Okay, in tennis, if you’ve missed your first
serve which happens even to the pros about forty percent of the time and at the amateur
level, more than that, you have to have a good second serve. So, one of the best drills
to work on that; is we serve from near the fence which forces us to hit up on the serve
to generate enough spin to get it over. So, most people at the public court level will
see him serve; their second serve will be like that and you don’t really want to hit
that kind of serve because they’ll attack it. So, what you do; it’s been said, “if you
don’t have a second serve, you don’t have a serve.” So, Gary and I are going to serve
from back here. So, Gary move over there and just so I hit some serves now. So, he’s going
to serve; he’s going to try to serve into the service box. That’s very good Gary. So,
what this does; is it forces you to hit up on the serve to develop the spin so the ball
will go and drop in. So, Gary, hit a couple more and if you look at the pros, they have
a lot of arch on their second serve and it’s from doing drills like this because it forces
you to hit up on the ball. So, if you work on this drill and if you can get the serve
in from back here with a lot of spin, when you finally move up to the service line; I
mean to the base line and do it in a real game, your serve will be pretty reliable.

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Dennis Veasley

13 thoughts on “Advanced Tennis Serves : Working on a Second Serve in Tennis”

  1. doesnt matter what kinda spin you have on your seccond serves.. aslong as you have alot. whatever you are comfortable, most ppl do sidespin though

  2. yeah i've realized that since i posted that comment… now i usually kick my seccond serves, it really is much better, but you should throw in some slices sometimes to throw the opponent off… you cant kick it every time or else they will get used to it

  3. thats very gary:)))))
    that s funny
    More body rotaton gary
    Your shulder is very low,your elbow must be straight with your racket when your hit the ball,coupel of mistake still too….,you need a better coach gary

  4. more is see this.

    peopel see this one!
    the titel
    serve like e federer, your gone not serve like federer but much better, pro video

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