hey there thanks for visiting my
LauriePOP channel ideas that pop today I’m going to share with you nine travel
outfit ideas. I’m going to show you an outfit piece or an article of clothing
and I’m going to say wear this not that. I’m going to help you know what to wear and
what not to wear when you travel. when you do travel you want to be comfortable
some of you don’t care if it’s cute you just care about comfort and what we want
to do when we are comfortable in an airplane is be prepared for bending over
stains that might not be our idea or our fault at all
we want to think about getting in the having to reach up in an airplane so
these nine travel outfit idea pieces are going to show you how to wear this not
that when you travel since we are an airline family I have many travel tip
videos for you on my YouTube channel and now let’s pop into this travel video
my name is Laurie and please leave me a comment below and introduce yourself the
number one travel outfit idea piece is to wear a cardigan not a poncho I
learned this because I wore a totally cute poncho and because I use a backpack
or even if I used a handbag it restricts your arm movements I also found I would
get caught on things when I turned or was reaching over the seat there are
parts of the poncho that do get caught and it’s just a little more
high-maintenance to deal with cardigans lengthen your outfit
cardigans added a mention to your travel outfit and they add layering if you get
cold you can take them off if you’re too warm and cardigans can mix and match
with almost any color you have they can be thin they can be thick and cozy if
they have pockets that’s even better the number two travel outfit piece is to
wear a shell not a tank top women need to be comfortable when they are flying
in a tank top when you sit everything bunches up I
gained all my way to my stomach so I don’t want that to be poking out when I
wear a tank top because I don’t want to have to worry about it I’ll be like oh
that’s poking and I’ll try and loosen the tank top and
then a lot of tank tops it doesn’t loosen up for me so I think you would
feel more confident and more comfortable in a shell it has everything you’ve
eaten over vacation and they go great with cardigans and they can add a little
elevated look if you’re going out to a nicer restaurant on vacation or for work
and they can be worn with shorts I also think you should not wear a tank top
because you are worrying about the person sitting beside you looking down
when they are sitting beside you and when you are bending over and you don’t
want to have to worry about your bra strap showing and being just right and
just so-so a shell is a lot less worrisome to me and a shell helps me
feel a lot more comfortable the number three outfit piece idea is to wear gray
denim not white jeans in my other what not to wear video which is terrible
quality but it is the most watched video out of all my videos I have shown you
what white pants can end up looking like because you’re pulling down your
suitcase and the wheel of your suitcase can scuff your jeans you get coffee
stains from yourself or from other people it’s just one less thing to worry
about and you can with grey denim you can wear whatever color underwear you
want to let me know in the comments if you do plan out the color of your
underwear when you’re on vacation the number four thing to wear on an airplane
is to wear a regular t-shirt not a ruffle sleeved t-shirt when you are
rolling or packing or cramming these into your suitcase or your cubes you
have to make sure with a ruffle sleep that it is completely flat before you
even pack it ok and if it does get wrinkled it’s hard to iron out a ruffle
to make it completely flat a t-shirt is a good foundational piece of every
travel outfit it’s a way to mix and match colors I think a lot of t-shirts
have good cotton in them and so they’re easy to iron or they do not get very
wrinkled if you don’t have an iron you can buy this downy wrinkle releaser which actually does work most hotels have an iron in them so I haven’t talked
about this product very much but I can tell you that it does work I put a
little video of it on my Instagram feed also I want you to wear a good t-shirt
instead of a ruffle sleeve because if I’m throwing on a cardigan in the
airplane seat I don’t want to have to put on my cardigan and make sure the
ruffles are laying just right while I’m sitting there it’s just less maintenance
more of a personal preference to me the number 5 travel outfit piece idea is a
plaid shirt so wear a plaid shirt not a blouse plaid adds glad to any outfit in
first for vacation vibes I think that plaid can be worn in any season like
throw a cardigan on throw a crewneck sweater on and you have boots and you
have an outfit for the winter take off those layers you’ve got a cool summer
vibe to them some of them I have a gingham shirt and gingham in the summer
rolled up to your elbow with pink shorts so summery and cute look at this Navy
gingham shirt is very wrinkled but from a distance
you cannot tell how wrinkled it is and these I will link these below in the
description box I have so many of them they do not wrinkle a plaid shirt hides
wrinkles I think really well you can half tuck in this kind of plaid shirt
and still look chic and feminine these are made with 92% polyester and 8% rayon
so they are very smooth to the touch they do not cling they do not get sticky
they don’t stick to my skin or right back they drape the rolls in my body I
just love how flattering they are to a woman’s figure and to hiding everything
that I eat on vacation again the sixth travel outfit piece idea is to wear
joggers not leggings I have worn mine with a little white t-shirt that I tied
and you can see I’m not super comfortable in them but for travel I
recommend that you should wear joggers not like
these leggings unfortunately they show too much fine china it’s just a
respectful thing to be conservative with your fine china especially when you’re
around other men but joggers you can dress up you can dress down some of them
drape so easily and comfortably you can wear them with tennis shoes you can wear
them with slide shoes like I have you can really dress them down make them
look preppy you can look athletic in them and still have athleisure you can
really dress them up like my friend lori has with her outfit it almost looks like
it’s a single jumpsuit how she has dress it up and I was at the doctor the other
day and the lady in front of me she had the cutest pattern of leggings and her
shirt because she had been sitting like you do on an airplane she had been
sitting so the back shirt tail of her shirt was away about her waist you could
totally see through the cheek part of her leggings and some people don’t know
that or some people don’t know to check that I still think maybe a tunic over
your leggings so that it totally covers the fine china would be a smarter choice
of what to wear the number 7 travel outfit piece is a backpack instead of a
large handbag and the reason you know by watching my videos the reason I like
backpacks versus a handbag is because you are totally hands-free with a
backpack and you can fit so much more in the backpack I feel like the number 8
travel piece idea is to wear zip up boots not slide on boots we were in
Chicago and I went to the airport one morning early early and did not realize
how hard it was going to be to stand up and take off these slide up or pull on
boots and I also want to tell you if you think that your zip up boots are going
to be too constricting to your calves like if they’re a little too tight on
your calves with jeans inside them I unzip my boots about two inches
sometimes because some of my Capri jeans are little
too thick the 9th travel outfit piece is to wear a tunic not a dress or a skirt with
a maxi dress or really a dress you are worried about it touching the floor or
especially in a lavatory they have like a shelf all around the toilet that gets
splattered so your dress might touch that and that’s just something more for
you to worry about while you’re traveling with a skirt you don’t
realize when you sit it’s gonna come up a good 6 inches so what if you are
sweating on the plane it’s hot and your sweat is all mixing it with the pleather
or the leather fabric on your seats it’s just yucky and gross and you don’t
want to have to worry about how you lean over or how you bend over just save the
skirt for your destination and wear a tunic and then wear some capri leggings
I recommend capri leggings on almost every body type the place that leggings
or capri leggings hit helps your legs look more feminine and they also break
your body into three parts instead of a short and a long part or it’s just um
it’s more mathematically correct when you’re looking at it spatially wise but
the main reason that you should wear a tunic not a long dress or a short skirt
is because of comfort and less worry all right so those are the nine travel outfit
idea pieces leave me a comment below and introduce yourself and let me know if
you have an outfit that you will wear and what you will not wear thanks for
popping over

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100 thoughts on “9 Travel Outfit Ideas (Wear This Not That)”

  1. Thank you for your dressing tips for the airplane-I will definitely try them next time I go to see my son and grandchildren. GF.

  2. Again, great ideas. I disagree though about not wearing a skirt. I have a denim jumper I wear only when I travel because it's super comfy and covers everything. But this next trip everything has to be mix & matchable, so I'll be wearing a denim A-line skirt because pants could touch the floor when using the toilet.But I am going to see what plaid shirt I might have in the recesses of my closet.

  3. I always wear leggings with a long t-shirt or top, a long cardigan or hoodie and slip-on trainers and I carry a bag the goes over one shoulder and round my body so I'm hands-free but can easily access anything I need out of my bag. Works well for me.

  4. This is great travel advice. I always wear closed tie up shoes in case of emergency. I know they’re a hassle going thru security but a slight inconvenience however worth it in the long run (that’s also a reason to get your GOES). You never know what might happen or what you may have to walk through. I also use a backpack because I can put a day or two clothing in there in case my luggage goes on a different trip than I planned for us 😆.

  5. going thru airport & traveling on plane…i wear long hip length wrinkle free shirt, no jewelry or accessories, thin cozy fabric cardigan with pockets, loose stylish leggings /joggers with pockets, scarf to cover my face or place on the seat or protect my throat from air on plane, ankle cotton socks with dark color or pattern, slip on shoes, no perfume or fragrance that can cause someone to puke in me (deodorant yes), hair tie around my wrist, cotton bra and underwear, no purse or fanny pack ( I place all items in my stylish backpack, empty pockets. I only wear cotton when traveling.

  6. I prefer to wear a long skirt when traveling on a long flight. They are not restrictive and do not add extra bulk when sitting for long periods of time. With an elastic waist I can pull my skirt up when using the lavoratory. I find that a long knit skirt paired with a cotton tee and cardigan looks nice and is very comfortable.

  7. joggers instead of leggings is the best advice here. I had 1 jogger and 5 leggings when I traveled and I wore the jogger 5 days out of the week in Asia. You are very right about the fine china especially for the not-very-fit folks like me.

  8. If you're flying to Europe, don't wear jogging pants or plaid baggy shirts. You'll feel out of place with those around you at the airport, as Europeans dress nicely when they travel. A nice fitted pair of black pants that have a bit of stretch or dark wash, trim jeans and a well-tailored tee and little jacket or cardigan are comfortable on the plain and look great, too. A print scarf is nice for chilly flights, and a great way to perk up your look.

  9. Going on my first international flight in July. Chicago to Venice. I was thinking about compression leggings for swelling (I'm 46) but would rather wear joggers for comfort. Any suggestions for outfits for the long flight?

  10. If you wear a cardigan or jacket, something stretchy that you can put on and off within your seat and not knock out or encroach on your seat mate. I have a black cardigan found in the yoga section at REI. I love joggers and simple tee shirts.

  11. My tip. Do some research about where you are going and how they view what you wear. I live in Haiti and am embarrassed sometimes at what people from my home country consider appropriate dress in a culture that is pretty modest. What you wear in a major city is very different in a village. I carry a scarf for instance, that I can use to block light or wrap myself up in on a plane when it's chilly. But I can also cover up my shoulders when I get to my destination, which is important where I live. And leggings are considered very immodest, even with a dress.

  12. Can you please send the brand for the black sleeveless tunic worn with black leggings. I think that you look chic, comfortable and appropriate…I’d love to be able to locate that tunic…right length, so sleeves…perfect! Thank you! Ellen

  13. My travelling tip is learn the art of layering. I frequently fly from UK to Italy and it can be below zero when we leave early in the morning, but up in the high 60s low 70s by the time we arrive. A backpack that can take a lightweight coat and a large scarf is my go-to handbag. Then its a cashmere sweater (long) over a Tshirt (long) with legging or joggers
    . Trainers always, with socks which can easily be removed if necessary.

  14. Excellent ideas. Leggings became popular when I was in High School in the 80s & back then & to this day I wear a tunic with them. I work at a University & when I see women young or old with leggings & short shirts on I cringe; do you own a mirror? Even at the gym I wear a longer shirt with work out leggings – it's just common sense – cover up.

  15. Capris are not a good look on me. I'm built like an apple on sticks and capris make me look shorter and stubbier. I'm 5'9" but long torso and short legs. You will never catch me in capris. Love your travel tips! I've used so many of them! 😉

  16. Love this video! Just found you. Wish I had this info seven years ago. I have been flying a lot since my husband has been working out of state. You had some Wonderful advise? Especially about the leggings. Always cover that fine china! My husbands advise to me. Where did you find the shirt in the video with the plane? I'm in NC. I'm Linda and really like the video. Take care!

  17. I have watched this video before, and took your advice and didn't wear white jeans. However I did wear a white shirt. Stopped at 7/11 on the way to the airport. Well after check in, I went to the restroom and wouldn't you know it, some how a drop of coffee found my shirt. 🙁

  18. Good tips! Going to Europe (Scotland/Italy) in Aug. for the first time with my adult daughter. She will only let me bring a back pack. Was hard to get my head around that but after watching some of these videos I think I can do it! Cool in Scotland and hot in Italy! Like the plaid shirt Idea, and Joggers! Thanks

  19. Caution – Qatar Airlines do not allow backpacks as your purse it will be considered another luggage. You will be asked to empty contents in your carry all if not yet over 7 lbs. If you insist on backpack it will be considered an excess luggage costing $150 or more.

  20. Your tips are soo helpful Laurie…especially for me..a non traveler who is about to fly this month.Thank you!!!!

  21. Oh my gosh! Leggings ain’t pants! I get tired of seeing others fine china and what type of undies they’re wearing!

  22. Laurie I’m so glad I found your channel. I like your attitude about other women showing their fine china!!🤣 I’m traveling back to the Mainland in June. I know what to wear now. Thanks so much

  23. Great suggestions! I’m getting ready for my trip , will use them choosing my outfit for airplane! Thank you,

  24. Hi, Tracy from Orlando. Great tips. We travel a lot and mostly fly. I normally wear jeans and a nice sweater. I don’t like to fly looking to casual. I do like to be comfortable but look nice. Sometimes I will wear a cardigan that can be r,over. I never go into the restroom without shoes!!!!! 😆😆😆

  25. Great tips! I never wore plaids before but will consider Allora Betsy Red design. For backpack, I would use the string pull with flap top closure since it’s harder for thief to steal from the back where you can’t see. Hoodie for all outerwear is good for cold or rainy weather. Skort, both as shorts and skirt, is great for style and comfort. Weight all your pieces and pick the lightest, wrinkles free, quick dried items for lightest carry on

  26. I think whenever there is a discussion about fashion & clothing, people will have different taste & style. I had to Google joggers. I think that unless you are slim, one may risk looking like the girl that turned into a blueberry after eating a Gobstopper. I really love the idea of a quality leg/jegging & a tunic. Stylish & a great way for older gals to sport something short & flirty!😊

  27. thanks for the wonderful info Laurie, I have never heard "fine China" as a body part, I love it. I guess in my age now I can call it "antique fine China"

  28. Hi I love your channel and I love the tips. I’m going on a 4 day vacation to LA in July and I’m trying to figure out if the 2 carry on bags will be enough space for at least 2 outfits a day and 4 pair of shoes or sneakers. I’m currently watching a bunch of your videos to prepare myself for my trip. Thank you for sharing your info with the world

  29. LOVE your videos!, Can I ask what your slip on shoes are? Do your feet sweat in them?
    I’m Sue in Napa, CA
    WE take our grandchildren anywhere in the world they choose when they are 12. Our grandson wanted to go to London and Bath two tears ago. BEST trip ever. Granddaughter wants to see castles, old villages etc so we are going to the area where Austria, Germany and Switzerland meet. Oh…….. the alps too!
    We are watching ALL your videos!
    Thank you 😊

  30. I was thinking about leggings and a long shirt for the plane — I'm going to have to make sure it's long enough!! Thanks!

  31. Love these tips! Hi I’m Leah. Not a frequent flier but getting ready for a flight with the Mister. Our first trip in 18 years! I cannot get enough of your travel hacks and tips!!

  32. Oh, honey, you are not the only one who makes sure your panties go with you outfits. Some of these young women show their fine China and the good crystal, too. Never underestimate the value of good under garments.

  33. Great video! You remind me of Jamie Lee Curtis. Love the comments about the fine china, too funny, hadn't heard that before 🙂

  34. Hi! I just found you tonight!! I wish I would’ve seen your videos 2 weeks ago when I had to travel by train to be with my dad for surgery! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your tips/hacks for travel,& all of your advice on this video is great! Ty!!

  35. Thanks for the great tips. Where do you find your great Shell's? I'm having a hard time finding really nice ones these days.

  36. I flew in a classic outfit with white jeans. Now imagine a glass of tomato juice in my lap. Yup, it happened to me. Grrr, the juice was served to me while still ascending, the flight attendant said “well, open your tray table!” I’m like, but, but we are still ascending. He set the juice on my tray, and in a second it was on my lap. I didn’t freak out. He brought me three cocktail napkins. Just another reason not to wear white pants while flying.

  37. Hi I’m Laura Tibbles from St. Louis Missouri and I thought your tips were great I’m traveling to Florida in end of July for convention for about a week and you really pointed out a whole lot of great points of what to wear and what not to wear and since I’m 68 yrs old an little heavy I really want to keep my modesty thank you so much

  38. I'm loving your videos and this one on travel wear is awesome. I did giggle when you mentioned fine china, what a cute way to say it! Thank you for all the great info!

  39. I’m going on my first holiday ever August 2020 sounds mad 🙈🙈 but it’s true , I’m traveling from Dublin , Ireland 🇮🇪 to Chicago … and I’m terrified , I will be traveling alone and as when I’m getting there we’re biking to stergis bike rally , I’m taking a carry on and backpack … I’m planning already as I’m terrified never travelled that far alone , never boarded a plane … your videos are absolutely amazing your giving me the confidence I need , thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Hello My name is Patricia and I absolutely love and agree with all of your awesome traveling ideas and will definitely keep them in mind as I pack to travel. God bless you.

  41. Hi, I appreciated the comments about covering all the fine China. I certainly don’t want to see it. Looking around at the other passengers you can notice the thoughtful ones from those that don’t value others as much. I liked the tunic with Capri leggings. Thanks

  42. LOL_ Love the "fine china" part--But I were a blouse tunic works great. Also, just put wrinkly things in the bathroom and turn on the hot water —the steam will leave them wrinkle free and also prep the room for your moment of bliss using the shower.

  43. I love wearing cargo pants ( and I made a cargo skirt too) – the pockets are handy if you have tube tickets or Oyster card. Also, I made myself a long warm bomber jacket with zipped pockets so I'd never lose important stuff while traveling such as passport, id card, lose change etc. Also, cross over bag, super comfortable. It has to be big enough to carry a folding umbrella. And of course, comfy leather ankle boots ( similar to Caterpillar).

  44. I just found your channel while looking for some new travel tips! I'm trying to decide on what to wear while flying from a hot climate, to a much cooler one!(Hello from Austin TX!)

  45. I use a mobile 360 turn pull bag. I can pack 3 shoes toiletries. 7-9 outfits that =33 looks I carry a sling back pack cause my left side can't handle the weight.

  46. I love the idea of a shell rather than a tank, I have trouble finding shells that fit because I have wide shoulders. I like polo shirts, with the buttons and collar they look nicer than a tee and have the higher neckline so your shirt doesn't fall open when you bend over. I don't find leggings comfortable but have a pair of pants with button and zipper but they have a bit of stretch so are completely comfortable while still looking nice. I will be checking out your other videos, great tips!

  47. Very well reasoned airline clothing! Great reminders! Ponchos end up being a burden, dresses are a huge mistake and tank tops are just a major no no. I concur on every suggestion. jc from kc

  48. No from Southern Cali: accidentally came across ur video…what a wonderful surprise! I don't travel, but I just turned 40 & ur video shows great & wonderful ideas not just 4 traveling!! Thank you very much!!

  49. When we went on honeymoon, I had this vision you should wear a ‘going away’ outfit – high heels, short shift dress and long tailored jacket. Most uncomfortable 8hrs ever!! I’ve learnt a lot in 20 yrs but your tips were still really useful

  50. I was going to wear a maxi skirt or dress because that's what I wear – more comfy than pants – but I think you're right. I have "pedal pushers" – lol – I think today they're called Bermudas that have a wide waistband and are stretchy. I will probably do that instead. Thanks!

  51. Yes I match panties to my outfit ,I hate when ladies under things show through there clothes ,I was raised to make sure nothing is showing,lol

  52. I saw in the comments where you mentioned that your under wire bra got you stopped going thru security. This would happen to me also – EVERY TIME. I mentioned it a few times to the TSA Agents and they always said "No, that wouldn't trigger the "alarm". So, on one trip I tried an experiment. I went into the restroom before going thru Security & removed my bra – which I hated doing because I don't like the girls wild & free! BUT I hated the "pat downs" even worse!! I went thru Security with NO problems. Once I got thru to the other side; I went immediately to a restroom & put my under wire bra back on. And I have done this routine every time I've flown since & never had another "pat down"!

  53. How many pairs besides what you are wearing on the plane should you pack? How many tops should you pack? I am one that likes to mix and match out fits as you suggest.

  54. I normally wear leggings or tights on travel and on the first days coz Im still in shape on those days, the third day I have loose pants or joggers coz you know why haha, you'll gain weight while in holiday 😂

  55. Very helpful. I truly love tank tops but your perspective about them is absolutely correct. I value all that you spoke about. I've written them down and I LOVE PLAID.

  56. FINGERTIP LENGTH! I LOVE LEGGINGS. I just make sure my arrears are covered. Tunic length, thank God and I really do, that I can sew.

  57. Hello, motownbabyboomer here. Recent widow about to travel with family.
    Leggings, ahem, VERY GREAT under sundress’s AND TUNICS!
    What’s going on” baggy droopy pants for men and some women look NAKED. Some burn your eyeballs out

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