I started just having like a bad cough and my nose running all the time and everything and so I I just decided I needed to go get a Checkup and find out, what was going on? you And then I was to go and see this wonderful doctor Sivana poor. He showed me on the Computer the MrI pictures and everything and I had a tumor the size of a tennis ball But I had had no symptoms or anything so I had no [idea] And if I did have symptoms they weren’t severe enough for me to realize Anything was the matter? I finally ended up having it done on December the eighth and Was up walking around December the [9th] with the therapist there in the hospital and They sent me home on December the 12th, and I went shopping December than 13 for hats Because they shaved the back of my head I was really glad that I had the experience here with you up health and Dr.. Tavana, Port is such a caring person and He’s just right there you know with whatever. I was thrilled to find out that mine was not a tumor that was cancerous and Because I do have I had an aunt that passed away with a a chim Brain tumor and hers was cancer We have a lot of different types of cancer that we’ve had in our family, so I was a little concerned that mine possibly would be But I was very grateful that it wasn’t I just walk around thinking unblessed, and I just tell everybody God forbid that you ever have to have one But if you need a neurosurgeon you need to go to you of help and and see Dr.. Tavana poor. He’s just I Can’t say enough good about him because he’s just wonderful you

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Dennis Veasley

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