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from The Movement Fix. Welcome back to Movement Fix Monday. What I want to talk to you about in this video, this week, is a better way to stretch your pecs, or your chest. So I’m not talking about
a better, single stretch. I’m talking about a better, overall way to look at the idea of stretching and improving range of motion. So what I’m going to show you first is a technique to reduce the tension in the pec muscles. Now I’m just gonna use
the green lacrosse ball. And what I would do with this is, you know, a lot of times there’s sort of this awkward situation of, you’re trying to roll out your pecs on a wall and you’re like, face is smashed up against the wall. Instead, or other thing is like you would do it on a beam like this and you’re trying to roll it out and it slips off the beam. Instead, if you just take the ball, and just hold it here and just use your other hand to lightly massage your pec. That’s a easier way to do it. Because I’m not doing this as aggressively as possible, because I’m trying to get the muscle tension to reduce. I’m not trying to break stuff up. So I don’t need to go really hard here. So I would go about 10 to 30 seconds of this, each side, as
sort of my tissue prep. And then after that, I want to do essentially, an unloaded
stretch of the pecs. Now I have my shoulder model here, for use that I’m gonna
talk about here in a sec. Here’s the general setup
of how I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna take the arm
that I’m gonna work on and the side that I’m gonna work on and put it up here, so
that I’m above 90 degrees. And then I’m gonna think about peeling apart my shoulder blades. So this would be my shoulder
blade, sitting like this and my rib cage. So think about me as being a canister and then this is this like
separate floating thing. And so I’m gonna twist my torso this way. And I’m gonna think about taking my shoulder blade, in my brain, this is what I’m thinking. I mean, you may not be able
to do this so accurately. But the intention is critical. So I’m gonna be thinking about my arm would be up here like this. This going this way and sort of like that. And then my chest, or my
torso going like this. So I’d be here, elbow’s in contact. My hand is kind of
gripping but it’s relaxed. And then I’m actively
pulling my arm this way. You can’t see it because
I’m in contact here. But I’m actively pulling this, that way as I turn my chest open. And you should feel a
stretch through here. You shouldn’t feel pain in the back or front of your shoulder. If that does happen, just change the angle of your arm. Or go down like this and find a way, so that you feel it as
stretching through the chest. So I’m gonna do reps of this. I’m gonna go 10 reps. I’m turning this way,
pulling the arm back. One, two, three, et cetera. I would do 10 each arm. And then I wanna do some
sort of a loaded stretch. Now there’s two ways, there’s two paths that we can go down
with the loaded stretch. You can do dumbbell flys. Or you can do what’s
called the stretch push up. Both of these exercises are actually ones that I’ve been doing a lot of in John Rusin’s program but I wanna show you a little preview of both. Let’s start with the fly. And if you can’t do flys
in your gym or your box, do the stretch pushup. But if you can do it with the dumbbells, flys are not a bad thing. Because it’s essentially
a loaded pec stretch. So let me turn this so we can see. I’m doing this with lightweight. I would start here like this. And essentially what I’m gonna do is kind of crunch my ribs down. And then I’m gonna think about keeping a little bit
of a bend in my elbow, maybe 110ish degrees. And I’m kind of pulling my shoulder blades together, in the same motion that I did on the rig. And you may even wanna do this, if it bugs your shoulder to do this, obviously don’t do it, but you may even wanna have more of like,
a vertical forearm. And so again, this is very light. But it is loaded stretching of the pecs. Working them through a
larger range of motion. Now again, if you can’t get away with doing pec flys at your gym, there’s the stretch push up. Again, another one from John’s program. A lot of people do this
with pair of let-z too. I just took a 45 pound
plate and a 15 pound plate and stacked ’em up. And then you can just do pushups here. Because it’s a deficit you get a little bit more of a stretch. Now this may be too low for me. I’d have to elevate this up. But again, I’d be a way to work the chest or pecs through a large range of motion, loaded. Personally, if I was doing this as a way, because I wanted to loosen my chest up, loosen my
pecs, they’re tight, I would go for the pec fly. Because, well if you did both I think you’ll understand why. It feels a little bit more stretchy. And this is a little
bit more strength based. So, anyways, that’s where I would go if I was trying to stretch out my pecs. Rather than just doing a static stretch and just holding it, I want to reduce the muscle tension
by using the ball. Do some sort of unloaded motion. And then do a loaded stretch, accentuating the
negative, as John puts it. So that’s what I got
for you guys this week, on Movement Fix Monday. Make sure to follow me on Instagram at the Movement Fix and
subscribe on YouTube. I’ll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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