(upbeat music) – The challenges that people face, you know, beginners in any sport but especially in
something like blind tennis you have to make sure they get what they want out of the programme. People with vision
impairment are sometimes a little bit reluctant to
have a go at a new sport. Tennis is a very
difficult sport in general but, really, you just have to have a go and not be worried about missing. The ball is made out
of foam and it rattles so it’s audible, even for people who have a little bit of vision, this is a good kind of reinforcement
for where the ball is. They also bounce a little bit slower so that helps slow down the speed of play along with the additional
bounces that the players get, this helps, you know, give
them a pretty good match. The other main difference is the rackets, so there’s maximum racket sizes placed on the categories, they
play with a smaller racket to give them a little bit better feel and it also helps, the longer the racket, the more leverage you have, the more pace and spin
you can put on the ball. – I’ve been playing blind tennis for the last seven years. It’s given me the opportunity to come and just socialise and be active. That’s the first opportunity that I had and now it’s given me the opportunity to play professionally
and represent my country. Next month we’re off to
Dublin for another tournament. It’s given me that opportunity and that’s the best thing
that can happen to me. One, it’s fun, two, it keeps you fit, and it’s a great sport. The opportunity to play
in a world-class facility like, you know, the tennis
centre, it’s just great. You know, we can’t ask for more. – Come on down, you know,
we’re here every Friday and it’s open to everyone. – And I urge everyone
who’s vision impaired to give it a go, they might end up representing Australia, the
next Australian champion.

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Dennis Veasley

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