In singles, you’re going to serve, generally
if I’m serving to the deuce side, I’m going to serve it somewhere close to the middle
so it creates a different set of angles. And then, obviously, on the ad side, I’ll be about
here. But in doubles, you want to move out a little wider. Now that’s not necessarily
always true, but since you have a partner covering the net, you want to try to create
a favorable angle on your serve. And that’s why some players will serve way out here to
create a very sharp angle. So then, hopefully, they’ll get a nice volley for their partner
at the net. So you have to learn how to hit different serves in doubles than in singles,
but the motion is very much the same. So I might cut the ball more, like that, go into
the body. But a lot of times when I play doubles, I don’t hit the ball as hard. I focus on more
spin and placement. So that’s to the deuce side. And then if I was going to serve to
my opponent’s ad side, I just move over here out wide. And it depends if I’m playing a
lefty or a righty or where I might want to put the ball. But you move out wide more for
doubles than you do in singles. And the reason you do that is to create a better angle, more
advantageous angle to win the point. You can get some aces in doubles, but it seems as
if the best tactics are to place the serve in a tough spot to return, to create the favorable
conditions to win the point on the next shot.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Advanced Tennis Serves : Doubles Serving in Tennis”

  1. too many club players serve from the middle; it leaves a lot of room for angled slice returns and allows us to take over the net

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