Cricket is number one sport of all land India Everybody ask me how I can be number one cricket star You follow my fourteen steps Number one uniform in cricket is best cricket uniform Let’s begin White pant Hat Sunglass Sanitary Pad Protection Protection Balling is very important Make sure the bad is hard Too wet Too soft Learning different styles bowling Overhand Underhand Double hand No hand No man tits! No! Neck hand I don’t know Slow hand Fast hand, good job! Gun Basketball hand Human hand Wow Ooh yeah! [email protected]#$ing around? Direct hit! Fielding is very important because if you can’t be batsman What else are you going to do? @#$%^, want to sweep? Get lost Batting Everybody wants to be a batsman because having
a bat means you have a big dick There are two types of batsman Right hand batsman And piece of shit There are two types of batsman Sachin Tendulkar And other pieces of shit Pull shot Square cut Vodka shot Attacking shot [email protected]#$ you baseball If a ball hit your ball, you’re out! Out! Anybody question time Will USA ever care about cricket? USA will care about that much cricket that we care about that much football Never What is leg before wicket? Are you Harbhajan Singh? No, I am Rani Mukherjee Why does team have eleven players? Because the twelfth one died Cricket field have rope on boundary. Why? So you can hang yourself because the game is too long man Holy shit five days No, thank you. Let’s play cricket Amazing

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “AIB and Jus Reign : How To Cricket Basics and Training”

  1. This collaboration is the best thing happened to Indian comedy scene ever, need more of this coming in future.

  2. I just love what aib do but not thus one about cricket anyone joking about cricket is just unacceptable for me. The only video i unliked for aib…..

  3. i wantched the video atleast ten times before i realised he was talking bout american football and not the international one.

  4. The comment by JusReign at the end was perfect because the response for this vid is going to be black or white.
    I loved this video and whenever I feel a little bored, I watch it and can't stop laughing. Awesome vid, guys!!!

  5. really strange that some people are assuming that those of us who disliked the video are haters or whatever. some of us thought that it was lame, boring and unimpressive; and probably one of the worst sketches by AIB. there's no rule saying that just because someone/a group is talented, that they'll always make good shit.

  6. Omg I didn't even realise this video could get hate. When I first saw it I thought it was the best one till now. Until today when I saw all these faggot haters. Why would you even dislike this video?!

  7. mostly people are commenting how come the 'dislikers' cant appreciate the humor, and they are literally bashing the ones who didn't like it. Obviously people may not like some kind of humor (Chetan Bhagat is still the highest selling book in India, i guess) which doesn't make 'the others' a superior person, or a person with better aesthetic abilities. maybe the guys who are proving to be super cool by promoting your understanding with this form of production, are really not entitled to be part of this satire, as by force you are trying to change someones mind. anyway great work AIB and its not a Kung Fury remake, its more of 90s Doordarshan tv commercial, and also KUNG FURY IS THE GREATEST MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION!

  8. It's called comedy. Comedy is subjective but I feel Just reign and All India Backhod are underrated despite the success they have earned.

  9. Whats wrong with Indians?
    So many dislikes….
    Disappointed. Anyways, JusReign you are hilarious Man.

  10. How the heck did i not know about this video ?? This is too funny.. I can't control my laughter ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Tagra tha specially double hand ball par poore time ulti seedhi cheezen mat dikhaaya karo like your balls kabhi kabaar chaltaa hain yaar par poore time nahi please

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