5 Crossover Moves YOU Must MASTER! BREAK ANKLES In Basketball! Tutorial i’m going to show you five of the best crop of the moon that every player should have in their arsenal what’s up Jesse mentions get handled calm first move is the Iverson cross the just cause there’s a lot of different names for it at the end of the day ordered amounts to is whichever hand has the basketball you’re going to step out with that same side foot and you can set this up a lot of different ways Iverson would typically do it more stationary a little bit more upright and then drop down in that stuff Jamal Crawford does it from a little bit of a hop and it’ll kind of step into it that way kyrie does that a lot of different ways one of the ways I see em to a lot those will be kind of get some momentum going one way first before going into it the key points that’s actual crossover are going to remain about the same a little bit of a ball fakes where your hips and your chest to lean over this leg a little bit and look in that direction besides s the only other main key to pay attention to is that you get low and from there just going to want to snap the dribble whichever foot then from there that steps to sell that fake that same foot you’re going to want to move forward next but you’re going to focus on pushing off the back leg cross over push off the stack like and it’s like once again is going to move and this way now I have protection over the basketball here’s my defender tries to close back out on me second move the snatch back if there’s ever been a move in the NBA or just in general that sends defenders flying and breaks ankles the snatch back is probably the one that does it the most the key behind it basically just to get some momentum going like you’re trying to go past your defender so from well with the left hand I’m going to attack hard in that direction whichever hand is has the basketball that same tried puts just going to stop you don’t really need to sell that last second base in certain instances you might want to put them from there what’s going to make it really different is the angle you’re going to cross over more back or just to stop on a dime and that’s pretty much it the key though it’s making this work is that once you start to get a little bit past them that’s when you’re going to want to stop because they’re going to like oh man I gotta recover to get in front of this guy and they’re going to take off line to try to jump back in front of you there’s two different ways you can do the crossover you can either go just like a regular crossover keeping it tight that’s a key point keep it tight to your body so not out here to pull it back and then kind of step back and what to put that stop laughs or you can do the same thing going between the legs in the back I prefer that message because if the defenders here with me I have the ball back here where they can’t get to it that’s pretty much it you’re just going to do that crossover pull it back from there you can shuffle back or take a step back or you can just stop on a dime this next crossover is the cross it’s one that you should be able to pick up really easily if you want to really work on perfecting and I’m going to give you some keys in here to make sure you get it down a little bit better you can you know get past your defender easier break my ankles all that cool stuff you want to get some good momentum going on this one and this one is a great one for like rollin you’re running on the move but you can also use it more and a half speed but you want to have some momentum going in one direction you’re not going to really sell a fake moving this way to change directions you’re basically already moving in that direction sweat kind of in your fake your movement is your fake the second you feel again this pain foot is the hand that has the basketball touch the ground you’re going to push the ball over immediately real quick so there’s not that extra extension or mean or any of that you’re just going to be running this way and touch them unexpected really work on focusing on that timing the second you feel this foot touch the ground boom pushed up all over quick and change direction push off that boat quick to change direction speed is he on this one though this next one is one of my favorites for when you’re close to the fender and don’t have as much movement going into it you can do it with a little bit of movement for it’s a good one to throw the fiendish timing off to do when you’re close and it’s a double rhythm cross basically l it’s going to be is more like a regular crossover so vault hip height crossing over but then boom you’re going to kill it down low with the second hand instead of catching it and bringing all the way up here that’s why it’s called the double rhythm process to cross over two different rhythms back and forth hi catching with that next one low to throw their timing off and it’s a good one to use in situations where like there’s a lot of defenders around you want to kill it down low to keep it away from where defenders can steal it one is one of my personal favorites that I use a lot it’s called the stiff leg and i’m going to show you two ways of doing it there’s kind of more of a street ball type of way doing it and then there’s a little bit more fundamental way of doing it it’s becoming fairly more common to do it the second where i’m going to show you so basically what’s gonna be is whichever hand as the ball the opposite foot for this one is going to step and you’re going to step across the body in the direction of the hand that as the basketball so if the left hand is the basketball right foot is going to step in that direction you want to get low for this one and you can play around with this does length of the stuff I really like taking a long step with mine because I find that I can really get the fenders flying on it on it that way but sometimes I’ll mix it up with a shorter steps to get it off quick it’s going to look like your first step to the best normally you want two steps with the opposite foot to take your first step to the basket because when your protection over the basketball once again from my defender if he’s here my stuff here at protection it’s going to look just like your first step chance you’re going to get them to bite on that heart from there you’re just going to cross over now the street ball version we’re beating across over here right in front of the leg and you want to do it download that has a little bit more chance of getting stolen though because it’s here in front of the defender and it looks a little more on Orthodox you never know you make it call for a carrier some fundamental way of doing it is to go between the legs and that will give you a little more protection again on my defenders here my legs protecting the basketball now if you weren’t trying to send your defender flying more take more of a longer step or if you’re going to take a shorter step just make sure its real quick you can do it more from a standstill and then pull it out quick you can do it more from all running stars it’s kind of almost like as a way of stopping both those ways are good for creating space for shot if you want to try to get a shot off from it focus on stepping back quick with that foot whichever version you’re doing make sure you step back with that foot quick that’ll get you squared back up if you take a sorter step is kind of typically be easier to do that you can also use it though and change the angle slightly and come back forward that’s a coffee angle change to mix up shorter steps enemy a little bit easier to make interesting change to go back the other way so you would fake lesson and go right makes you click that like button for me leave a comment down below let me know what else you want to see from the channel and make sure you click that subscribe button and get on that notification squat now if you want a way to take your closet or do an insane new level in just five minutes make sure you click this link right here that’s a three dollar work all that’s going to help you do exactly that also if you found this video helpful make sure you check out this one I’ll check out this playlist thanks for watching stay tuned for more great to Michael today 5 Crossover Moves YOU Must MASTER! BREAK ANKLES In Basketball! Tutorial

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  4. i got 7 ankle breakers I cause my defenders to stumble and touch the ground with a accelerating crossover thanks to you i mastered it when pulling up for a mid range jumpshot

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  8. It really helped me alot tnx for your tutorials keep it up nc vid thats why i got many ankles most of my ankled players feel a little pain because of that deadly CROSSOVER

  9. Coach I am a better defender for my skill range and I disagree with the snapback. If you are half decent at defense you will get low and shuffle back and get your hands up. The time you run back is when they have beat you. Even so I will try this in a game ☺☺

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