Stuart Harrison- Vice President England Deaf Golf: – Lots of people were asking me about 9 holes in Deaflympics. It’s interesting. At first, everybody was surprised that it’s only 9 holes. But they realised it is normal, this event happens in different areas, sometimes golfers are not ready to play two laps, it doesn’t always happen but it’s not common but not unusual. It can be an advantage for some people, however for others it could be a disadvantage too. But all golfers are great, the golf course is fantastic quality, standard and everything. Team Achievement for Great Britain especially for DeaflympicsGB was to win medals, but everybody contributed together, all worked hard for this. For me it was very pleasing because I had to pick the players. So I had to pick those who I thought would have a good chance of winning medals. Personally, I selected Paul Waring – Silver and Steven Cafferty – Bronze It happened, so I was very pleased with that. Matchplay format, is one of the most exciting parts of golf because it’s hole by hole, can be very challenging. Lots of people like watching matchplay better than stroke play, So I think it’s good to put in the competition so what means, the golfers who are considering to be involved in the Deaflympics. They’d consider more about matchplay for themselves, practicing and get a feel what its like. Daniel Holdsworth – First time as a Caddy, I have learnt a lot. For example, the greens, measuring how far to go, working out the golfer’s performance and types of golf putt, drive and which iron is suitable for the golfer. Also, using the practice round well to learn from this and know where the bunkers are on each of the holes and strategy to avoid hit trees, bushes, and bunkers. So I had to learn a lot especially on this green as it had amazing uneven but I know it is bit cruel, but I enjoyed the course Also, the bunkers were extremely high and it made it harder for the golfers to figure it out. Overall, I enjoyed and learned a lot from this how to work together with the golfer well.

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Dennis Veasley

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