5 Most Attractive Female Tennis Players in
2018 Tennis is the 4th most popular sport (with
around 1 Billions Fans) in the world. With 4 Grand Slams played every year, fans
have plenty of tennis to enjoy on their Televisions and on the Internet. Female tennis players have to work hard to
polish their gaming skills, as well to join gym for regular workouts to keep their body
healthy and in good shape, for the fans all over the globe. In addition to being stunningly beautiful,
some of these female tennis players are the best in the world. so we are going to discuss 5 Most Attractive
Female Tennis Players in 2018. 5 Elina Svitolina
One of the finest up and coming tennis star, Elina Svitolina hails from Ukraine and regarded
as potential grand slam champion in couple of years. She has already won 12 WTA singles titles
and her best performance in grand slam came back in 2015 when she reached quarterfinals
of French Open. In February 2017, after winning the title
in Dubai, Svitolina made history by becoming the first Ukrainian woman to break into the
top-10 rankings. 4 EUGENIE BOUCHARD
Eugenie Bouchard has a stomach you could eat sushi off, or whatever you like to eat off
super hot tennis players stomachs. This gorgeous Canadian bombshell can be seen
here in another SI.com swimsuit shoot that we think she stole the show on. 3 MARIA KIRILENKO
It seems fair to say that when it comes to women�s tennis, there�s something uniquely
attractive about Russian players that nobody can really put their finger on. Whether it�s Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova,
or countless others over the years, fans both of tennis and beautiful women in general have
been captivated by Russian players. So far her career highlight is when she reached
number 10 in the world rankings back in 2013. She has done plenty of modelling, and was
the subject of some weird controversy with the US Army, when it was believed that she
had mailed something strange to troops in Afghanistan. 2 Camila Giorgi
Camila is an Italian pro tennis player who made her first ranking in the top 100 in 2012
after making it to the fourth round at Wimbledon. Her highest ranking to date is No. 30 in 2015. She is known for her aggressive play and is
considered one of the best hitters of the ball in tennis. 1 Elena Vesnina
Elena makes it on to the list thanks to controversial photoshoot she did for 1 of the top magazines. In our book if you are willing to do a photoshoot
like that, you get to make it onto the list. Elena Vesnina will become the world’s top-ranked
doubles pair for the first time when the rankings are published Monday. They will become only the second and third
Russian women to top the rankings, and the first since Anna Kournikova in 1999. They have won three Grand Slam titles together:
the French Open in 2013, the US Open in 2014 and Wimbledon last year. tennis player,tennis player female hottest,tennis
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