What’s up guys! I’m back out here with a few of the others For another football video I found this pitch thanks to my local Tobi You can check him out over there Let’s go! [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] Alright! blacks vs whites Sweet! let’s do this! No, no, shirts those two, those two there (aww) You two (oh, ok) [inaudible] You’re rubbish [laughs] *Still inaudible* 2-2 Next goal wins boys *i n a u d i b l e * AHHHHHHHH Vicctorryyyyyyy DADO DUDU DU DUUUU *EPIC MUSIC…but still inaudible* this handball was a true bad rep for you *inaudible* *Music Plays for GAME 4* *Inaudible* HAHAHAHAHA com’on hahaha *INAUDIBLE* How Luckkky YO YO SLOW DOWN ,SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN,SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN BAHHHHHH do you know what this looks like? what? *Pulls out pack of oreos,as a skin color joke,as oreo music plays* OREOS Oreooooos! the worst thing…the worst thing is,they planned that for quite a while WHAT? NO Yesterday…he planned that yesterday Alright,so who you gonna be SHARLETONNN Aright i’ll be Leads Alright you guys ready? Yahhhhhh Ahhhh! hahahaha

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “A NEW KIND OF FOOTBALL!”

  1. 00:35 love the joke not because of the black people and the white its sort of because the shirts and half the people.

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