You are looking for a small field warmup games which makes extremely fun? Then stay with me – here comes Monkeytennis! Hey, I`m Martin and I`m going to show you Monkeytennis. Monkeytennis is the most popular small-field game at my tenni-lessons, even for young and old players. You play it with 4 players, you can also play with 3 but this is not making that much fun. If you just have 3 players then simply play with them together! Here are the main rules of Monkeytennis: You start with all 4 players at the net. One is rolling a ball over the net… …and one of the opposite side must play the first ball over the net. The player who is hitting the ball right now must play in any red marked area. He is not allowed to hit his own field, else it would be an error. The player in the left front did not hit the ball so he is losing one life. Everbody starts with five lifes. You are also allowed to hit the ball out of the net, when you don`t touch it. In this case the player in red lost a life because he could not reach the ball. The game is going on like this, until one player lost all lifes. After one player has lost all lifes, you can play sudden death to keep the break for the quit player short. In sudden death everybody has one life left. Of course you can other way so that the others keep their lifes. At the end you have a final between the two left players and the winner of the point is the winner of the game. Monkeytennis – a fantastic game for young and old. Did you like this game? Please let me know in the comments. Also don`t forget to follow my channel… …and also have a look into my other videos where you can find a lot of stuff for your tennis lesson. Thanks for watching, yours Martin

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