Well, you all know that we
love sending our receptionist, Jeannie around the country to help us
surprise deserving people in need. Today she’s in Brooklyn, New York. Let’s check in with her right now.>>Hey, Jeannie.>>Hi, Ellen.>>How you doing?>>Hi! I’m good, how are you?>>I’m really good. Tell us who we’re surprising today.>>Okay, Ellen, I’m really,
really excited about this one. The person that we’re surprising started
an after school program that has helped countless of students get
free college education. He is constantly paying out of his own
pocket to provide for this program. And, I mean, this guy,
he postponed his own wedding, because he wanted to make sure that his
students got what they needed first. He’s absolutely amazing.>>That’s great, and
what is his name, Jeanie?>>His name is Lennier Young.>>And he’s here right now. Lennier, come here. So, did you think,
well that sounds like me?>>Yeah, I’m like, I don’t know,
but, damn, Brooklyn, I’m here, I->>I started in after school program.>>Yeah, I’m like->>I postponed my wedding.>>I said that’s sounds my story. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, yeah. So your name is Lennier, but
you have a nickname, right?>>Yes, they called me Dinero.>>Why do they call you Dinero?>>It’s just a name that I came
up with and stuck with it, and anybody just either call me Dinero or
money.>>All right, Dinero or money?>>Yes.>>Well, you can call me sweet water.>>[LAUGH]
>>I don’t know why. I just decided that that’s my nickname,
just now. So, tell us about
the after school program. This is really amazing what I learned.>>Well, the after school program,
well, I started it, because at the age of three,
I was adopted by my mother. And we started the program, because
a lot of people made fun of me, and made me feel like I was
abandoned at a young age. So I wanted to make sure that, I am sorry.>>No, it is emotional. It’s good.
>>I wanted to make sure that no kid ever feels abandoned, or feel like they
don’t have a family, or place to go. So at Jordan Madison, I wanted to see that
we make sure that everybody succeeds. Everybody gets into school for free. And that they’re outstanding,
upstanding pillars of the community.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Want a sip of water?>>[LAUGH]
>>So and it’s Drill, in Drill Masters,
tell us about that.>>In Drill Masters we help kids on and
off court.>>We teach student athletes,
not athletic students, books comes first. We help with homework. We make sure any issues that they have
in school, we make sure we address them. You can’t pick up a basketball if
you are not doing good in school. So, we make sure that every kid, we have
a 90-95% rate that the kids graduate, and they’re going to college for free.>>That’s what I was going to ask you,
that’s amazing.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So and there’s one young lady,
Daisha, I think her name is.>>Yes, Daisha. She came to us a couple months ago,
and she was having a rough time. She didn’t have any school, so
she came on down to Drill Masters. She come all the way from Connecticut,
all the way to Brooklyn. And we’ve been in the gym three to four
times a week, working hard, working hard. And over the summer she has got
numerous offers to college. So she’s going to school for free.>>Wow.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s amazing.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, so Jeannie is in Brooklyn, do you wanna see who she’s with there?>>Yes.>>All right, hey, Jeannie,
look who she’s with.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look at them.>>[SOUND]
>>Wow.>>Ellen, these students love Dinero.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How’s everybody doing?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yep. How’s everybody doing there, Jeanie?>>They are doling so great, Ellen. They love Dinero so much. They’ve been talking about how wonderful
he is, how much they’ve done for him. You are one fantastic man and
these kids love you.>>I love them too.>>All right, so listen, we are.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Brooklyn Nets heard about the story. They have a little message for you. Let’s watch.>>Hey, Dinero,
it’s Brook Lopez from the Brooklyn Nets. We heard your story and
think what you’re doing for the Brooklyn community is incredible. You’re an awesome role model, and as a thank you we want to invite you and
all the kids in the Drill Masters program to one of our home
games as our special guests. See you soon.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you, thank you.>>So everyone there is getting tickets. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah.>>All right. And they sent you a special gift. Where’s Dinero’s special gift? They sent you this.>>Aww.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you.>>You are welcome. We’ll be right back. You notice there’s one person that was
not in that shot with Jeannie, and that is because she’s here. Daisha come on out. So, Daisha, tell me why this
guy I mean I think we all know. You can hear how amazing he is and
especially the intention of where he was coming from that he really cared about
kids, because of his own experience. But tell me about him
from your perspective.>>Well I joined Drill Masters early May,
and I was at a point during basketball where I was just stagnant and
stagnant with myself. And my parents sacrificed and
found Dinero. And he did his job, and I busted my
butt to get up there when I needed to. And I put in my work, and
he gave me 200% back.>>Yep.>>And that’s how I got these offers and
these other schools, and then it came to a point where I was like,
I’m committing.>>I was so excited.>>And I found this school, and
I fell in love with the school. And I’m happy. He really pushed me and showed
another side of me that I didn’t see.>>That’s amazing, that’s amazing.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>High five.>>We need more of this, right? More of this everywhere.>>Exactly, exactly.>>If every school had a Dinero that
would make a huge different in a lot of kids’ lives. We want to give you two a chance to
raise some money for Drill Masters. And I think you are gonna do a pretty
good job, let’s walk over here.>>All right, so each basket you make
we’re gonna give you $1,000 per basket for Drill Masters, okay?>>[APPLAUSE] [LAUGH]
>>Let’s go, you ready?>>All right, first, so.>>You go first?>>30 seconds, so
you just keep getting those balls and somebody will keep throwing them to you. Make sure we give them the balls back
as soon as they bounce off, okay?>>I go first.>>30 seconds on the clock.
>>You go first?>>Yeah.>>Okay, go! [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>[SOUND] [APPLAUSE]>>All right, what was that?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>12? All right, that was 11, that’s $11,000. But Shutterfly loves helping communities
and inspiring stories like yours. They wanna round that number up and
give Drill Masters $20,000.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you.>>Thank you so much.>>You’re welcome. We’ll be back.>>[MUSIC]

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