Top is bad the 203 this Hi, hi I’m Bob short physical therapist Brad Handy physical therapy on the most famous physical therapist on the [internet] in our opinion the [blondie] caught us by surprise [that] today brad We’re going to talk about five signs your knee pain. [maybe] a meniscus tear these are self tests you can do We’re not trying to turn you into doctors or therapists, but you know if you hurt your knee You just want to maybe a little idea of what’s going on right before you go see the doctor This is something you can try yeah these are nice simple tests, and we’ll go through them now We’ve got five of them, and then we’ll show you some things you can do if they end up being positive so and if you haven’t watched this before We do have some subscribe buttons which would be helpful for future reference for more information like this yeah, so there’s a subscribe [button] Right over here, please hit it we provide you to us on to stay healthy fit pain-free And we upload every day excellent all right number one test number one is the thessaly test [I] also saw it kind of referred to as the disco test because you Kind of doing Disco here bread. So if you’re like 50 years older, you know, we’re talking about yeah look at it So you’re first going to just I don’t have something to hold on to versus to make a lot easier You’re gonna bend your knee to about five degrees Which is not very much right and all you’re gonna do we can’t air? So that’s about the bend right there so here I’m just twisting on it and The ideas it was when I twist this way it might be the medial meniscus [and] I twist this way it might be the lateral meniscus you know for knowledge person You don’t really need to know whether it’s media or lateral. It’s just that you got a painless You know I it just done. I mean We maybe should tell them what [there’s] [been] this [because] yeah, that’s a good point. Is that it’s one of those Ones it’s challenging to describe That’s gonna. Take a Spin. Yeah, [Loni] were coming up here Zoom it will be afraid so this is the the kneecap with the tendon We’re going to get that out [of] the way just right off [my] [leg] there you go good use your imagination look Inside the knee underneath the condyles from the femur and see this Tissue right here if you kind of horseshoe shaped on the outside, and it acts as a cushion for for your knee Right and you can get a tear anywhere in here? And you can also it can slip up And and and that’s what will really cause you pain where they can [whack] your knee the market is napping clicking all those types of things right happen, so if you use your imagination Or you don’t even have to hear we’re doing these things [eyes] are Rotating you can see how that this monistic is got a problem with that one feel it’s lifting up Yeah, that probably wouldn’t happen, but at least you get some kind of deal with these title whatever yeah We compress the knee together, and we twist you’re going to be putting pressure on that right yeah And that meniscus not patella all right next one childress side. Oh, well, you did this by the way at five degrees We also do it at 15 degrees brad so a little bit more right here Let’s let’s get this so they can see a little bit more idea there. Yeah Okay, yeah, that’s definitely the disc or so again if you see click or feel clicking or snapping or pain? [there’s] a possibility that that’s what it is it also could be arthritis assured But doesn’t this doesn’t confirm a new meniscus going to indicate childress sign, so what’s this going to do with this one? You’re gonna go ahead squat down brad, and then you’re gonna duck walk. [oh] Can you turn walk this way Bob? So they can really get a good laugh You made me do that. Thank you guys Anyways, I’ll get you with that again same thing You’re going to feel right pain, and if you can happen yep, if you get sharp pains. That’s you know [that’s] a pretty positive sign particularly if you do all of these and you get a positive with all minutes It’s even more indicative Aza means that you actually feel something [sure] I’m not sure to pronounce this eg Es Aegis or aegis or eggs or it’s Probably named after [a] [guy] named after a doctor I apologize But so you’re [gonna] put your feet about 11 to 15 inches apart and first you’re going to what we call lateral Relocate in other words turn your feet out like you’re a duck yeah, and then you’re just going to squat [down] Hope I fit the bench whoo Same thing you’re looking for pain [you’re] looking for clicking you’re going to slide down to about 90 degrees in the knee I thought I’d say at least okay? And then also you can turn in and you’re going to do this one’s going to be harder to do it you can only go down so far but right yeah this one and generally, they found that if the first early part if it hurts in the early part It’s on the front part of the knee we’ve run part of the meniscus and [it’s] [it] down here It’s more than the back part of the chernus because that so you can go and tell your doctor Exactly where the tear is if it? So next one brad number for payers test with this one just kind [of] simple one to do brad Do you mind if I skip all you’re gonna do is you lay [down]? and you put your leg this is the involved leg in the figure four position like this and Supposedly with I’ve never used this one broad, but if this hurts on the inside there could [be] a Meniscus care So let’s get this so you take the foot here And you kind of put it just at the knee level or below so the heels [at] [the] [nine] on the opposite leg and you Just relax that leg [gentleman] open up exactly and while it’s hanging there if you got pain there Yeah, okay. I can see where that would put pressure on that’s [an] interesting yet Next one is the bounce home test brad. This is where you do need some home Yeah, I thought it was easy enough that you could do it. You know [I] mean somebody could so all they’re gonna do is they’re to grab your heel bend the knee up like this And then they’re going to bring it back and just let [it] bounce down like this So for this one Bob needs to have a very relaxed meet yeah your knee is painful And you’re apprehensive this probably don’t even want to do it, okay? So now if I go [down], and I only go this far It won’t straighten all the way out and that might mean the meniscus That this the cushion has ripped and maybe rolled up a little bit and it’s blocking motion right? But if there’s a really sharp pain with this Referral it’s a good sign it might be a meniscus tear okay? All right So let’s say you went through all these brad and you found out [that] All [were] positive if you want to think of some things to try before you go and see the doctor Let’s start off with let’s first. Go ahead and put some ice on it Sheriff Phil It’s probably there’s some swelling involved but we’re going to want to do we’re going to try to get as much range of [motion] as we can get and we Want to get it as strong as we can get her so the first one? I like to have people do and I actually had a girl do this one. It worked out pretty good for her brad A little complicated but a lot of times they’ll find out knee bending is a little bit Restricted okay, so and again this needs to be pain-free Absolutely pain for your face you do not do it right any means she’s going to put your leg up here You’re going to [rotate] you turn the Lord [tibia] here brad, right? You’re going to turn it this way like I’m going to get a [rindy] clockwise. I want it Yeah, so while we’re turning it clockwise. [oh], you know what I’m wrong. It’s counterclockwise. It’s the other way you’re going to go Yeah, [we’re] in word. Yeah, okay. I apologize. I was just correcting correct on it You’re turning this way you’re turning this way and while you’re turning this way you’re bending the knee what it helps to point your toe In a little bit sometimes they do have to have them do that They actually sometimes even tape it that way and they have your foot turn sure but generally they did Generally they they just had you turn it and tried Bending the knee like this, so if you do that, and it creates pain, you stop stop okay? You just it feels good enough, and you can get up anymore yep, go ahead Go ahead okay, and you can also work on me bending Just just without doing that twisted you can just go ahead and work it this way again Only take it up to the point where you feel pain But you want to see if you can regain some of that selection If it’s going to smooth out on its own right and maybe I’ll just add this [bobbitt] if they go in up to that pain And you come back off you may want to try a few [more] times because just walking Repetition it might go a little bit further each time and it’s starting to go into place But only if it feels better each time with more range of motion don’t keep banging on if it still hurts right and the same Is you’re going to want to work the other direction you want to you want to work on extending the knees so let’s say it Doesn’t straighten out all the way again as long as it’s pain-free. You could just let gravity work on it You have to put a little weight on here or you can even get a little pressure on pressure alright, so that really on pressure off, but yeah No pain, right we’re not trying to fire things up here right that going to Force it alright Let’s then show some strengthening brad. We can show. You simple quad sets where you’re sitting here On the bed here, and you’re pushing the knee down into the bed yep I want to keep the knee strong while you’re recovering you know sometimes It helps to have something underneath there, so you think about squishing that towel roll? It makes it easier. Yep, no yeah You see those massive quads, Bob that you can see right through a pant leg unbelievable I say [all] right then really go [ahead] just you could do [four] way straight. Leg raises bridge, so okay You’re going to go [ahead], and you’re Gonna go flexion And notice Bob has the other knee up in vent that makes it a lot easier [yeah], and so what we’re doing is we’re strengthening the leg without moving the knee right so it’s going to help with Keeping the knee strong while you’re going through this recovery [processor], and some people do this power pump chute remos bread I get a little more aggressive on the hip muscles as well as the quad so then they can roll onto my side Which I don’t wanna roll off to the side, so let’s say we just switch these The injury jumped over to the guy, you know. We’re just gonna do if we can do hip abduction sir You know notice how he keeps his body in a nice straight line. He doesn’t have the leg out in front like this That’s not what and the foot should [be] [full] up like that either You want it forward like this exactly yep, so this would be incorrect. Yeah there we go and then Again, if I were to flip over on the other side now I was the same again the involved leg you could do hip adduction like right yep Really important to do this one [too] to be honest with you brother. It works those muscles withdrawing muscles in here Which you [know] also work with them and they also cross the knee and then the final [one] is to go ahead and do hip extensions, but you’re also doing Know a little hamstring get all right, so the knee again is straight we’re trying to isolate protect that Joint but still work the muscles around it and You know the general rule of thumb brad is if you know the knee doesn’t regain its motion and and the pain just continues then they may have to go in and Part of it all right going there and lift orthopedic [doctor]. Do what they need to do so all right remember We can fix just about anything break step Broken hair there your goal, but we’re working on it. We’ll work around it if she’s hard. Oh yeah, there is there. Thanks you

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