OK what were we just talking about? Talking about the heat. Let’s say you’re in the Australian Open and you’re playing a match and it’s very hot.. so are you just gonna say it’s too hot I’m not going to work? Yes I am going to say that. That’s the wrong answer.. you’re going to say somehow you going to try and find
a way to.. I’m going to play inside the shade. Well you’re just saying this because you got heat exhaustion last time, two days ago right? Two days? I think it was one day ago.. Oh two days ago. What were some of the things that was happening to you when you got heat exhaustion? I got dizzy while I was playing and I stopped sweating. And then plus how many balls were you seeing? It was two sometimes.. Two sometimes. And how many balls were actually coming at you? One. One right. So, when those things start happening that means you’re
starting to get heat exhaustion. which means we gotta drink some Gatorade or Powerade or water Water will help but you need Gatorade or Powerade you need electrolytes. You know what I’m going to do, I’m going to put this video up on YouTube so other people can learn from your unfortunate experience two days ago Ok, one way to cool your body down – if you
look at the palm of your hand well, you can’t actually see it but, in the palm of your hand there’s a network blood vessels all mammals have it and it acts like a
radiator for your body so if you’re overheating you hold on to the bottles of ice water when you cool down the palm of your hand it helps cool down your core. Any advice, to anyone who’s getting symptoms of heat exhaustion? Hmm, drink some Gatorade Very good. Or Powerade, or a good energy drink And if you’re having heat exhaustion you can hold onto those you can hold onto icy water bottles Right because your hands.. Why? because your hands.. Have those things network of veins and then it just travels through you Yah, good. You can cool down your core quickly. Yah Ok let’s do some footwork.

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Dennis Veasley

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