– Hey guys, Scott and Nate
from PlayYourCourt.com and today we’re gonna
show you a simple drill to add more racquet head speed. So today we’re talking about
racquet head speed and guys, this video is for players
with a PlayYourCourt rating of 60 and up. If you’re not in our community or familiar with our rating system, a PlayYourCourt 60 is the
equivalent of a USTA 3.5. So I know it’s a short video
today, pretty simple drill. Nate, take it away, what are we doing here to get some more racquet head speed? – It’s actually fairly simple. We’re just gonna use a swing
volley to help work through racquet head acceleration. Why? Why a swing volley, right? What ends up happening, we
see a lot of players out there with a friend or a husband and wife, and they’re feeding balls, and they’re talking about
how to swing through and get the racquet maybe
in a little bit faster. But by actually having the
ball coming high in the air and swinging up to it, we
allow ourselves to let go. We don’t necessarily
have the ball bouncing, which is gonna change the trajectory having the ball jam us up. And at the end of the
day, it’s really contact that allows us good racquet head speed allowing the racquet to
come all the way through. – I know I get a little
bit excited when I get that floating, swinging volley out of the air. So this makes sense, I think, guys, right? Like this is a drill where if
we just started feeding you some floaters and said
take these out of the air, you’d be more aggressive, so– – 100%, I mean my favorite shot. It’s gotta be my absolute favorite shot. So what we’re gonna do here is
we’re gonna do a little drill and what Scott’s gonna really
put an emphasis on this drill is swinging up to the ball
and really accentuating his windshield wiper forehand
all the way across to the shoulder. Alright guys, so we’re here with the first progression of this drill and we’re gonna do it with a hand fed. Alright, so all I’m
doing is getting the ball moving up and down. And Scott wants to swing under the ball, really accentuating that
windshield wiper forehand. Let’s take a look. (racquet hitting ball) Alright, so guys once
you feel comfortable with that particular drill, we’re gonna go ahead and use it from a feed base using the cart. Even you can hit and do this as well, but it’s gonna be way easier if you’re actually feeding the ball. We’ll take a look at
what that looks like now. Alright so now I’m in a feeding base where I’m gonna make sure
this ball has plenty of height and Scott’s gonna swing
under and out to the ball. (racquet hitting ball) One of the mistakes that people often make is they don’t allow the
racquet to do the work, creating the racquet acceleration. Scott’s now gonna swing
on top of the ball, using his shoulder, and we’ll show you what
that mistake looks like. (racquet hitting ball) Alright, so really hard to
create racquet acceleration so I’m gonna instruct
him to let the ball fall, and he gets that big forehand with massive racquet head acceleration. We’ve got an awesome swing volley. And we also have great racquet head speed. So guys, what we wanna really
illustrate in this video is how the swing volley can help with that racquet head acceleration. This video isn’t necessarily
about how to hit a swing volley we just want you out there
working on the technique of getting under the ball and swinging out with
the windshield wiper. And something as easy as a hand fed method can help you do this. If you have access to a ball machine or a buddy will feed to you, get out there and work
on these swing volleys and your racquet head
acceleration will be phenomenal. You’ll be nailing the ball
like Scott here in no time. – Yeah guys, and also don’t forget, at PlayYourCourt we just wanna help you improve your tennis game. We don’t know a ton about you
or your specific skill level. Do us a favor, click the button or the link below, answer some questions for
us about your skill level. We can then send you some
more custom video coaching on how to add racquet head speed
or some of the other things that we want your specific skill level to really be working on. So just click the button or link below and we’ll do the rest.

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  2. Hello, I have dificulty to accelerate racquet head, now I use a Tecnifibre 315 LTD 16M a racquet with 315g and equilibrated balance, I'm a begginer to intermediate player. Do you think that I use racquet with less weight or other balance? Thanks.

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