Hey what’s going on guys! it’s Clayton here at zappos.com now let’s just say you’re gonna be feeling happy when you slip on PW tennis HU from adidas Originals This dope everyday sneaker was made in collab with the man himself style King Pharrell Williams to give you a great sneaker You’ve got that upper that’s made of a lightweight mesh to keep it nice and breathable and check it out guys, we got that slip in design that makes for it easy on and off You’ve got that flexible EVA midsole to keep it nice and cushioned yet lightweight and that texture throughout is giving you an added bit of style Down inside, we’ve got this unique feature in the insole it’s giving you a little bit of padding but you’ve got that map of your pressure points on your feet for a little bit of a cool added style and on the bottom, we’ve got that grippy rubber outsole with the added durability and tons of flex to keep you riding all day comfy Sneakers are dope, you’re gonna want them, especially if you’re a sneakerhead gotta have at least one pair of these from adidas Originals

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Dennis Veasley

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