$33 for a suit and three pennies for a watch Looking at some of the purchases I’ve made If I could get back some of those dollars, I would do it in a heartbeat. Seven mistakes I have made, seven different things I have bought that we’re completely overpriced and not worth a dollar. Now I already know what you’re thinking and it’s not the car I drive and it’s not the watch I wear. My Rolex and my Tesla are two of the best purchases I have made and a large part of it comes down to how I justify most of my larger ticket expenses. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me or you’ll mock me or you’ll discredit me. But how I break it down is actually on a per use basis For example, my watch was an $8,000 purchase. This is something I will wear 350 days a year for at least 30 years. I look at the cost per day cost per use it’s gotta be around the three or four pennies. But if I looked at a night out if I looked at a meal if I looked at an expensive suit that I was only going to wear two or three times a year, a thousand-dollar suit that I wear three times a year for ten years and then it doesn’t fit me anymore. Well, that’s three hundred thirty three dollars per year. Now split that into ten, thirty three dollars per use. Thirty three dollars for a suit and three pennies for a watch. I don’t know if this is just a reach or finding a way to justify it for my knucklehead purchases. But it’s something that has worked for me. It’s how I justify my car purchase as well. And with the Tesla I would argue It’s actually not as much of a depreciating asset because of some of the prospects coming up. But it’s what works for me Now seven other things that I do regret buying.. My Lululemon shorts, my Lululemon gym shorts, are they good shorts? Absolutely. They’re great gym shorts, but they’re just gym shorts. I could have gone and got a $5 pair of gym shorts and they would do the exact same thing. Buy from the discount rack. There’s always going to be a discount rack in the store. Probably behind the cashier Check it out. Get it for 30% off, and it’s going do the exact same thing. The second thing I completely regret buying is my other phase. Expensive dress shoes, beautiful shoes. But again, it was just this phase I had of playing a part. I had just gotten a new job being an advisor and felt I had to look and act the part of being professional. Because somehow this would get me more clients. Somehow people would see me as more successful. I would get more respect from my peers, from those around me, and it had nothing to do with it. The third thing is Henley’s. Three-button Henley’s, they’re so simple. Why in the world Ryan, would you pay a hundred and thirty dollars for one shirt? I get it. I get it. To back myself up here a little bit is I don’t have a lot of expensive things What I typically do is lean towards more of a minimal lifestyle. So for example, I will have one or two more expensive pairs of jeans over you know ten pairs of jeans that I just kind of like and I’ll recycle. Three-button henley’s you can get great quality anywhere. You can get them for 15 bucks a piece. Total waste of money. The fourth one, and I’m so thankful they returned it and they gave me my money back was a peacoat. 25 going on 45 and it didn’t work. I wasn’t dressing to my age and it was about a $550 coat. Bought it at full price and it was such a joke. Regret it 100%. Fifth thing is you can’t start being fancy until your fancy. I would get that nice meal and I’d get a drink with it. I’d be 40 bucks a pop and it’s like man, what are you doing? Like you can’t afford this stuff and then I compensated for it by going home and having a cup of noodles and top ramen for a week. It’s like, How does that make any sense? Don’t waste 40 bucks on expensive meals. Don’t start being fancy until your fancy. Sixth one is my podcast equipment. If this was something I really cared about I would pick up the phone and I’d just start talking. It was an excuse for me to hide behind my problems. Saying that I needed the fancy equipment, I got in my own way. Totally regret that. I’m actually returning it here at about three hours, total waste of money. $300 bucks total. An excuse to hide behind my own way of procrastinating and starting a podcast. The seventh thing or things that I regret buying is anything at full price. I mean when it when I say this. You can get a discount on just about anything. Sign up for email lists, for newsletters. If you’re retail shopping simply asked the cashier if they have a coupon, if they have a special, a simple smile, hello, be kind, be courteous, be awesome and you’ll be surprised what you can find. Online shopping, there is a widget that everybody needs to have. It is completely free, you download it and they save you a ton of money. If they do not have a coupon, open up Google, type discount code for whatever it is you’re buying . if you’re buying a pair of shoes from Nike, there will be hundreds of codes that People have shared, people have tried and tested. Groupon is another great thing you can use for cheap date ideas, for new things to do, create new memories. Facebook events. There are so many things to do and you can always find a way to save money while doing it. So there you have it, seven things that I regret buying. Total waste of money. Some things are worth the quality and the premium and the price. Never pay full retail price for anything Stay Bullish.

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