Okay, now to continue where we were: When
you toss the ball, now I’m on the deuce side. So, let’s say I want to hit a serve out wide
to my opponent’s forehand and that’s called a slice serve. I most like am going to toss
the ball more to my right so I can hit the ball on the side and slice it. Now that’s
more of a tosp and toss and this is a slice. So, that way I pull my opponent out wide.
It’s not going to be as powerful of a serve, because I don’t have as much topspin on the
ball to bring it down. So, when you watch Andy Roddick hit a hundred forty mile an hour
serve, he’s got topspin on it and that’ll; that’s what brings the ball down so it lands
in. So, to recap, if I want to hit a slice serve, I toss the ball more to my right and
I hit the ball with more of a slicing motion and if I want to hit a first serve, I’m going
to toss the ball more in front and if I want to hit a second serve; more over my head.
And that’s how you move the ball around. But you’ve got to hit a lot of balls to develop
this type of touch and feel where you can hit the ball virtually where you want it every

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Dennis Veasley

11 thoughts on “Advanced Tennis Serves : Tossing a Tennis Ball for a Slice Serve”

  1. Yes. however the more sidespin you try to put on the ball, the less power you will be able to have. but you can still have a powerfull slice serve with alot of sidespin. the more you practice the more power you will be able to achieve. so PRACTICE ALOT! 🙂

  2. So does that invalidate everything he's saying? That's quite the comment for someone who probably never plays outside of state satellite tournaments.

  3. yup, bigger headsize = more power and less control. some of the better pros prefer the smaller end, like federer who uses 90sq in.
    foot faulting is when you step over the line before you finish serving (to be exact, you cant be over the line untill you have finished making contact with the ball unless you are in the air). if you do so you get a fault.

  4. rofl!! thats not a real serve…. you mean back towards the server? yeah thats impossible. unless you underhand it. which no one does

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