Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you my top seven treatments for flat feet. so let’s get
started. So flat feet are basically when the
arches fall. this could be from weakness. this can be from a mechanical issue in
the foot, even up to the knee. so basically you have your normal arch in
your foot and flat feet is when it goes all the way down, and so that causes a
lot of pain and irritation. so a great way to get that loosened up and going is
to start off just with a simple ball roll. this is a lacrosse ball. you can use
a tennis ball, a racquet ball any kind of thing that is pretty pretty firm. just
to start loosening up that fascia underneath. so I like to start with this
just one or two minutes of rolling. you don’t have to go super crazy with it, but
you’re really just trying to loosen up that fascia before you go into the
stretches and exercises. go all the way to the heel cause that fascia goes all
the way down there, and then all the way up to the ball of your feet. so just roll
it through. if you have any specific spots that are extra tender, usually
that’s right in the arch there, you can focus on that spot a little bit, but
you’re not pushing so hard where it’s painful. while you’re doing it, it might
be a little bit painful, but you really want it to just be loosening up and
getting it going. so if you’re really hurting while you’re doing this, you’re
probably pushing too hard and just lightly roll on it. again this is just to
get it loosened up and get it going. so after you do about maybe one minute two
minutes of it depending on how much you’ve been doing that day, then you can
go into an exercise where you’re just basically lifting the arch of your foot.
so now you want to start exercising that those muscles right in the arch there.
the way to do that is you want to really try and keep your heel and your toes
down, and you’re just going to curl that arch up into a C position. so I like
starting off sitting doing it you can eventually go to standing, but while
you’re trying to figure it out, sometimes it’s really hard and sometimes your foot
tries to cramp while you’re doing it. so just take it nice and slow. don’t feel
like you have to arch it up super high the first time, and if you have that
flat feet, it might be kind of hard to do the first time. so trying to keep the
toes down, trying to keep the heel down, and just kind of curl up that part. so
you can see there and then come back down. so just a little hold at the top,
little squeeze, you’re you’re squeezing those muscles in there you’re exercising
them, and then you’re coming back down. so again, I would just start off with a
little bit of these because if you haven’t been doing these, your muscles
might try and tighten up or cramp up, so I just start off with ten. you know maybe
one or two sets of ten if you feel good, you can kind of work your way up from
there. another great treatment for flat feet is to have some custom or
semi-custom insoles, and I really like insoles because I have a medium arch but
I pronate my foot so having an insole in there really really helps. and if
you have flat feet, this kind of helps bring it up and put your foot back into
a neutral position because a lot of times with those flat feet, your foot
rolls in and you get that pronated position, and then that can cause
problems in your knees, problems in your hips, problems with walking in
general. and the folks at Tread Labs sent me their semi custom orthotics, and so
this is really nice here because it has four different arch sizes that you can
use, and when you go to their website it takes you through some stuff where you
can pick what you want, and what shoe you’re going to use it for and
everything like that. and so this is really nice. what’s super great about
this is this part is the part that changes the height of the arch, and they
guarantee it forever. so this is something that they guaranteed forever
that it will work and what’s even cooler about it is usually with insoles the top
part here ends up getting worn out and that’s when you know it starts rolling
up and and get gets worn because you’re using it a lot and rubbing it, and then
people just then throw those insoles away, but what you can do with Tread Labs
is you can order just that top part, so when that starts wearing out, you don’t
have to get rid of your insole you just order some of those, go to their website
and show you how to change. so that’s really really awesome – and
you can see here where mine is the medium arch and then so if you are not
sure what you need you can go to their website and use their customer service
for helping. but a lot of times you kind of know what your arch size is and if it
doesn’t work out for you you give them a call
and you can try another size and things like that. so that’s really cool as well.
so like any insoles orthotics semi, or custom,
full custom you really want to build your feet up to these. so if you have
flat feet, if you have high arches, and you haven’t used insoles before, you
don’t want to just stick these in your shoes and go all day because your feet
are gonna get really really mad with you. you really want to kind of build them up.
this just like exercising in general, so I usually recommend that when you first
get them, just wear them for about thirty minutes around the house and it might be
a little sore in that arch especially if it’s changing that position a lot, but
that’s pretty normal. and then the next day maybe go an hour then the next day
two hours and you kind of work your way up from there, but I really don’t
recommend just putting them in and going all day because your feet will be really
sore, and you’ll you’ll think that it’s the insoles but it’s really just that
your feet are trying to get used to it. so make sure you work your way up with
the time that you have your insoles in your shoes. if you’re interested in
purchasing the semi-custom insoles from Tread Labs, make sure and click on the
link up here. so the next exercise is going to be a towel crunch. so it’s kind
of just like it sounds with your foot you can take any kind of towel this one
is a little bit thinner, so it’s going to make it harder which is good, but if you
are starting off you might want a towel this a little more coarse because that’s
a little easier to grab with your toes. but basically you’re just crunching up
the towel with your toes, so you’re just kind of squeezing in those toes to try
and crunch up the towel. so you can see I have a little bit of a hard time, but I’m
not really great at it anyways, but this is just again working those muscles of
the feet working the muscles in the arches really just to get them going and
get them working because you can see as I curl in my toes, I’m working that arch
area. so going back to the same thing that I said with the other exercise if
your feet haven’t been doing a whole lot of exercises, this might try and make
them cramp, so don’t feel like you have to go crazy with this. just maybe try and
crunch it ten times or time yourself, do thirty Seconds to a minute, and then take
a break because if you do too much those muscles are going to get really really
mad at you so just trying to crunch it up. and again the different sizes of
towel it’s like a beach towel will be a little bit easier and then if you get
like a kitchen towel like this, then it’s a little bit harder. so the next exercise
is going to be a windshield wiper, and the anterior tibialis and the posterior
tibialis where we get shin splints sometimes are the muscles that help hold
up the arch there they hold up that inner side of the arch, so you want to
exercise those muscles because if those become weak that also makes you have a
flat foot or fallen arch. so you really want to exercise those muscles as well.
so a really easy exercise for that is the windshield wipers. so if you want to
prop up your foot you can if you just want to hold it up in the air you can,
but make sure that your heel is not on anything so you have nice free movement
so all you’re going to do is just kind of like it sounds, is a windshield wiper
movement. but really go out and up and then in and up. so you’re gonna go out,
pull it up getting that anterior tibialis, and then in and up getting that
posterior tibialis. and you see my toes trying to curl a little bit and
sometimes they’ll do that, but just going back and forth get a really big squeeze
at the end, a little pause and come back. so it’s not just this and it’s not the
whole leg going back and forth, you’re really trying to do that at the ankle in
the foot. so out and up and then in and up. so again just starting off with you
know ten or fifteen of these, one or two sets, and then if that feels okay, you can
work your way up from there. so the last exercise and stretch is going to be
standing up. so this stretch standing up you’ll need a step a curb something
where you can kind of be up on it and hang your heel off. this is a planar
fascia of stretch, and I really really like this one because
really stretches it out. it helps stretch out that arch as well, but make
sure you’re being safe while you do it. so if you have a little bit of balance
issues, make sure you have something to hold on to especially if you’re on a
higher step if you’re on a curb I usually tell people to put one foot a
little bit more forward to give you some balance. you’re going to take the ball of
your foot and put it right on the edge with the step or the curb, and then take
your heel and just drop it straight down. you’ll feel it in the calf area, you’ll
feel it in your foot. it’s just a great stretch for that lower leg. so this since
this is a full stretch, you want to hold this for 30 seconds. so just nice and
relaxed. again if you need to hold on to something, if you’re doing it with your
stairs and you have rails, make sure and hold on because it’s not a balance
exercise, it’s a stretch. I really want you to be able to focus on that stretch.
so after you do that give it a little 10 to 15 second break, and do that a total
of three times. I like stretching it best without my shoes on because I feel like
that stretches that plantar fascia area more, but if you do it with your shoes on
that’s fine, too. the shoes will help give you a little more of a grip or if you’ve
been running you can just do it on the curb on the side with your shoes on, but
if you’re at home, just stretching out, I feel like you get a little better
stretch without your shoes on. just make sure that you’re stable and your foot
doesn’t slip off like that with the sock. so three times thirty Seconds. the last
exercise is just going to be a heel raise. so again if you have a little bit
of balance issues, make sure you’re holding on to something because you
really want to focus on the exercise. put your feet about shoulder width apart
with your toes facing forward, and all you’re going to do is just go up on your
toes lifting your heels, and then nice and slowly come back down. so this is a
controlled movement here. I’m not just going up and down and using momentum like that,
but really coming up nice and slow, and then nice and slow coming back down. so
again just starting off with 10 or 15 of these. if your feet are really sore and
hurting, this is going to be a little tough to do if you get to 20-25, and it’s
pretty easy, then you can start doing it with just one foot. so just coming up
nice and tall and then nice coming back down. those were your top
seven treatments for flat feet. if you’re interested in purchasing the tread labs
semi-custom insoles, make sure and click on the link up here, and don’t forget to
subscribe by clicking down here. and remember be safe (keep your feet happy),
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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