a service that never played on so I mean I kind of like expected that you know oh yeah yeah yeah I’m really ready for you now I’m really ready for you okay let’s do it I feel like a child tonight oh cuz i do the same oh yeah I just let her have it you know yeah for that was the safest way soon as I was up in the sky and not really in control of anything so where ya very nice trophy very prompt

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4 thoughts on “Alizé Cornet and British table tennis champion Darius Knight play Tennis In The Sky (cc subtitles)”

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