that needs to go not the best situation
oh that actually looks really good I got these guys I think ridiculous perfect
spots wrong right at the cup what is up guys we are out here at the little
course here in Franklin Tennessee got the whole crew here we got Brody we got
Matt we got Garrett we got Steven yes today we’re gonna be
doing a 7-iron only elimination challenge yes
four holes starting with all five players loser of each hole will be
eliminated and if there’s a tie for the loser on the hole we’re gonna do is
closest to chip off you’re gonna be all par threes ranging from roughly 125
yards down to maybe 80 yards here at the little course for the four holes we’ll
be playing we’ll see you on the C all right we’re
hole one I believe our hole one it’s our hole one that’s all it matters it’s a
short little par three here we got a bunker short left don’t want to be in
that 7-iron out of the bunker gonna be hard ah pin looks me in the back of the
green not really that much wind but there is some trees over here that might
be prohibiting me from really picking up the wind details I’m gonna call it a
hundred and twelve yards 115 probably with a 7-iron want to land it 105 let it
roll out to the hole even’s gonna be going first Jarrett’s gonna be going
second Brody’s gonna be going third this man Matt himself will be going forth and
I’ll be going too Oh stiva with the gorgeous Deshawn boys
had a proper job cutting a little left that might be in
the bunker that needs to go Brodie may needed the rangefinder for that next
shot well we’re not using a rangefinder today it’s all guestimation oh that
actually looks really good oh it landed really soft all right after that first tee shot guys
I’m in the left bunker a little short of the green not the best situation first
wing of the day same with all of us so I really don’t have any excuses I got
these guys things she not bad I don’t know why I ever was I mean Steven
somehow spin high you hit a really good shot but I’m okay bloody mess tops we’re gonna not do that
Rowland dogs well geez Matt that’s actually pretty good
that’s that’s really pretty good chunk and run that really is ridiculous
are you serious aye we’re walking up to Zacks ball it’s never a good sign when
you cannot see the ball until you get over top of it oh dang it I was hoping
that was his all right that’s actually not that bad let’s see what he can do
all right from just off the front of the green here sitting down just a little
bit in the rough shouldn’t be too much of a problem
skids it just on the front end but that’s rolling quick up to my banana
peel but he does have the best of us short a so gamer that is not in the hole
yeah and that is gonna be a little short as
well ship or pot with this thing that was not good
we’re we’re not in a good spot right now it’s all right Matt look like this music
we get this on film that looks like my comment below do you think Matt looks
like a mosquito that’s pork that is in with a four will
be an absurd up and down are you serious it’s almost concerning how good Darren
is at putting with a mid iron that’s really good I was actually trying to
wash to get intel on how to do it I don’t know if I learned anything other
than I’m bad at it yeah all right Steven here for his par he has left it a bit short all right
that is a four we both have to make these to go into a playoff I was really big you learn something not
sure yet all right Zach to stay in not really quite sure what we do an event of
a tie I’m sure we’ll find out if zach makes it what she does
all right we’re going front of the green the furthest of the four of us they’re
out Wow one-hit wonder here we go one chef so I
guess I was the only one who made par they’re walking down to the front of the
green they got some nasty putts uphill left to right I think Matt’s gonna be
the closest I know that’s kind of surprising and all because it’s Matt but see Zach left it short kind of like a
prediction just kidding that was actually really good line though he just
needed a little harder and that would have been literally money I know the
grind man I’ve been out I’ve been out on the first haul in my challenges it
happens man that needs to settle I called this if Matt’s actually the
closest I called that you’d be the closest guys you guys heard it on camera
guys I’m gonna kind of freak out if I’m right because that was oh we’re we’re in a predicament here
shootout since we didn’t address it yet we are gonna do closest to me and
Stephen one chef down the hill left to right Stephens going go ahead and go
first Oh dirty Oh settle simmer simmer at all
nice shot dude that’s pretty good you put a number out there that’s all you
can do I mean you could make it oh yeah you
could have made it I’m film sorry guys but Zack is probably
gonna be within Stephen here good shot what a ball I mean that’s worthy that’s
a worthy shot to move on happy that I got out the first round post both losses situations immediate
and yeah I’m happy about her dad went on to a whole number to another par 3 Brody
Garrett Matt and me are all left all right guys so Zach asked me to give an
analysis and quite honestly I’ve never played this course I see a bunker on the
right I feel like it’s like 150 but that might be way too far and quite honestly
it’s up the hill in to win I’m just trying to put a good swing on it
hopefully hit me in it to win it I don’t know chalk it up there oh that actually could be pretty good
back to back bar I make a birdie that might mean to get
down that could be a little long you can see I’m pretty new to these dark horse
challenges Oh Zachary go in go in did the flag stick moves mighty hit the pin
Zach mine is minute couldn’t tell if I move the pen but that was dead out of
reach I don’t know if I told the camera yet I
used to live down here in Franklin Franklin Tennessee I used to get the job
done down here myself this wasn’t here back in the day when I was here I don’t
think so it’s pretty it’s pretty awesome to see
how much Tennessee has changed as far as the challenge goes we’re kind of running
right now we’re gonna get the job done that way tough little course here but
seven iron challenge I think I think we’re gonna get it done and we’re gonna
we’re gonna dominate we just saw about how we were all matching without really
realizing it what’s the road ready Rules Committee Rules Committee you explain
what just happened I didn’t see okay this lady in the green lovely woman
probably nice this lady in the world picked up my ball and I was like yeah
and I told her to chuck it which it took lied and now I’m fifteen beeper birdie
what is that like in Rules Committee Brody never touches golf balls so
here is Matt right here there is Brody there is Garrett and there I am just
past the hole all putting for two a Smith here he’s up next still with that
ruling I don’t know why I agreed but nonetheless I did so now he’s got a
great birdie putt here I had the worst position putt ha not really excited
about that but Brody ready to dial it in what am I telling you for
you better just miss this I like that guys I really like that position for
Brody now because he is not good with that putt common mistake with blading you actually raised the feeling when he
told me you get putter length away you get your eyes over the ball like you’re
hitting the pot okay okay you choke down okay and you raised that heel I see my
heel right there mm-hmm and then when you take it back you
naturally just let the club come through and stay about like Midway up it’ll
naturally rise up if you have to deal that’s what I need to see it’s my NIDA
here yeah probably giving him bad advice because that’s Steven for you Brody so
you’re just getting the job done it was a good role it was really good role but
Kevin Na I’ll give you that will give it to him my brother’s gonna go ahead and
finish out here big bro dog Rotato chip protein shake
oh I see what you’re doing they’re ready money that’s the game changer right
there it’s how you line it up where where does everybody stand so Zach are
ready I’m one over I made Billy okay their house in the house here it’s more
gay part alright so I’m for to birdie to the tweeter
I think we’re signing up for a three-putt oh no whoo that is not not
good do not give me that Brody all right this is for Zach to join the winners
Club if he misses it he’s gonna be in a second playoff of the day nope
he’s moving forward shout out to that lady right there for keeping me in this
chip off here for Garrett all the way down the hill all the way down the hill
from the edge of the green Brody who you got team Matt that’s what I’m feeling
yeah I was hot okay that’s gotta go that did
not quite get there a lot of meat left there oh that oh no sometimes you just
need it yo how are we gonna address this so it’s deal the thing about Brody is
she already had the ball in her hand mmm like ready to throw when we were on the
group okay now she had a second of she could’ve just frickin debate team at I
can love it but he says great this throwing and then she threw it but yeah
yeah but if we didn’t say anything and put the ball down put the ball back down
she would have put it down all right give me a second so you hit yours long
agree clearly outside of my ball as he came to rehearsal right we think we
didn’t walk it off but I’ll get what continue anyway you specifically told
her to come over pick it up and throw it do you think this is against any form of
rolling absolutely guess I’m out guys – losers currently not real losers we
would have won the rules leave it in the comments down below guys there’s been a
lot of controversy in this match so far should steer did I still be in I think
yes well three 130 133 of us left Matt Brodie and myself we
got a battle a lot of controversy not sure what’s happening in this video it’s
been fun I’m just glad I’m here that looks really
good that’s a good number that’s on a great
line it is still moving still moving that took the slope in is heading lap that needs to get left that is headed
straight for the bunker and he is gonna be short-sighted those last two tee shots I don’t want to
have to hit again my tee shot on one not great left a well short however these
last two tee shots I don’t want to have to hit again really happy with the
results there what’s the play here well we’re thinking there’s a nice backstop
over to the right and there’s also the lip is not new yes to beer okay I wasn’t
too bad we have Matt here for a second shot he gets us up and down he’s got a
great chance of moving on to the final hole that’s not a bad effort gonna be a
little short maybe about 7 or 8 feet left if he were to chip this in this
would be monstrous oh that needs to go that needs to go
I really gotta use what Garrett taught me and roll this bad boy in or go
so I did not have the cup and frame it was right there
sorry about that I’m probably out guys Zack for two doesn’t even need to make
it just needs to get it close you know just like that he’ll tap that in for par well done wind alright I’ll take the
loss I’ll take the loss being green shirt lady kept me in way
longer than that should have been can’t be upset about it
joining the losers you gotta try and flop this and we’re gonna be on a mat
that’s not gonna be ideal honestly not gonna do anything stupid you’re just
gonna try and rip the dream final hole only players left me and Matt I’d say
probably 85 yards gonna have to flop it over this bunker if you hit this on the
grain it is an unbelievable shot to the bunker exploded you got this I’ve seen
you hit the shot thousand times will you write in to do it that just make the
shot man that needs to sit down that needs to sit down
yeah man was going for the win which we all appreciate you know just just going
for it you know that’s the right way of going out if you’re gonna lose
here’s that cap this car too fast is there gonna be
going right along that road right into the bunker does it splash out oh no Matt
you’re alive that is a big that is a big lip and I did push that we weren’t Zack
situation here it’s not good he’s got a pretty good decent-sized lip
in front of them probably four feet five feet of lip he’s probably gonna have to
go out more left or right but he’s gonna try to open that face blast something
out and anything outside the bunker right here is a good shot oh he did just
that and he just settled just a little bit on the back side of the green which
it does alright that’s a great shot Matt went for a more explosive type of shot
did not hit the bunker he was trying to hit it into the bunker and have a splash
out did not get there he’s all the way on the back side probably 35 yards away
trying to pitch one up he lands it in a perfect spot it’s wrong right at the cup
oh my gosh almost jarred it that was really well done alright it’s gonna come
down to an up-and-down situation for Zack Matt’s yeah Matt’s probably given a
two putt he might make it for the victory
we’ll find out here shortly I thought you made it okay here we are now Zach
with a when he calls a must-make up-and-down situation he if it stays up
high no but that’s actually really well done we’re gonna roll back our 360
camera all the way around just to get a full spectrum of what Matt is going
through and we’re gonna see what he ends up doing with this putt onlookers on the
background lots of pressure gives it a good run did he just draw it
oh he he might be he might be farther out than Zach I’m sorry dude you’re
still out he wakes up and eats ice cubes for breakfast ladies and gentlemen this
man doesn’t care all right he has set the stage now for Zach a key putt here
to stay in the match and a chip off oh no oh no I mean normally you kind of
give this guy ten minutes to kind of just rethink his thoughts before you go
straight into the interview but we’re here yeah we’re here and we’re asking
how you feel not good in that uh what are your thoughts what are you what up
city okay are you are you gonna thank anyone or is it all you know I got lucky
let’s just say the facts there a little bit of confusion on the on the first
couple holes but we did get it figured out sort of obviously some help from the
ladies yeah yeah kid in yellow yeah yeah kid the yellow huge shout out to you man
I know you’re watching I know your whole family’s watching this huge shout out to
the young uh kids oh yeah well the people at home appreciate the effort you
put in and really just the the influence you have under the youth to really help
you get this w congratulations a little slutty out here so we got the women hope
y’all enjoyed the seven iron only challenge Congrats to Matt on the big
victory today he was the only one standing after the fourth hole he played
well did have a little help from yeah that kid yeah yeah yeah
glad to have everyone here in Nashville creating some awesome content hopefully
y’all are enjoying gonna be putting Brodie’s like thing like over up
somewhere yeah it’ll be on the screen Garrett’s is well check out their videos
make sure to subscribe to them I’ll be putting Matt and Stevens socials down
below in the description check them out as well hope you all enjoyed this video
today stay tuned for more epic content to come
we’ll see when we say you

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