Okay, tossing the ball to different spots
allows you to hit different serves. So, if I want to hit a very powerful first serve,
my toss is going to be more in front and it’s going to be a little higher so I can reach
up and give it a good crack and that will be a relatively flat hit. If I miss that serve,
then I’m going to hit a second serve and you can see the position of my body. I’m going
to toss the ball more over my head. So, when I do that, I’m going to get more spin on it
by swinging straight up on it. So, to get a more powerful first serve, you toss the
ball more in front and a little higher so you can hit it at full extension and really
give the ball some pop and for your second serve you want to bring the toss more over
your head. Now, if I want to; if I’m serving to the add side and I want to hit the ball
out wide, I might toss the ball more to my right to get the serve to my opponent’s backhand.
If I want to go to my opponent’s forehand, I might serve; toss the ball more to my left.
If I’m serving on the deuce side, I might do different tosses because it’s going to
produce a different result.

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Dennis Veasley

5 thoughts on “Advanced Tennis Serves : Tossing a Tennis Ball for a Power Serve”

  1. Lousy video. The different locations of your toss give away your serve plus it is too difficult to hit tosses that are all over the place. Bad advice. This advice is good for beginner not for advance players.

  2. You are right. While the toss often has to vary to produce the full effect of certain spins, I don't know of any teacher who advocates varying the toss to direct the ball to various corners.

    Further, I don't think this guy can play. At one point he tosses the ball, but his toss is so poor, he can't even hit it, despite the fact that he's just patting it over. If he is an actual pro, sponsored by Head, this must be a very old video, his racquet is a VERY old model. Let's see him play.

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