What’s up man I’m Andres P and this is
Be a man TV where I give you the power not only to become a competent man but a
confident man today we’re talking about five shoes all men should have and we’re
starting right now For the first pair of shoe I’m gonna have to say an athletic
sneaker now there’s a bunch of different styles and brands out there Nike Reebok
Skechers adidas I mean just too much to really go into so I’m gonna leave it up
to us which color which style you like based on your preference. Personally I like
a black shoe you know when I was growing up I only had one pair of shoes and
I would always choose the athletic sneaker in black these can be worn with
pretty much any casual wear and of course when you’re on the run if you’re
not working out then you’re not being as healthy as you can possibly be so make
sure you have a pair of these that way you’re ready to go. For the second pair
that all men should have it’s gonna be a lace-up dress shoe I’m gonna recommend
black because again it goes with everything
but whatever color you choose you know based on your wardrobe and needs make it
as plain as possible I understand brogues are very nice and
you’re definitely going to get complements on it but if it’s your only pair of dress shoes
you want to be versatile so this is something that you can wear with a suit
all the way down to jeans so this is a must-have. Number three I’m gonna have to
say get some boots. Boots like athletic shoes come in all different kinds so
that’s going to depend on your lifestyle you might need some work boots but for most
guys I’m gonna recommend that either you get a Chelsea boot or a chukka boot
now let’s talk about both of these for just a moment here
first up the Chelsea boot now this is something that is very simple you know
depending on which one you get this can really be versatile for you I’m gonna
suggest that you get the a different color from the dress you already have so
if you have black get brown but this is something that you definitely can wear
with a suit you can dress down with jeans and you
know it’s really good for shorter guys it gives you just a little extra height
and you never know maybe you’re giving the presentation and just that little
extra height is gonna give you a boost of confidence
now for the chukka boot the chukka boot is definitely not more casual so you
ain’t gonna wear these with a suit but you know they’re a little more edgy so
these are great when you’re going out with the guys going out on the date
basically going out right and like every pair of boots it is gonna give you a
little bit more height when it comes to chukka boots I like to get suede
because of the texture it just gives it a little bit more character which is
certainly something that the Cheka boot Number four it has to be the fashion
sneak this is a shoe that you want to wear when you’re going out to casual
events because you’re going to get compliments now you although your dress
down just like everyone else you’re still looking better than them for me
it’s gonna be this brown bull boxer shoe as you can see it’s sporting the ladder
lacing which you can learn in the card above the last pair of shoes that all men
should have is a comfortable shoe they can be loafers they can be sneakers they
can be sandals whatever you’re comfortable in my shoe a choice are
these Adidas ortholite you know they’re black the sole is grey rather than white
so don’t have to clean up much just something that you can slip on to go
throw out the trash you might be able to tell from the back that I get a lot of
use out of them it’s starting a warp back here now my list is in no particular
order but I want to know do you agree with
this list or what would you change put in the comments below make sure you’re
earning your man card by subscribing to be a man TV until next time stay
manly my friend.

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