Today I’m going to show you five football skills that you can use in training to impress your teammates, but most importantly your coach Trick number five the behind the goal goal first off, you need to learn how to curve the ball Luckily, my good friend joltter has already made a tutorial Check it out! In short: your run-up is very important You need to be almost 90 degrees to the ball, hit the ball on the instep of your foot and follow through Here are some variations if you want to mix it up Trick number 4: the knee akka lift it up with the outside of your foot. In one short motion, tap the ball with the outside of your knee or shin while extending your leg The quicker you extend your leg the more powerful the akka will be trick number 3: The sombrero flick first, approach the ball with your strong foot Swing the other leg forward, while lifting up your standing leg in a jumping motion whilst in midair – quickly extend your leg and point your toes upwards in order to catch the ball Lean back and the ball will fly over your head. Easy, right? Trick number 2: The Popcorn Flick For this one, I actually do a small run-up to gain maximum power Use the top of your foot or the lace area – or in this case – the no lace area. Oh, modern technology Anyways, Roll the ball slightly forward and quickly push the ball back while extending your leg. Try to really give it power Trick number one Entrapment This trick was actually taught to me by my ex-girlfriend Catherine zeta-jones Roll the ball toward you and flick it off Wait for the defender to launch, and then push the ball slightly behind you Now use your other foot to heel it away Remember to keep that almost 90 degree angle to really show off that golden soleplate That’s all for now folks Remember to leave a comment on which trick you’re going to use to impress your teammates and coaches We have a ton of videos that will make you a better footballer Follow the links below Subscribe like and share this video with someone who can’t get into the team and needs that little extra

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