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Dennis Veasley

43 thoughts on “Alex Donski – The Transition from Junior to Professional Tennis Player”

  1. He is definitely good enough to get a scholarship to a US university. It's free coaching, a lot of matches and the chance to get a degree too!

  2. great tennis and great videos, realistic and mature men, very interesting channel. only objection if you allow me to say, i think the music volume should be a bit lower when you speak so we can hear you clearly. otherwise perfect!

  3. I'll be following u….good luck…believe and never give up if u want it bad enough…it's all mental now that u have skills..

  4. I dont know What i dont like about him, he just seems smug and a little bit too teenage boy ish. Dont get me wrong i Think he’s dedicated just needs to mature a bit, but so do I

  5. There's a lot to like about Alex. Two things I like, going from the profound to the ridiculous, are (1) he wears a Cross, and (2) he has hot feet. His socked feet look great in this video. Hope to see more of his hot feet, bare and socked, in the videos.

  6. Alex! Im super interested to know what type of training you did those 3 years without a coach. Im on the same path as you now so i would really appreciate if you explained a bit more the things you did. Did you look for training partners? What type of drills did you do? Did you serve a lot? etc.
    Keep at it! I know you will reach the top 100!

  7. Feel like he prob has a horrible attitude and buckled under big pressure. Gotta have a coach at some point to get to the ATP

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