Hey everyone, I’m Richard from zappos.com and this here is Human Race, it’s from adidas Originals Now these guys here are pretty awesome You got a soft and breathable mesh upper there it’s really gonna keep your feet cool and breathing throughout your entire day with that awesome bootie style construction You can see you don’t have a normal tongue which is pretty cool so you ever worry about the tongue sliding around on you slide your foot in, it’s gonna hug your ankle like a sock, then you lace up good to go it’s got a really soft and smooth neoprene lining in there, lots of comfort in that footbed and then down here bottom, you got that really thick midsole check that out, it’s made out of EVA this could be super lightweight, super shock absorbing and that rubber outsole here so you got the rubber here on the front and back, and that can help keep you steady Don’t miss out on these awesome sneakers here they’re from adidas Originals

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Dennis Veasley

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